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According to family tradition, William Kirkpatrick was born in Scotland, ca 1723, and removed to Ireland, ca 1750, and then to America in 1755. Also according to the tradition he was accompanied by three sons: 1) Andrew, 2) William and 3) Robert. While various sources differ in some items, a biography for S. M. Kirkpatrick of Cass Co., NE gives the following account: "A native of Adams Co., OH, Mr. (S. M.) Kirkpatrick was born Aug. 31, 1815, and is the scion of an excellent family, being the son of Absalom K., who was the son of Andrew, the son of William (b ca 1723). The latter was the first representative of the family in the United States, crossing from Londonderry, in the North of Ireland, probably during the Colonial days, and settling in Maryland. They were of Scotch ancestry, and like the forefathers of hundreds of other people in this country, were driven from their native land during the religious wars of three centuries ago. William K. (b ca 1723) must have made his home in Maryland the remainder of his life. His son, Andrew (#I above), enlisted in the Revolutionary War, and participated in the battle of Brandywine, at which he had a brother (#3, Robert, above) killed (d IISE1777), and also in other important engagements. He (Andrew) married a lady of Welsh descent, Miss Elizabeth Bowen, who was born on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. They subsequently moved to VA (Monongalia Co., WV),and later to Ohio, locating a few miles east of the present city of Cincinnati, where they spent the remainder of their lives, dying when quite aged."

Note that the above account does not mention either brother, 2)William or 3) Robert, by name. Children of Andrew and Elizabeth (Bowen) K. were Absalom, b 2 Oct 1787, (W)VA, d James, b 1791, m 1814, George, b 1794, (W)VA; b ca 1745, IRE, was in Monongalia Co., (W)VA. 1800, m unkn. Children 1855, IN; John, b 1789, (W)VA; Mary, b 1790, d 1828; OH, d 1829; Samuel, b 9 May 1793, (W)VA, d Mar 1868; & Joseph, b 1798. The second brother, William K., the Revolutionary War and in the 1782 state census of He moved to KY and subsequently to Adams Co., OH in were Samuel, b 1767, KY; others unkn.

AFN -- Bowen, Pettijohn, Van Pelt, Warman, Kincaid, Zumwalt, Newman, Davis, Milliner, Wier


Hugh (I) Kirkpatrick, b ca 1735, d ca 1805, m Mary Montgomery, 1760-64. Hugh and Mary lived initially in Baltimore Co., (now Harford Co.), MD, near the border with PA, and then moved over to Chester Co., PA. Known children were James, b 14JE1770, m Mary Cochran, ca 1794, d 26MY1840, OH, & Hugh (II), b IJE1772, m Ann Morrow, 1793, d ca JE1845, OH. Hugh, b ca 1735, is a proven Revolutionary War ancestor in the DAR. Around 1800, Hugh and Ann bought land in Moon Twp., Allegheny Co., PA and were living there by 1807, and by 1814 were living in Harrison Co., and then in Knox Co., OH.Children of James and Mary K. were Hugh, b 1795; Robert, b 1797; Elizabeth, b 1799; William, b 1801, MD; Mary, b 1804, PA; James, b 1807; & John, b 1809. Children of Hugh (II) and Ann K. were John M., b 1794; Hugh (III), b 1795; Sarah, b 1796-99; dau., b 1796-99; Mary Ann, b 1802; Elizabeth, b 1804, Rebecca, b 1807; James, b 1809; George Washington, b 1812; Shipley, b 1814; & William, b 1817.

AFN -- Montgomery, Cochran, Morrow, Guthrie, Loney, Ute.


John (I) Kirkpatrick made a will in Cecil Co., MD in 1767, and the will was probated in 1769. His first wife was Susannah and after she died he remarried to Catherine Steele, probably widow of Robert Steele. This John K. had made a prior will, naming Robert Alison as his Executor, and then disannuled this will in his will of 1767. Apparently the second marriage, to Catherine Steele, resulted in family difficulties as shown in the will of 1767. The will names sons, John (II) and James,and daughters, Thousana (possibly Susannah) Elinor and Mary. The wife is unnamed, but living, and has a son David. Quoting from the will, "and also I order my two sons to give to my thief wife, after she has returned all that she has stolen, the thirds of my moveable estate -- -- to one other the same sum of L 55.6.8, a loan of her son, David, that I lent him to save his neck after they said he killed the man -- -- the said James (son) Kirkpatrick should refuse to make good all the sales of said houses, land and lots in and about Charleston (MD) said James shall forfeit -- --." In 1769, the widow, Catherine K., contested the will and sons John and James refused to act as executors. Son, James, was unmarried and died in 1772, left one lot in Charleston and all lands in MD to sister, Susanna Cazier. (Susannah K. m Richard Cazier, 1760).

John (1) K. had a three lives lease on 96 acres in Susquehanna Manor and named: John (II), James and Mary K. in the lease. John (II), m Alice (sp. Ealse in wil],Elsie ?) Hall, d 1774, MD, leaving children: Alice, Abraham, Deborah and John (?) (first 3 children named in 3 lives lease).

AFN -- Steele, Cazier, Hall.


Abraham Kirkpatrick was born in Cecil Co., MD in the year 1749 and died in Pittsburgh, PA, 17 Nov 1817. According to tradition the family were adherents of Prince Charles Edward (also known as Bonnie Prince Charlie), whose fortunes they followed up to the fatal defeat at Culloden in 1746. As Catholics they fled to America and settled down at or near Elkton, MD. They are supposed to have brought to America sufficient means to live in a comfortable rural condition. A sister of Abraham, a Mrs. Glasgow, supposedly lived in OH, though she has not been traced. There is extensive reference material available for Abraham K., however, the family property in Cecil Co., MD has not been located. Abraham K. married Mary Ann Oldham, 23 Nov 1786 and they had four children: Elizabeth Maria, b 1789, d 19 JL 1822, PA, m Christopher Cowan, 1810; John Conway, b 1790, d 1811, PA; Amelia Louisa, b - , d 1839, PA, m Charles Shaler, 1813; Mary Ann, b 1798, d 1826, PA, m Dr. Joel Lewis.

Abraham K. served throughout the most of the Revolutionary War, starting as a Ist Lieut. in 1776, promoted to Captain in 1777 and advanced one degree to Major in 1783 at the close of the war.

AFN -- Oldham, Cowan, Shaler, Lewis


John Kirkpatrick, born 1733, married Hannah Harrison, Worcester Co., MD. John died 1771, in Worcester Co., MD in the Colonial Wars. This information was submitted to TAR (The American Register) by Laura G. Hibbs. Worcester Co. is in the southeast corner of MD and immediately adjacent to Sussex Co., DE. The only known child of John and Hannah K. is a William K., who is mentioned in a deed filed when he became of age in Georgetown, DE.

This son, William K., married Jemima Williams, daughter of John Williams, in adjacent Sussex Co., Delaware. Two known children were Harrison and Hugh. William died in 1797 and in a will he left his father's gun to his son, Hugh. The first son of William, Harrison, was born in 1790 and married Isabella Holden, born 1791, daughter of John Holden, Revolutionary soldier. Harrison died in 1855 and with his wife was buried in a Wilmington, DE cemetery. Harrison and Isabella had eleven children. The second son of William, Hugh, was born in 1792 and married West. Hugh was ordained a minister in the Baptist church and was author of a hymn book. He had one daughter.

AFN -- Harrison, Williams, Holden, West


Samuel Kirkpatrick was b 24 April 1765 in MD and subsequently moved to GA. For the 30 years prior to his death, 7 March 1826, he lived in Baldwin Co., GA. He married Mary and they had eight children: 1) Elizabeth (m John Canada); 2) James; 3) Thomas J.; 4) John; 5) Elijah; 6) Elisha; 7) Mary (m Whittaker); & Samuel.

AFN -- Canada (or Canady/Kennedy), Whittaker


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