Zipper on fleece

Wonder Tape??? What and how? (You see what a beginner I am at these> techniques!) I haven't put the zipper in yet, so if you could detail how  Wonder Tape can help, I would greatly appreciate it!

Ah, well, you need to understand that I truly LOATHE putting in zippers.  I do it all the time, but I grinch about it. So anything that helps is worth the effort. Wondertape is a skinny doublestick tape that will dissolve in the wash. Great for temporary basting for all sorts of things, but *reallly* useful for putting zippers into Polartec or other stretchy fabrics.  Penny Schwyn has a good method for putting in separating zippers in polartec on her website: I basically follow her method, but use a stripof Wondertape on zipper tape edge to secure the zipper to the fleece for stitching.  I prefer Wondertape to pins because you can instantly see if the polartec starts stretching (stretching will make the zipper ripple),  I don't have to worry about not sewing over pins, and stuff just can't shift.  Wondertape is about $2.50 for a 10 yard x 1/4" wide roll, so it's not themost expensive way in the world to try to preserve my sanity. ;-)Kay Lancaster