Lady Monk's Personal Info

Hi there. My name is Rena. In the chats I'm known as Lady Monk. I am *shudder* 41 years old. Here is some general information about me and my boring life. *L* A pic of me and one of my pup...*S*

This is the light of my life right now. My nephew Anthony. He is now 4 years old, and I am hoping to soon have some new pics of him on here. Anthony

I grew up in Kokomo, Indiana. In 1994 I moved back here from Pinellas Park, Florida. The move so far has worked out well. I'm glad I came back when I did because it gave me a chance to spend time with my two grandmothers, both of whom we lost in 1996.

I now live and work in Indianapolis. I work as an accountant, and am a partner in a small bookkeeping business that a dear friend of mine and I started. I graduated from Indiana Wesleyan with a Bachelors of Science in Accounting, and am now going through the MBA program. I am living with lymphoma. I am overcoming it. It is a long hard fight, but those who ever doubted that I would win do not know me at all. *S*

This beautiful castle is from Aschaffenburg, Germany. I spent 3 years there and loved to go to the castle, walk around it, tour inside it. I just loved it there. It is right on the Main River. Thanks to my buddy DJ for the picture of it. *S* *Smooch DJ*

Since this is my personal page I just want to take a moment and borrow FastForwards soapbox. If you are in a relationship the is abusive you DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE IT!!! Trust me...I've been there. If anyone needs to talk to me about it, I am available. You can and should get out. Run like hell!!!