My Ever Growing List of Friends On The Net...

Even though they are both listed here, I want to point out two special fella's. Tomis, my sweets. *S* Thank you for giving me hope during my darkest hours, and for NOT letting me feel sorry for myself and give up during my illness, when I was ready to just say forget it and give up. Ferd, my sweetling, *S* Always there to listen and give me hope, always concerned and making me feel special. Thanks to both of you. *kisses* Lubs ya both lots.
FastForward..first and always first on my list *G* best friend..{{BIG HUGS}}
Bacardi..a great friend..and what a time we had in Ft. Wayne.
Holiday big brother who always watches over me...he even gave me my own pocket protector in Ft. Wayne...*smicker* sweets..without you my friend..I would be nowhere...{{HUGS}} of the sweetest guys those bitch sessions we have...*S*
SassyC...a wonderful cyber and rt friend...a sister in airheadedness..*snicker*
Ferd...a real sweetie...even if he is obsessed with action figures...*G*
WildThang/Chihuahua...THANG is nuts..but beware of the little yappy dog..*L*
Lord~Golden~Knight...what else can I say but *hugs* snuggles* smooches* pinch* *VEWG*....*LOL*
EPS...a guy who is slowly becoming a very close friend...*smiles* ICQ pal...the one who makes me swoon with that accent of his...*G*
mumuv≥..a nice lady...Tongues lady..*S*...just love it when she jumps in and tells him what to say..well..isn't that what wives are for? *innocent look*
bravo...Louise to my best girlfriend...and favorite partner in crime. *S* protector and perfect partner...*G*
di o..DJ's rt partner and a great one to help tie the guys up
Mystery Lady..boy do we have fun picking on the old man. *LOL*
Abby...a great lady to talk to..and always egging me on to pick on Ian.
Daisy(lois) of her closet...*G*
WhipMaster/Sugarbear/Marc..thanks for everything hon...*HUGS*
Bernadette..a great lady to talk about anything to.
Eileen..someone I always have fun with and love to wage forum war with. other first friend and the one who helped me Pow. *G*
Rhett..what can I look good all wet.
Rebel..always encouraging me...I'm ready to redeem that raincheck...*S*
Little Mermaid..a dear friend who I don't get to spend much time with anymore. *pout*
*Michael*...a special and dear friend...*S* bay bay....I love what you do to me in the storeroom...*EWG*
brucie...gave me hope to believe in nice guys again...thanks hon
Catman1975...what can I say except thanks for making me see straight ahead and know what I need to do
MLawless.. Mikey...hey...have ya learned how to do a web page yet? *snicker* best school chum...thanks for everything at my lowest period in my life.

If your name isn't on here just give me time....or yell at me about it...*L*