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06 Apr 2002

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WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK of Charles County, Maryland is the Progenitor of MD-1

The tradition of the MD-1 family is that a WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK was the progenitor. Quoting from a biography of Samuel M. Kirkpatrick, b 1815, as given in a Cass Co NE history: "A native of Adams Co OH, Mr. Kirkpatrick was the son of Absalom, who was the son of Andrew, the son of WILLIAM KIRK- PATRICK. The latter was the first representative of the family in the United States (Colonial America), crossing from Londonderry, in the North of Ireland, probably during the Colonial days, and settling in Maryland. --------------- "WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK must have made his home in Maryland the remainder of his life. His son Andrew enlisted in the Revolutionary War, and participated in the battle of Brandywine, at which he had a brother (David or Robert) killed, ------- "He (Andrew) married a lady of Welch descent, Miss Elizabeth Bowen, who was born on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. They subsequently moved to Virginia (now WV), and later to Ohio,"

Back in 1994, a WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK of Charles Co MD was proposed as the progenitor of this line in The KNL, based upon a review of the 1790 and 1800 MD census records. A continuing investigation shows that in 1776, the same WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK obtained a lease on 30 acres in Patrick's Close, Upper Hundred, Charles Co MD. In the 1778 MD census there is a WILLIAM KERPATRICK (sic). In the Assessment of 1783 (Charles Co MD) --

District 3 (General Assessment) page 7 Kirkpatrick, William with P. Ritchie as security -- assessment 12 shillings (in specie 3 shillings) & number of white inhabitants (1) --- (Note: this appears to be a young person & is likely the son of WILLIAM K. the progenitor/GMK)

District 1 (General Assessment) page 4 KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM 30 acres= L45 -- 1 slsve (m or f) under 8 yrs=L25 -- 3 horses & 6 black cattle=L22 other property=L15 for a total of L107 -- assessment L1.1.4 (in specie L0.5.4) -- number of white inhabitants (2) --- (Note: this would be WILLIAM K., the progenitor, and son, Andrew -- Andrew didn't marry until 1784/GMK)

WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK leased 30 acres of land in Patrick's Close (the name of of the original survey). The land is situated in view of the Wicomico River, the soil is much broken, a small dwelling house not finished. Quantity of arable woods & meadow land: 15 acres & 10 acres.

The data above, from the 1783 tax record for Charles Co MD matches quite well with the Family Tradition (so sometimes tradition can help). The census of 1790 of Charles Co MD shows WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK with M 16&> one, M<16 zero, F one, & two slaves. The 1800 census, same county, for the South Susquehanna Hundred shows WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK with M>45 one, F zero and two slaves. It appears that WILLIAM's wife died between 1790 and 1800. WILLIAM died in 1803, intestate, when his estate was probated. Two sons, Andrew & William, & an unknown Mary Kirkpatrick are listed in the 1787 census of VA (now WV) in Monongalia County.

Additional information will be presented in the next issue of the Kirkpatrick Newsletter, prepared by the Kirkpatrick Association, P O Box 322, North Syracuse NY 13212. George M. Kirkpatrick, editor, E-mail:74116, ----------- 6 April 2002

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