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from KIRK. NL, OH 1-9 v. VII, #4, OH 10-15 v. VIII, #1, OH 16-23 v. VIII. #2


William Kirkpatrick, b Ca 1712, d bef 1787, settled in Maryland, according to family tradition, and lived out his life in that state. Also, according to tradition, he came to MD with three sons, 1) Andrew, b 1739, d 15JAI827OH; 2) William, b aft 1739, d 1793PA; & 3) Robert , referred to as David in one county history. The 1787 tax list "B" for Monongalia Co., VA (now WV) has Andrew, William & Mary Kirkpatrick in separate households. Andrew and Elizabeth (Bowen) K. moved on to Adams/Brown Co., OH after the birth of their children (surname for Elizabeth has not been confirmed). William, m Agnes ( - ), ca 1769, and they possibly spent some time in KY but were in Fayette Co., PA in the 1790 census. Of the three sons, Robert and Andrew served in Capt. Wm. Croghan's, 8th VA Regiment, in the Revolutionary War. In 1787, 1000 acres of land were surveyed for Andrew K. in Adams Co., OH and the survey recorded in that county. He removed from Monongalia Co., (W)VA to Adams/Brown Co., OH in 1800 by a flatboat on the Monongahela and Ohio Rivers. Children of Andrew and Elizabeth K., all born in Monongalia Co., (W)VA were: William, b 1785, m Ruth Pettijohn; Absalom, b 1787, m Elizabeth Van Pelt; John, b 1789, m Ann(a) Van Pelt; James, b 1791, d 18290H, m Mary (Polly) Kincaid; Samuel, b 1793, d 18681A, m Mary Ann Zumwalt; George, b 1794, m Ist Jemima Newman & 2nd Mrs. Mary E. (Zimmerman) Davis; Joseph, b 1798, m Anna Milliner. Elizabeth, widow of Andrew K., went with son Absolom K. to Montgomery Co., IN and d 18381N.

AFN -- Pettijohn, Van Pelt, Kincaid, Zumwalt, Newman, Zimerman, Davis


James & Hugh (II) Kirkpatrick were from Chester Co. PA. James K., b 14JE1770PA, d 26MY18400H, m Mary Cochran, ca 1794; & Hugh (II) K., b OIJE1772, d ca JE18450H, m Ann Morrow, 1793. In ca 1800, Hugh & Ann K. bought land in Moon Twp., Allegheny Co., PA and were living there by 1807. By 1814 they were living in Harrison Co., OH and then in Knox Co., OH. Their children were: John M., b 1794; Hugh (III), b 1795; Sarah, b 1796-99; dau., b 1796-99; Mary Ann, b 1802; Elizabeth, b 1804; Rebecca, b 1807; James, b 1809; George Washington, b 1812; Shipley, b 1814; & William, b 1817.

Children of James & Mary K. were: Hugh, b 1795; Robert, b 1797; Elizabeth, b 1799; William, b 1801MD; Mary, b 1804PA; James, b 1807; & John, b 1809.

AFN Cochran, Morrow


Robert Kirkpatrick was born in County Down, Ireland. He came to OH shortly after 1800 and bought extensive landholdings in Mahoning Co., OH, from the Western Reserve sales agent of the Connecticut Land Co. He first built a cabin in 1807 in Jackson Twp., and in 1818 had a contractor build him a substantial 5 room brick house which was still in use in 1920. He married Catherine Ewing, daughter of one of his pioneer neighbors, about 1805, and he died 22NO18470H.

They had five children: Martin, b OIFE1808, d 11JE1863, m Margaret Taylor; Isaac, b 1811, m Eliza McAnlis; Joshiah, b 01MR1813, m Belinda Dunlap; Martha, b 1815, m James McGeorge; & Eleanor, b 1817, m John Wilson. A few of this family preferred a shorter name and dropping "patrick" they thereafter went by the name of Kirk.

AFN -- Ewing, Taylor, McAnlis, Dunlap, Wilson, McGeorge


Thomas B. Kirkpatrick, b MY1773IRE, came to the United States before 1800. He m Mary Henthorn in 1800 in Monongolia Co., VA (now WV) and they settled by 1806 in Guernsey Co., OH where he d, AU1852.

Thomas B. & Mary (Henthorn) K. had 13 children: Richard; Henry; James; Alexander; John; William M.; Lucinda; Nancy; Margaret; Mary A.; Thomas; Eliza; & Fletcher W. The 1850 US Census confirms that Thomas B. K. was in Guernsey Co., OH, and that he was b IRE.

William M. K. moved to Grant Co., IN in 1841. Apparently others in the family moved to IA as Mary (Henthorn) K. d IA.

AFN -- Henthorn, Johnston, Carothers


Back in 1988, William R. Kirkpatrick, dec. (WRK) pre- pared a brief file on the family of a Joseph Kirkpatrick who lived in Richland Co., OH. WRK believed that this Joseph (Jr.) was a son of Joseph, son of Richard, and brother of Isaac and Moses. The data for Joseph Jr. on the PA-6 chart, in the KNL, v. II, p 99, matches the data we have for Joseph in Richland Co., OH hence the above PA-6 designation. Joseph Kirkpatrick, b 08SE1787, Cumberland Co. (now Perry Co.), PA, migrated to Richland Co., OH in 1831, where he d in 1844. He m Matilda Murphey in 1815, b 1792PA, d JA18770H. On the migration to OH, in 1831, he was accompanied by his wife and 6 children: Margaret, b 1819PA; Jeremiah, b JE1821PA, d 1896OH; Joseph, b 1830PA & 3 others unknown. The census data for 1830 and 1840 for this family were as follows:

1830 Perry Co., PA, Wheatfield Twp., p 309 -- Joseph Kirkpatrick -M: 1<5; 2, 5-10; & 1, 30-40 F: 1<5; 1, 5-10; 2, 10-15; 1, 30-40

1840 Richland Co., OH, Sharon Twp., p 269 -- Joseph Kirkpatrick -- M: 1<5; 1, 10-15; 2, 15-20; 1, 40-50 F: 1, 5-10; 1, 15-20; 1, 20-30; 1, 40-5

Jeremiah, m Catherine Feora, 07NO1844, in Richland Co., OH. Their children, all b OH, were: Sarah, b 1845; Julia Ann, b 1847; Richard, b 1848; Amos, b 03AU1850, d 19320H, m Christiana Neal, he was a carpenter; Christian, b 1854; Joseph, b 1855; Matilda, b 1855 (twin ?); Malinda, b 1856; William, 1858, m Sarah C. Meyers; & Smith, b 1860.

AFN -- Murphey, Feora, Neal, Myers


Daniel Kirkpatrick, b 1780-90, to Plymouth Twp., Richland Co., OH in 1815 from Washington Co., NY. After clearing a plot of land he returned to NY and married Rachael , b 1800. By 1818 they were farming in Richland Co., OH. He is oi t-he 1825 tax list for Richland Co., OH, with 160 acres, in the 1830 census, as Danel Kirkpatric, also in the 1840 and 1850 (and 1851 OH census) censuses. Daniel may be from Maine, since there was a Daniel Kilpartrick listed in the 1790 Census for Cumberland Co., Maine (near Saco River valley) with 1-0-2. In the KNL, v. II, p 89, #7 in a list of children b ME, is Daniel, b ca 1780, with the note: m Miss Prescott and moved to OH. This possible ME connection has not been investigated.

Children (all b OH, partial list) were: William, b 25MY1824,m Elizabeth Emmerson, b ENG, m 1847; James, b 1834; Daniel, b 1841; Rachael, b 1842; George, b 1844. There is a listing for the son, Daniel, b 1841, m Cerena ( - ) in the 1880 OH census.

AFN -- Emmerson


The first record of Samuel Kil/Kirkpatrick is his marriage to Martha Roseburgh at her father's house in Hopewell Twp., York Co., PA on 19AP1791. Shortly after the marriage the couple went west to Fleming Co., KY where a second child was born, John R. Kilpatrick, 20NO1792. Samuel Kilpatrick is in the 1800 tax list for Fleming Co., KY. By the 1810 KY census, Samuel was a widower with 6 boys and 2 girls as Martha died between the birth of son, Alexander, 21OC1808, and the 1810 census (31101-21000). Samuel and family moved to Brown Co., OH about 1819 and listed in the 1820 census is a Samuel Kirkpatrick in Brown Co., OH that matches Samuel and his sons but has the possible addition of a second wife and an older woman.

Family tradition is that Samuel came to Ainerica from North Ireland. He spelled his name as both Kilpatrick and Kirkpatrick until about 1815 when he settled on Kirkpatrick. This dual spelling is confirmed by the land application of John K. based upon his War of 1812 service. An affidavit, filed by his brother James, in support of John's bounty land claim describes the dual spelling (see p 100 this issue).

Children of Samuel & Martha (Roseburgh) Kirkpatrick were: James, b 15MR1790 PA, d 22SE1873IN, m Sarah Fauquher, 24MR1814KY; Margaret, b 03AU1794KY, d 12MY 18440H, m Jesse Monroe, 23MR1819KY; John R., b 20NO1792KY, d 31DE18650H, m Nancy McNish, 09JA1823OH; Nancy, b possibly 1796KY and d age 12 possibly 1808; Samuel, jr., b 24MY1798KY, d 21MY18851N, m Elizabeth (Betsy) Thurman, 16JAI821IN; Robert b ca 1BOOKY, m Margaret Monroe, 10MR1825OH; Phenius, b 15JE1806KY, d 17FE18860H, m Ist Priscilla Bratton, 01AP1830, m 2nd Nancy L. Bratton, 16SE18410H, m 3rd Susanna McClure, 25AP1855, & m 4th Rebecca Butt, 19MR1878; Andrew, b 05JL1807PA, d 03MR18770H, m lst Prudence Hamer, 07OC18300H, m 2nd Martha J. Thompson, 27JL 1858OH; & Alexander, b 21OC1808KY, d 30SE18880H, m Ist Lavina Evans, 06OC18830H, m 2nd Sarah McPherson, 16JE18490H.

AFN -- Roseburgh, Farquher, Monroe, McNish, Thurman, Bratton, McClure, Butt Hamer, Thompson, Evans, McPherson


We have been unable to identify the father and mother of six children, all born in New Jersey. All but one migrated to Washington Co., PA after the Revolution. Two of the children, Thomas and Andrew Kirkpatrick, left PA and settled near Youngstown, OH about 1800. The six children were: Sarah, b 1765, m Daniel Johns(t)on, they remained in Morris Twp., Washington Co., PA; Thomas, b 1769, m Phebe Dod Baldwin, 1797; John, remained in NJ; Elizabeth, b 1774, m Thomas Vennum, they lived in Amwell Twp., Washington Co., PA until 1818 and then moved to Iroquois Co., IL; Andrew, b 1775, m Elizabeth Baldwin, 1799, and moved to the Youngstown (Coitsville), OH area; & Jane, b 1780, m Jonathan Stout in PA, also moved to Youngstown, OH. The above information was provided by John R. Kirk, of New York City, who is in the line from Andrew, who married Elizabeth Baldwin, sister of Phebe. John says that family tradition was that the father immigrated from Scotland and the mother was an "Irishwoman." About 1815 some members of the family shortened their last name to KIRK (including the line of John R.) There has been some confusion between this line, OH-8, and the NJ-l line because of similarity of given names, in particular Andrew and Thomas. Back in 1981, Michael Cassady (6215 67th Court, Riverdale, MD 20737) attempted to determine the names of the mother and father using resources in the Washington, DC area (DAR Library, Archives, Library of Congress etc.). While he did not find the names of the parents, he was able to show that the two brothers, Andrew and Thomas, who m Baldwin sisters, are not the two sons, Andrew and Thomas, of Capt. John K. of the NJ-1 family (see the book Capt. John Kirkpatrick of New Jersey, 1927, by William C. Armstrong, p 9). Also, Andrew, b ca 1722, & Margaret (Gaston) Kirkpatrick have been proposed as the parents of Andrew and Thomas of OH-8 even though there is no Thomas or Andrew in the list of their children (see p 35 of the Capt. John K. book). As a further bit of confusion, both the OH-8 line and the NJ-1 line (p 35 of the Capt. John K. book) show a Sarah Kirkpatrick, b 1765, d 1838, m Daniel Johnston, and indicates that they moved to Washington Co., PA. For example, see Harriet May Tucker DAR application #89238, approved N01911 (this connection was based upon a Johnston Genealogy in the possession of Mrs. Elizabeth Dunlap of Washington, PA, DAR #27565). KA member, Eleanor Burt, says that she recognizes two names (from the Capt. John K. book) as land owners in the Long Cane setlement of Abbeville Co., SC. A James Johnston, whose land adjoined Andrew K. land (SC-7), and whose son Daniel Johnston married Sarah Kirkpatrick, b 1765; and a Joseph McMartin a son-in-law of Andrew K. of NJ-1. We know that the OH-8 family members, Andrew and Thomas went west, but did the NJ-1 family of Andrew K. go south ? Much attention has been directed to the NJ-1 line through the articles in TAR (and the lack of information on the other K. lines).

Children (9) of Andrew and Elizabeth (Baldwin) Kirkpatrick were (all b OH & * = surname changed to Kirk): John*, b 15FE1805, d 27JA18911L, m Susan Bingham, 10MY1827; Rayen*, b 1808, d 1893(IL?), m Mary Ursula Gray, ca 1827; Thomas, b 1810, m Charlotte Hunter; Betsey, b 1812, m Dutton Jacobs; Mary, b 1814, m Dr. Robert H. Stewart; Sarah, b 1817, m Anderson McFarland; Phoebe, b 1819, d IIAP1850, m 12SE1837, Nicholas Jacobs; Caleb*, b 1820, m Ist Julia Ann Jacobs, m 2nd Susan Parker; Louisa, b 1822, m Jacobs.

Children (14) of Thomas and Phebe (Baldwin) Kirkpatrick were (all b PA): Mary (Polly), b 1798, m William Baxter; Elizabeth (Betsey), b 1800, m John Kimmel; Amanda, b 1802, m John McG]athery; Andrew, b 1804, d 1888, m Sylvia Freeman, 1827 (see DAR lineage #94097); Sarah, b 1806, m Phillip Kimball (or Kimmel); Baldwin, b 1808, d 1877, m Meribah Condit, 1835; Thomas, jr., m Katherine Cress; Phebe, b 1812, m James Polk; Daniel McFarland, b 10NO1813, d 15JE1897, m Mary Church, 12SE1842; Eleanor, b 1816, m Robert McClelland; Didama, b 1818, d JA1860, m George Cress; Marilla, b 1823, m Lewis Lamb; Henry M., b 1825, m Margaret Sample; Lavina, b 1827, m George McKean. Several of the children of Thomas and Phoebe K. moved to OH (and further west).

AFN -- Baldwin, Jacobs, Hunter, Montgomery, Gray, McFarland, Stewart, Baxter, Kimmel, McGlathery, Freeman, Condit, Cress, Polk, Church, McClelland, Lamb, Sample, McKean.


John Kirkpatrick appears on the first tax list, 1782, for Rockbridge Co., VA with 186 acres. He also appears on several subsequent tax lists and his property is described as 4 miles SW of Lexington Courthouse and on a branch of Buffalo Creek, and adjacent to Wm. Finley, Jr. (see sketch on page 80). John m Catherine and their first child of record was James, b 1783, in VA. John K. d bef OISE1823 and the family moved to Preble Co., OH in Ca 1830. John and Catherine's children were b VA while the next generation (the third) were born in OH (except as noted). Second and third generation children can be found in the newsletter regarding this family line.


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