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from KIRK. NL, v. V, #4

Introduction: We have no records for the entry of Gil/Kil/Kill/Kirk- patricks directly into FL, GA or AL prior to 1800. Therefore most of the entries for these states will be for families who moved from other states, mostly SC, into the southeastern states. Where a family has shown SC as a birth state, in census records etc. the SC coding will be used.


William & Clarissa (Threlkeld) Kirkpatrick were born in SC, as were their first three children; therefore it is believed they left SC sometime between 1842 and 1846, after the 1840 census. Checking the 1840 SC census there was a William Kilpatrick in Anderson Co./Pendleton District, a William Kirkpatric in Chester Co. and a W. H. (William Hawthorne) Kirkpatrick in Abbeville Co. Then checking SC in 1850 to see who is missing, there is only William Kirkpatrick of York and another in Chester Co. Thus the William Kilpatrick of Anderson Co., SC is the most likely candidate for the William K. who appears in GA. We do not have the full 1840 census record for SC so we cannot check to see if the family of 1840 matches the census record. We see, next paragraph, that they were married in GA in 1836 so perhaps they returned to SC and stayed there until ca 1844. William Kirkpatrick married Clarissa Threlkeld in Elbert Co., GA, 10 Nov 1836(Marriage Records 1836-1867, Book A, page 22). Sbe is believed to be the daughter of Thomas and Delilah Threlkeld who came to Elbert Co. area in 1811. This family appeared on the 1850 Census in Madison Co., GA which joins Elbert Co. on the West(page 191, line 34-40). No other records found for this family in Madison Co. The family is next found on the 1860 Census of Baldwin Co., AL(page 268, line 20-2@). They are counted among a group of 18 railroad workers headed by a William Burnes.

A number of discrepancies appear between 1850 and 1860 Census as to age and birthplace. William's wife is shown as Ellen. It is believed someone other than the parents provided the information to the 1860 Census taker and lacked full knowledge of the family. Ellen was probably Clarissa Ellen as the age checks with that of the 1850 Census. Richard W. (Washington or Wash) - was 3 months old in the 1850 Census so should have been 10 on the 1860 Census. With Wash 10 and the next child, Sarah 9, it would be improbable that Ellen could have been a second wife. Sons, James and Elijah are not listed among the family and are probably on their own. Unable to find this group as a family after 1860. Wash Kirkpatrick is found in the 1870 Census of Etowah Co., AL(page 330-B, line 3). He is a farm laborer living in the household of Samuel and Drucilla Shaw. They live next door to a J.A. Threlkeld family and a Thomas Kirkpatrick, age 27, and wife Leah lives three houses away. R.W. (Richard Washington) Kirkpatrick married Mary Ann Gaines in Etowah Co., AL 28 Jan 1872(Marriage Book A, page 18). Georgia R., Joseph W., Dora Eveline Lela and John Edgar were born to this couple before they headed to Texas about 1887. The family were in Mississippi briefly and Lillie Lee was born there in 1888. The family came to Navarro Co., TX and farmed a few years before settling near Tolar, West of Granbury, Hood Co., TX in 1892. Lula, Lila and Lillian were born in Texas. Lillie Lee Kirkpatrick married Ira Ernest Malone, Sr. at Granbury, Hood Co., TX 4 Dec 1907(Marriage Book F, page 110). Harper Velma, Tonie Ladella, and Zaner Emily were born near Lipan in Hood Co. before the family moved to Bee Co. in South Texas in 1912. Edgar Samuel, Berna Othella and Ira Ernest, Jr. were born near Beeville in Bee Co.


Thomas Newton Kirkpatrick received a grant of 300 acres in Franklin Co., GA in 1788 (Franklin Co., GA was created in 1784 from Cherokee Lands). His father had been killed by the British during the Revolutionary War (see KNL v. IV, #2, p 39 and ref. 1). Thomas married Mary "Polly" Lane. His mother married a Scott and also moved to GA. The 1788 grant was adjacent to Scott's land. His brothers, Francis, James G. and John also moved to GA. A cousin, also James and son of a Thomas, moved to GA at the same time. Jackson Co., GA was formed from Franklin Co. in 1796 and the Kirkpatrick land holdings were found to be in Jackson Co. Three of the brothers and the cousin moved to Madison Co., IL shortly after 1800 and the fourth brother, James G., moved to IL in 1820.

Some items from the GA 1790 Census Substitute (Gc 975.8 D38in 1835183): In Franklin Co., GA land was given to Revolutionary War Veterans. On page 96 there is a muster roll of 25 Oct.1793 of Capt. Ben Easley's Co., and listed are Thomas Kirkpatrick and Jonathon Lane. From land records of this period the following names appear: James Kirkpatrick, Charles Lane & Jno Lane.

AFN -- Lane, Scott


A. -- James Kirkpatrick, b 04MY1799, location unknown but possibly SC, and m Louisa Sherman and moved to Stewart Co., GA. Children were:
1) Thomas L. who m Elizabeth S. Brunson, 13JE1839 in Muscogee Co., GA, Thomas L. d 1841;
2) Amanda M. m Henry W. Jones, 30JL1843;
3) Martha m Samuel Goode, 04JAI840;
4) Samuel, b 15DE1825, d 12NO1850, m Helen J. F. Wimberly, 23NO 1848; &
5)Elizabeth Susan m. Thomas W. Blackburn, 23SE1847. James, b 1799, served as administrator for the estates of Thomas L. (1841) and Samuel (1850). In his will (1857) James left his estate to his wife, his daughter, Martha E. Goode, and to the wife, Helen, of Samuel. The Providence Church was built in 1832-33 and "Kirkpatrick" was a charter member in 1825. Samuel was noted as a pioneer settler of Providence and Shady Grove community. This information came from, "The History of Stewart Co., GA," vols. I & 11. Also see LDS 16 m film 1323382. In 1982, Marilyn Williams Hicks, 17300 SW 298th St.,Homestead, FL 33030 was researching this line.

B. -- James T. Kirkpatrick, b 1840, TN, d 1916, m Ianna Foushee and they had nine children: Thomas, Joseph, Walter, Albert Lafayette, J. Claude, Earl B., Harrell, Alice & Claudia. James T. was a veteran of the Civil War and farmed in GA after the war. James T. K. is found in Crawfish Springs, Walker Co., GA in the 1880 U.S. census. His father, Thomas, was said to have moved from VA to TN at an early date, and is in the 1830 census for Blount Co., TN. Also see item G. in KNL, vol. IV, #3, 1993, p 59.

C. -- James H. Kirkpatrick, m Ann Parks, and lived in GA at an early date. William Newton K. was b 17FE1823 at Decatur, DeKalb Co., GA and m Emily Silence Champion, 24MY1844 in Monticello, Jasper Co., GA. They had children: Ann Elizabeth, b 1845 and Eugenia, b 1846. See records of the descendants of Nathaniel Ely, the emigrant, compiled by Herman Ely, printed in 1885, p 348. In another genealogy, Genealogy of the Clark Family, by William Clark, it is noted that Thomas S. Kirkpatrick was b 20 MY1849 in Decatur, DeKalb Co., GA, and m Mattie Lou Flowers. Any connection to the James H. K. family is unknown at this time.

D. -- Rebecca V. (Kirkpatrick ?) was b 1817 in NC and m Milton R. Brassfield, b 1812 in NC. They were living in Greene Co., AL during the 1850 U.S. census and had the following children, all b AL: James D., b 1836; Aurelius W., b 1838; Mary J., b 1841; Milton, b 1848; & John S., b 1850. This from, "Early Pioneers & Residents of West Central AL," by Madge Pettit, see pp 23-24. Also from, 'Marriage Records of Greene Co., AL, 1823-1860," by Gandrud, 1969 the following item, Milton R. Brasfield m Miss Emily A. Kirkpatrick, 15SE1834. Also from Pettit the following: Emily A. (Kirkpatrick) Brassfield was named in the will of Mary Kirkpatrick who died in Greene Co., AL, will dated 07NO1851. Emily was her deceased daughter and Emily's children were willed a slave who was then in the possession of Milton Brassfield. This from Janet K. Rowell, 3050 Calais St., Mobile, AL 36606.

E. -- Mary KIRKAS, of York District, SC to Moses Lockert of Chester Dist., SC, for consideration of $100, 130 acres of land on the east side of the Broad River, adjacent to David Tomb, Thomas McDaniel, Robert Black & Sarah Waterson. Part of tract originally granted to Francis KIRKPATRICK by Matthew Rowan, then governor of NC. This land was legally transferred to Mary KIRKAS and held by her. Witnesses: James R. Williams & Eli Lockert. This from Deed book #2, p 240, dated 15SE1813, Chester Co., SC. (an added note from Mrs. James W. Crowder, SC researcher, "David Tomb m a daughter of Francis KIRKPATRICK. All these people lived in the upper NW section of Chester Co., SC near Lockhart.") This item is from, "Southern KIRK and Carrell Families," as compiled by Mrs. Arch Bruce Marshall (Maudie Marie Holt), 1971, pp 95 & 188, Library of Congress Card No. 71-162484.


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