Dinosaur Icons

Here are some icons that I've found that are free for personal use.

Sorry, but I just don't have the space to make them all available for downloading.


I have permission from Mark Pettus to distribute these dinosaur icons. This is just a portion of a wonderful shareware collection. Visit Mark's homepage and his brand new Electronic Schoolhouse. Mac users can download the dinos here.

I have permission from Kjeld Mahoney to distribute this set of remarkable dino icons. Visit his homepage for more icons and other goodies. (The name of the gif is the name of the dino followed by k for Kjeld)


This set of Jurassic Park Icons was done by Shawn Morrison.


This set of icons was done by Bruce Kober. Mac users can download his excellent Jurassic Park Zipples.


This Jurassic Park Icon is from Casey Hagan.


This Jurassicon Park set was created by Mark Simmons.


The next batch of icons was collected from a variety of sources.