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Volume II
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RECORD OF MARRIAGES PERFORMED BY REV. JOHN BUCHER, 1763-1769, contributed by Luther R. Kelker
These records were found at the Pa. State Library, Harrisburg, Pa. or Pattee Library, Penn State University, State College, Pa.
The Rev. John Conrad Bucker was born in Switzerland, June 10, 1730.  In 
1755 he came to Pennsylvania and settled near Carlisle.  On Feb. 26,
1760,was married to Mary M. Hoke, and shortely after entered the 
Provincial service as lieutenant in the Second Battalion.  About the
year 1762 he entered the ministry of the German Reformed Church and
served as pastor of various congregations. The original records, from
which this copy is made, are in the possession of his g-grandaughter.
Mar. 2 James Findley and Jane McQuisten May 23 John Mold and Nancy Dougherty Oct. 21 Lowrence Crawford and Jane Bethy Nov. 1 Andrew Gillbreath and Cathrina Smith alias Robinson Nov. 22 Samuel Brady and Jane Simison Nov. 23 John Pirckins and Nancy Dougherty Nov. 28 James Anderson and Elizabeth Poeples Nov. 30 James Hamilton and Margareth Cisney, alias Gallacher Dec. 6 Peter Pearis and Rebecca Ramage
Jan. 3 Jacob Boursman and Eliz Streith Jan. 17 William Beard and Mary Lucas Jan. 19 Johanes Hamuth and Anna Margretha Herzeller Jan. 23 William Willson and Jane McFall Feb. 3 William Sanderson and Jane Ervine Feb. 20 Johanes Fuhr and Nancy Murphy Feb. 21 Charles Bonner and Ann Gillpatrick Feb. 27 Andrew Schneider and Isabel Grayton Mar. 15 John Davis and Jane Kofine William Walker and Marry Herring Mar. 19 William Robinson and Bethy Eager Mar. 27 Thomas Taylor and Ester Harley Apr. 2 William Kellsay and Agnes Goudy Apr. 16 Samuel McCrue and Martha McKnight Apr. 19 Samuel McClure and Elizabeth English Apr. 23 Isaak Botterum and Margreth Gallacher May 7 Samuel Glen and Elizabeth Morrow May 17 Abrham Adams and Elizabeth McCormick May 18 James Kirkpatrick and McKellhenny May 28 John Maghan and Marry Morrow May 30 Jacob Grojean and Mary Magdalena Kistler June 12 Thomas Askey and Elizabeth Baker June 25 Willm Gallaghly and Hannah Gardner July 18 Stephen Delph and Prudence McAlwain July 25 Joseph Sample and Hannah Wallace July 26 Willm McCalethon and Jenny Watson July 31 John Wright and Susanah Armstrong Aug. 4 John Rose and Hanah French Sept.27 Charles McKennis and Martha Buttler Nov. 30 Peter Rolleter and Judith Hickins Dec. 4 Benjamin Scitmore and Elizabeth Harribel James Forster Carson and Sarah Reyanth Jan. 1 James Royl and Mary Willson John Hutlass and Elizabeth Frex Jan. 21 John York and Amy Beyers
Jan. 5 John Philip Ebers and Elizabeth Taylor Jan. 21 Robert Gelilan and Jane Galliforth Feb. 19 Grafener Mash and Jane Boyd Feb. 25 James Duff and Ester McGill Mar. 5 David Dumbar and Frances Steel John Dumbar and Fanny Dumbar Mar. 14 David McBride and Margreth McFarlin Mar. 18 Saml Simpson and Eliz; Smith Mar. 29 Willm Collins and Margreth Poeples Apr. 1 Andrew Forster and Elizabeth Guthrie Apr. 4 Willm Grahmas and Mary Ann Brandon May 2 James Snotgrass and Jane Brown May 15 Abraham Jones and Mary Beard May 17 James Collhoon and Mary Willson June 4 John Cobin and Pheby Ong June 20 Willm Little and Grezil Means E.D. ? Christoph Quigley and Mary Crawford E.D. ? Francis Ellis and Mary Findley June 27 Patrick Jack and Martha Findley July 4 Joseph McKenny and Rebecca Latimore July 24 Even Davis and Martha Martin Aug. 8 John Davidson and Agnes Grahams Aug. 20 Andrew Wait and Mary James Aug. 27 Samuel Beyers and Agnes Beyers Aug. 28 James Brakon and Mary Dill E.D. ? Georg Smith and Eleonora Grahams Sept. 9 Cookson Long and Rebecca McNight Sept.13 Robert Dickey and Agnes Dickey Oct. 14 James Clendenen and Isabel Huston Oct. 20 Philip Krafft and Ana Maria Keller Oct. 24 Johanes Goldenberger and Dorothea Lang; Gebohren Grempelman Oct. 28 John Rennels and Sarah Carnoughan Oct. 31 James Maxwell and Mary Leighlin Nov. 4 Thomas Donn and Jane McEntekerd Nov. 12 Nicklas Schneyder and Cathrina Fischer Nov. 14 Moses Kerk and Mary Forster Nov. 22 Samuel Chambers and Jane Crean Nov. 24 Thomas Simpson and Mary Rose Nov. 27 Thomas Hunter and Elizabeth Beard Dec. 9 Richard Long and Margreth Cample Dec. 24 Marcus Hulin and Mercer(Mercy) Dougherty Dec. 27 Thomas Gerdy and Ann Dotton Dec. 28 Jearad Pollock and Jennet Galliford Dec. 30 Henry Dougherty and Sarah Baskin
Jan. 30 John Reed and Brotherintown? Feb. 7 John McDonald and Margreth Mitchell Feb. 13 James McCowan and Eliz; Leard Feb. 18 Edward McDuel and Margret Lormar Feb. 24 Francis Cample and Mary Rees Feb. 26 John McElhathon and Mary Little Mar. 18 Dennis Balf and Britchet Brady Mar. 20 William Patrick and Margreth Dorough Apr. 1 Henry Schatto and Mary Cath.:Stahl Apr. 30 Thomas Adams and Jane Shaw Apr. 22 James Thompson and Ann Hamilton May 1 Richard Morrow and Elizabeth Willcock June 6 John Beadle and Mary Dutton E.D. Georg Roller and A. M. C. Busholtz June 24 John Williams and Eleanor Leard E.D. Peter Dickey and Mary Barckley July 1 Christoph Laubengeyer and Elizabeth Miller July 6 Andrew Mehlhorn and Mar: Eliz; Breittingross July 29 Willm Wright and Mary Smith July 30 Hugh Sherang and Elizabeth Armstrong Aug. 9 Fergus Moorhead and Jane White Aug. 11 Jacob Schaz and Prudence Williamson Aug. 12 Georg Habacker and Margreth Fresinger Aug. 21 Stephen Davis and Elenor Morrison E.D. Willm Morrison and Mary Carver Aug. 26 James Saye and Mary Reed Aug. 28 John Kistler and An; Marg:Strieker Sept. 1 Jacob Weiser and Jane Mitchelltree Sept.18 John Ulrich Seyler and Elizabeth Wolf Sept.30 Michael Laplin and Ann Dorothea Ramberger Illa mortua est, March ye 16th, 1767? Oct. 5 Samuel Thompson and Mary Nugent Oct. 7 Saln White and Cathr; Mitchell Oct. 15 Josua Rhoddo and Magdalena Kistler Oct. 25 William Martin and Isabel English Nov. 3 Georg McCanighel and Beggy Kennedy Nov. 25 William Willson and Margreth Scot Dec. 1 John Brownfield and Elisabeth Clark Dec. 2 William Cambell and Hanah Young Dec. 15 John Fiscus and Cathrina Fans Dec. 23 John McWever and Margreth Collins Dec. 27 John Burns and Elizabeth McGill Dec. 29 Samuel Jack and Martha Heran Dec. 31 Johanes Lanweyl and Maria Kistner

Jan. 2 Absolom Meret and Mary Cathrina Bubach Jan. 13 John Johnston and Eva Betwy Feb. 3 John Wyle and Eliz; McCibbens Feb. 10 John Philip Lauer and Mary Cathrina Goldstett Feb. 23 John Davis and Isabell Hill Mar. 16 William Gobbins and Ester Rheins Mar. 21 Willm McMeen and Elizabeth Sherang Mar. 24 James Rotch and Sarah Forster Mar. 25 Georg Thoughly and Susanah Spray E.D. James Mappin and Sarah Welsh Mar. 28 David Harkness and Ann Armstrong soon..... Oct.
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