Lady M's Suitcase!!

So you want to know the contents of my suitcase eh? Well, I won't tell you everything, a grrl has to have some suprises, but I will list some....look if you dare...heh heh heh.
~Always of course is my never know when there is a naughty boy around~
~I have a lot of rope..makes it easier to use the paddle~
~Duct tape...for when the rope doesn't work~
~My black leather miniskirt,fishnet stockings,black lace shirt,and spiked high heel shoes...for when I  feel frisky~
~My evening gown and tiara...for when I feel like being a lady~
~A white short nurses dress...with white stockings and a nurses cap..for when the boys are feeling  ill~
~Whip cream...cans and cans of it~
~Hot wax...just to torture with~
~Tar...same as above~
~Part of Ian's pointy stick Eileen gave me~
~My x-ray all thought I was being quiet when actually I was looking at all the guys~
~A bucket of ice water~
~A bottle of wine~
~A certificate of innocence given to me by WhipMaster~
~A towel for Rhett to dry off with~
~Red lipstick to show up on the guys when I kiss them~
~A piece of the wet suit FastForward had on to try and ward off me,Kallie and di o....though it  didn't work~
~A whip from Blondie~
~Cookies to tempt DJ to my side with~
~A Valkerian War Helment and long long sharp pointed spear Eileen gave me cause she said I  needed them~
~Sometime I have WhipMaster in here...*EWG*~
~A pocket protector that Holiday Ian gave me rt in Ft. Wayne~
~A football for bravo~
~My Christmas present from DJ~
~A rain check from Rebel for....*EG*~
~A pair of mink handcuffs from Whip~
~Star Wars action figures for Ferd~
~A cat o nine tails I seduced from Ozzy~
~A riding crop tomis said I needed~
...and the list goes on and on and on. You will just have to stay tuned to see what I pull out of here next. If you don't see something on here you think I need, just contribute it to me, I put everything to good use. *EWG*