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from KIRK. NL, v. VII, #I, OC-DE 1995


A county history for Fayette Co., KY states that William Kirkpatrick was b Co. Tyrone, IRE and that he was a soldier in the Revolutionary War (no confirmation available). William K. m Charity Sparks, b PA, in KY where she came with her parents as a young girl. They had fourteen children, seven sons and a like number of daughters. William d 26JL1817 and Charity d 1832, having never remarried. A complete list of the fourteen children is not available but the following are tentative names: William, b _, m Sarah Ann Moore, 09MR1838; Robert, b 1800, m Nancy Rolls, 14FE1824; Andrew, b ca 1802, m Sarah Martin, 23OC1823; James, b 10OC1814, d 13SE1880, IN, m Sarah Lister, b 18NO1817, d 08JAI887; Alsey, m Isaac Rose, 26SE1816; & Elizabeth, m James Stephens, IOAU1831. James was ggf of WRK.

AFN Sparks, Moore, Lister, Rolls, Martin, Rose & Stephens


Hugh Kirkpatrick was recorded in KY in 1787 in Tax List A for Madison Co., VA (now KY) as Hugh Kilpatrick. At that time he had two horses and nine cattle. Hugh K. also appears in the Madison Co., KY First Order Book, in an entry of OC1788. In 1792 he married, #1, Mary Gordon and he is in the 1800 Tax List and the 1810 Census as Hugh Kilpatrick, all in Madison Co., KY. According to the 1810 Census, Hugh K. was born on or before 1765. Children of Hugh and Mary (Gordon) K. (all b KY) were: William, b 1794-1800, d 15MY1849, IL, m #1 Lydia Bartlett, 15FE1819, m #2 Nancy Fowler, & m #3 Mary Ann (Brown) Lamme; Nancy, b IOFE1795, d 11AU1860, m Alexander McWilliams; Mary, b 29MR1800, d 20JAI848, m David McCoy; John, b ca 1801, d 04FE1847, m #1 Elizabeth (Betsy) Street, m #2 Eliza Steel; Thomas Jefferson, b 03MR1803, d 1896, CA, m Malinda Braden; & Samuel, b 1809, d after 1876, CA, m Lydia Starr. On 21NO1815, Hugh K. married, #2, Mariah Baker, in Madison Co., KY, with Alexander McWilliams as Bondsman.. At some time after 1815, Hugh K. and family started a move toward IL. In 1819 Hugh showed his residence, on two Federal Land Office Records for IL, as Muhlenburgh Co., KY. However, in the 1818 IL census, Hugh is shown in Bond Co., (subsequently Montgomery Co.), IL. Hugh K. was recorded in the Census/ Tax Records as having the following numbers of slaves: 1787 Tax List VA/KY-0, 1800 Tx-7,1810 US-7, 1818 IL-6, 1820 US-4 and he subsequently freed his remaining slaves (the records show that Titus Kirkpatrick m Betsy Roundtree, residence, Springfield, IL). While Hugh K. was taxed in 1787, no land grant or deed record has been located for his early residence in KY. Robert Kirkpatrick of the SC-2 family was also in Madison Co, KY in 1787, Tax List B, but any family relationship is unknown.

AFN -- Gordon, Baker, Bartlett, Fowler, Lamme, McWilliams, McCoy, Street, Steel, Braden & Starr.


Samuel & Martha (Roseburg) Kil/Kirkpatrick, by HHK In the Accelerated Index Name Search for Kentucky there is only one KILPATRICK who paid taxes in Fleming County in 1800. He was our ancestor, KY-3/PA-17, SAMUEL, who married MARTHA ROSEBURG in York Co, PA 19 Apr 1791. Shortly after the marriage, the young couple went west to Fleming County, KY where their second child, JOHN R. KILPATRICK, was born 20 Nov 1792. By the 1810 census SAMUEL was a widower with 6 boys and 2 girls; MARTHA died between the birth of our ancestor, ALEXANDER, 21 Oct 1808, and the taking of the census. Son JAMES, age 20, had started out on his own by that time and, on 24 March 1814, married SARAH FAUQUIER in Mason CO,KY. The birth of JAMES in York CO,PA on 15 Feb 1790, based on his later records, can only be explained by an educated guess.. Since no records have been found for SAMUEL before his marriage, it is possible that MARTHA fell in love with this newcomer from Ireland who decided to go to the frontier and prepare a place for himself and a family. When he returned to York County to marry MARTHA, she had had a son, born in 1790. In later years Deeds in Vanderburgh Co, IN indicate that his middle name was ROSEBURG. Two girls on the 1800 census of Fleming Co, KY were MARGARET, born 3 July 1794, and NANCY, probably born ca 1796 and died young. No data has been found for her. After her mother, MARTHA, died, MARGARET cared for the family until she married JESSE MONROE in Mason Co, KY on 23 March 1819 and moved to Brown Co, OH. JOHN,ROBERT,PHINNEAS,ANDREW & ALEXANDER, all born in Fleming CO,KY and their father, SAMUEL, moved to Brown Co.about the same time, while JAMES & wife SARAH and SAMUEL JR, born 24 May 1798 in KY, rode a flat boat down the Ohio River to Gibson Co, IN in time' for the 1820 census. Listed in it, there is a family in Huntington Co, OH that matches SAMUEL & his sons but has the possible addition of a second wife and an older woman. Otherwise, no record of SAMUEL has been found in OH, but family history says he died in 1820. By that year none of the KY3/PA-17 coded family remained in Kentucky.

AFN -- Farquher, Monroe, McNish, Thurman, Bratton, McClure, Butt, Hamer, Thompson, Evans, & McFerson


Joseph Kirkpatrick married Kasiah Mitchell on IOMR1791 in Bourbon Co., KY with Alex Mitchell as bondsman. In 1790, Bourbon Co., KY was very large, stretching almost across KY from north to south. By 1800, Bourbon Co. had been reduced to nearly its present dimensions and this is where Joseph K. resided. In the 1800 tax list for Bourbon Co. are Hannah, Hugh, Joseph, Samuel, & Thomas Kirkpatrick. A George Kirkpatrick is present in the 1787 tax list for Bourbon Co. and also in the 1800 tax list for adjacent (to the north) Harrison Co. (also a William K. in Harrison Co. in 1800). In the 1810 US Census, Joseph Kirkpatrick is listed on p 125, with 32001-01210-00 in Bourbon Co. In the 1810 US Census there are also James K., 00101-01001-00 & Samuel K., 20001-20010-01, of comparable age to Joseph, in Bourbon Co. Joseph died in MY/JE1817 and left a will which named: wife, Keziah; sons, John, Thomas, Alexander, Jesse, & Joseph; daughters, Hannah, Jane, wife of Joseph Galloway, Betsy, wife of Samuel Galloway, & Patsy. Exors. were wife Kiziah & the eldest son, John. Wit: Stephen Wallace, & Samuel Johnson.

Note: Back in 1957, an OH researcher claimed that there was a second Joseph Kirkpatrick in Bourbon Co., KY. This researcher said that Joseph Kirkpatrick was a resident of Cumberland Co., PA and was a Ranger on the frontier who was sent on a tour of special duty, 1778-1783, from Cumberland Co., PA (also Moses and William Kirkpatrick). For example, by order of the special council, 01AU1780, the 4th Batt. of Cumberland Co. PA Militia, including Joseph K. The family tradition was that Joseph did not return to PA but settled permanently in Bourbon Co., KY, seven miles out from Paris, county seat of Bourbon Co., on the Cane Ridge. While living in KY, Joseph K. was commissioned Ist Maj., KY Militia, 3rd Regt., on 24JE1792, by Gov. Shelby. On 09AU1792 his brother Moses K. was commissioned Capt. upon recomendation of Col. Patrick Brown. On 19DE1797, Joseph K. resigned as Major in the KY Militia, apparently in preparation for a move to OH. He bought land in OH from Nathaniel Massie of Massie Station, 06JLI797 and he and his wife, Ann, settled in Ross Co., OH Territory. Both Joseph and Moses died intestate in Ross Co., OH in 1823 and 1824 respectively.

AFN Mitchell, Galloway


Several of the children of William and Sarah (Ruth) Kirkpatrick moved, first, from Harford CO.,MD to NC before 1785, and, second, from Guilford Co., NC to Monroe Co., KY, before 1787, Children were: Moses, b OIMY1763, d 15OC1835KY, m Lucy Smith, bf 1785NC; Hugh, b ca 1765, d 1832NC, m Martha Nelson, ca 179OMD; Ruth, b ca 1769, d -, m #1 Wm. Young, 03JLI794NC, m #2 John Bland, KY; Nancy/Naomi, b 1771-73NC, d -, m Jesse Bland, 1BOOKY; Elijah/Elihu, b 1775-80NC, d bf 1840KY, m #2? Eliz. Gee. Moses & Lucy (Smith) K. & family made the move to Monroe Co., KY before 1787 and children were: William, b IOJAI785NC, d 16JAIS83, m Tabitha Wallace; Polly, b 27AU1787KY, d 17JE1813KY, m Wm. Andrews, 12JE1806; Sarah, b 10JAI789KY, d 15SE1853, m Lemuel Jones, ca 1805; Moses (Jr.), blOMY1790KY; James, b 23FE1792KY. Hugh & Martha (Nelson) K. stayed in NC, however, some of the children made the move to KY. Children: Ruth, d IA; Martha, b 1799NC, m James Fitzgerald, ch b KY; Sarah, b 1800, m #1 Isaac Wafford, m #2 James F. Gerald, ch ?;Hugh (Jr.), b 1797NC, d 1882TX, ch b KY; William, b ca 1790, d 1834NC, m Rebecca; Elijah, b ca 1800, d 1850-60TN, m Patsey Harris 12JL1822, this is the TN-10 family, ch b TN; Naomi, b 1807NC, m Francis WaTker, 07JAI829NC. Ruth & hb #1 Wm. Young & hb #2 John Bland apparently went to KY, no info. Nancy/Naomi & hb Jesse Bland also went to KY, no info. Elijah/Elihu & Eliz. (Gee) K.went to KY and ch were: Elijah, b 1812KY, d 1868KY, m #1 Lucy ca 1852, m #2 Mary E. Garman 1861, ch b KY; Hugh, b 1817KY, m Nancy Jane bf 1845, ch b KY; James, b 1819KY, d bf 1856; Abraham E., b 1820KY, d 1880KY, m Mary 1844; Moses, b 1821KY, m Jane, ch b KY,AR; Lucinda, b 1822KY, d aft 1880, m Judg. Benj. F. Bedford 1838, ch b KY; Lemuel Jones, b 1826, d aft 1880KY, m Mary Jane K. cousin, ch no info; Sarah, b 1830KY, d 1853.

AFN Smith, Nelson, Young, Bland, Gee


According to History of McLean Co., IL, James Kirkpatrick was born in PA and subsequently moved to KY (no verification has been found for the birth in PA). He m Anna Shelp, IOMY1803 in Bourbon Co., KY., and they are in the 1810 U.S. Census of Mercer Co., KY (as James Kilpatrick): 20410-00101-00. Immediately after the 1810 census the family moved to Brown Co., OH as son, Thomas M. Kirkpatrick reported in the McLean Co., IL history that he was born in OH. However, the deed abstracts, pp 22-23, this issue KNL, shows that James Kirkpatrick was Jailor for Mercer Co., KY in 1815. WRK found a James K. in Eagle Twp., Brown Co., OH in the 1820 U.S. Census with M: 1<10 (possibly Thomas M.) and 1 26-45; F 2<10, 1 26-45. Children of James & Anna (Shelp) K.: John G., b 29JAI807KY, d 06JE1846, Monroe Co., MO, m Ann M. Smithey, 13MY1830; Thomas M., b 31AU1811, d 20FE1866fL, m Mary J. McWilliams, 1839IN; Robert S., b ca 1812KY, m Eliza Gibson, OIJYIS37; daughter, b ca 1815KY. There is a Thomas M. K. in the 1840 Census for Warrick Co., IN (Warrick Co. is on the Ohio River) and the marriage to Mary J. in IN suggests that Thomas M. made a stopover in IN on the way to McLean Co., IL.

AFN -- Shelp, Smithey, McWilliams, Gibson


David Kirkpatrick, b 1809, Boone Co., KY, d 26DE1886IN. Mary (Polly) Aiken, b 1820, Boone Co., KY, d SE1907. They were married in Greene Co., IN, 05AP1838. They were living in Greene Co., Center Twp., IN in 1840. Children (6) were: Cynthia, m John Harper; Elizabeth, m Henry Jackson; Nancy m Daniel Burch; William, m Amanda Jane Pool; Henry; & John. In JLI862, David then 53, and the oldest son, Henry, volunteered for service in the Civil War, in Co. C, 43 Regt. David was discharged in 1862 and Henry was mustered out in 1864.

AFN -- Aiken, Harper, Jackson, Burch, Pool


Lucilius Moss Kirkpatrick, b 18JL1829TN, d 08MY1908 KY, m Vandelila Smith Coles, 05SE1853. This family moved back and forth between Wilson and Cumberland Co-s., TN and Logan Co., KY where they finally settled. Children (13) were: Laura L., m _ Kennedy; Sallie E., m _ Crewsdon; John William, b 12AU1857TN, d 14JEI911TN, m Virginia H. Scott 15DE1879; Mary E., b 1859TN; Lizzie M., b 1860KY, m _ Mohon (also William Hammond 19NO1887MO ?); Lucilius Z., b 1863TN; Colista A., b 1864TN; Anderson D., b 28AU1865, d 03MR1964, m Amantha Isora @an 05APla69KY; Samuel T., b 1868TN; Robert H., b 187OTN; Harry Louis. b 22DE1871, d 20OC1948; Sue D.; & Frizzella, b 1876TN.

AFN -- Moss, Coles, Kennedy, Crewsdon, Scott, Mohon, Newman, Booker


About 1850, David Shields Kirkpatrick & family moved from Ohio Co., VA (now WV) to near Louisville, Oldham Co., KY. David Shields K., b 1797PA, m Hannah J. Baron and children (5, from 1850 Census) were: Moses, b 1830VA, m Ophelia Pierce SE1841KY; Oliver W., b 1831VA; John R., b 13MR1832OH(Co.,VA?), m Harriet E. Gill 09MY1861; David N., b 1838VA, m Olly -; & Hellen R., b 1843VA, m Thomas W. Jennings. David Shields K. was a teacher and sons, Moses, Oliver W. & John R. were river boat pilots on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. According to Brinks, David Shields father was b SCO and immigrated to PA before the Revolutionary War, though no supporting documentation has been located. A David K. (probably David Shields) was listed on the 30AU1852 Roster of boat pilots at Cincinnati, OH, as a licensed 2nd class boat engineer.

AFN: Shields, Baron, Pierce, Gill (Madison Co., IL), Jennings


According to Perrin, Moses Kirkpatrick was born near Washington, PA, in Canada Jake Valley, and came to KY when a young man and settled near the present site of Louisville, KY. He erected a blockhouse on Harrod's Creek (about 10 miles east of Louisville) and lived there with his family for some years. According to WRK notes, he was a private in the Cumberland Co., PA militia in Capt. Alex. McCoy's Co., Col. James Dunlop's Reg't. One day in 1786/87 he went hunting at Drennan's Spring Lick and was never seen again (This story was likely family tradition as related to Perrin by Dr. W. D. K., a grandson of Moses). WRK also indicated that Moses m Mary Johnson and that she remarried (prior to 1806) to Jonathan Thomas. Children of Moses and Mary (Johnson) K. were James, b 1784KY, d 1874KY an m 1) Jane Dodd 1812KY & 2) Maria P. (Harris) Flournoy 18AP1832KY; Elizabeth, m Stephen Stuart 19JL1806; Moses, d bef AU1825; & Anna, m James Hobbs, IOFE1815KY. According to Perrin, James, b 1784KY, and Jane (Dodds) K. had 12 children and by 1886 only two were still living: Dr. William D., subject of a biography in Perrin, and Moses, who became a lawyer and moved to Salt lake City, UT. Moses K. was the subject of an article in KNL, v. III, #4, 1992, p 89. Additional research on KY-10 by WRK and CMK can be found on pages 20 & 21, this KNL.

AFN -- Dodd, Harris, Flournoy, Stuart, Hobbs


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