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from KIRK. NL, v. IV, #4

Some settlers in SC and other southern states passed thru NC on the Great Road and many left NC and moved to TN and KY and further west after the Revolutionary War. As usual, limited documentation makes it difficult to trace our early ancestors.


Joseph Milton Kirkpatrick married Martha Harrison (or Stevenson ?) on 24AU1789. They settled in Iredell Co., NC at an early date. There is a Joseph Kilpatrick listed for Iredell Co., NC in the 1790 & 1800 census records. Starting with 1820, and also in 1830 & 1840 there is a Joseph Kilpatrick in Haywood Co., NC (and a Silas Kirkpatrick in 1830). Children were: Lewis; Silas Fain, b 1805, NC, m Jane Woods; Jonas Joseph, b 17AP1807, NC, d 18MR1863, MO, m Anneliya Walker; James; Balas; Elias; Basil; Bennett Smith, m Nancy Lovell. According to the, "History of North Carolina," Silas Fane (sp ?) K. was born in NC and spent the greater part of his life in Crabtree Twp., Haywood Co., NC, where he was an extensive planter and the owner of many slaves. (WRK)

AFN Woods, Lovell, Walker, Harrison


WRK assigned this number to the Valentine Kirkpatrick family. It is probable that Valentine K. came from PA and code number PA-19 was assigned in vol. III, #3, p 64. to the family of James K., with sons: William, John, James, Valantain and Moses.


It is probable that this family started in Maryland and then moved to NC (Surry Co., 1782 tax list & Rockingham & Guilford, 1790 census) and after the Revolutionary War moved on to Monroe Co., KY. WRK believed that this family started in North Carolina however, recall that we had an indenture for Sarah and Moses Kirkpatrick to Walter Watters, dated 5 May 1785. (see KNL, vol. IV, #1,OC,ND,EE 1992, p 15) At this time, Sarah and Moses K were in Surry Co., NC and Walter Watters was in Harford Co., MD. Sarah and Moses K. were selling land in MD which Sarah had received from the estate of her father, Moses Ruth. This land was adjacent to the land of Hugh Kirkpatrick, in MD, and Hugh K. is the son of Sarah and Moses K. It appears that this Hugh K. left MD (sold his land ?) and then together with his mother, Sarah, and numerous other family members, moved to Monroe Co., KY (originally Cumberland, Green and Lincoln Cos.) after the Revolutionary War. The early Kirkpatricks in this part of KY were Moses, Elijah (or Elihugh) and Sarah K., all receiving land grants in 1769 and 1799, Green Co., KY. We have the bible record (KNL, vol. II, #2, JA1991, pp 6-10) of the family of Moses, b MY1763, and Lucy, b 09AU1765, Kirkpatrick. According to the article in the KNL, vol. II, Price Kirkpatrick may have developed a family history for this extensive line of K.s (the location of any surviving records is unknown).

AFN Smith, Wallace, Gee


John and Thomas Kirkpatrick, brothers, arrived in America in 1769 and 1784 respectively. It is believed that they disembarked at Charleston, SC, with one son each, and then travelled overland to Mecklenberg Co., NC., settling in the region south of Charlotte, NC, known as Sardis and Sharon. John married Margaret Wilkinson, before coming to America, from possibly Scotland, children were: Thomas, b 1768, m 1) Ann Yandle & m 2) Sarah Hutchinson; Hugh, b 1769, m Margaret _; Jennett, m William Witherspoon; Anna, m James Boyce; and Isabella, b 1784, m John Boyce. John's brother, Thomas, m Jane Martha McKee, before coming to America from Antrim, Ireland, children were: James Hutchinson, b 1778, m Ann Parks; John, b 1787; Susannah; Robert McKee, b 1790, m Harriet Keziah Alexander; Hugh, m Margaret G.Kirkpatrick; Mary Ann, m _ Rea; & Martha W., b 1796, m William Sammons. John K., d 28FE1808, is buried at Sardis Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Mecklenberg Co., NC. Thomas K., d 1818.

An article was published in TAR (The American Register), vol. II, #6, Nov. 1927, pp 9-10 with the title, "Family Tree of John Kirkpatrick of Charlotte, NC. This article was an early attempt to define the NC-4 family but actually contained much misleading information. Some data on the SC-2 family was supplied by Dr. David Foster K. of TX; some parts on the PA-8 family came from General Elbert K. (honorary title), also of TX, and a small part on the NC-4 line came from Thomas LeRoy K. of Charlotte, NC. We can see, now, that these disparate family groups did not belong together but the assembly was likely based upon the assumption that all K. families in the USA came from X brothers (where X=7); a widely held viewpoint at that time, 1927.

AFN Wilkinson, McKee, Yandle, Witherspoon, Boyce, Parks, Alexander, Rea, Sammons


Alexander Kilpatrick was a taxpayer in 1779 in Orange Co., NC. He is listed as Alexander Kirkpatrick in the 1790 census table though records for Orange Co. were lost for 1790. Alexander K. received an 640 acre grant, in TN, for NC Militia service as a private in the Revolutionary War. By 1800, Alexander K. and most of his family had moved to Sumner Co., TN. Alexander m Jane Stewart and children (all born in NC) were: Samuel, b ca 1765, m Hannah Woods (and remained in NC); James, b 1768, m Mary Stewart; John, b 1770, m Ann Clendening; Hugh, b 1774, m Isabella Stewart; David, b 1780, m Rebecca Stewart; Elizabeth, m Richard Anderson; Margaret, b 1784, m Robert Taylor; Joseph, b 1786, m 1) Jane Motheral & m 2) Charity Hodge.

Some researchers have identified Alexander K., early settler in Orange Co., NC, as the son of Andrew K. of the NJ-1 family. An Alexander K., of about the right age, is listed as a son of Andrew and Margaret (Gaston) K. in the book, "Capt. John Kirkpatrick of New Jersey," by William C. Armstrong, 1927. While there was extensive movement of settlers to the south, before the Revolutionary War, there is no known connection of this particular Alexander K. of NC to the Andrew and Margaret (Gaston) K. family of NJ-1.

AFN -- Stewart, Woods, Clendening, Anderson, Taylor, Motheral, Hodge


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