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Introduction: We have no records for the entry of Gil/Kil/Kill/Kirk- patricks directly into FL, GA or AL prior to 1800. Therefore most of the entries for these states will be for families who moved from other states, mostly SC, into the southeastern states. Where a family has shown SC as a birth state, in census records etc. the SC coding will be used.


Thomas Kirkpatrick, his wife Sarah and their children were born in SC, probably near Abbeville, SC. They moved to Madison Co., FL between 1840 and 1850. Andrew Kirkpatrick (Kilpatrick) is a possible progenitor of this family though it is likely he was married twice or there is another generation between Andrew and this Thomas K. Because of close association with a Hawthorne family on Long Cane Creek (SC), it is believed that he first m Ann Gordon, daughter of William and Margaret (Hawthorne) Gordon. This Andrew sold land in 1768 and bought land which was certified in 1784. Andrew was b ca 1745 and d ca 1810 and his estate was administered by Margaret K., assumed to be his second wife as she lived until 1837. Children of Andrew and Margaret may be: Thomas, b 1792, m Sarah -; Andrew, b 1793, m Obedience Jones; William; John; Ann, m William Ross; James; Jane, m Oliver Martin; Elizabeth, m William D. McAdams & possibly others. The 1850 U.S. Census of Madison Co., FL. shows that all in the family (at home) were born in SC and had the following names and ages: Thomas, 57; Sarah, 53; John (Oliver), 26; James A., 24; Thomas (Wesley), 20; and Susan, 16.

AFN -- Patterson, also see SC-7


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