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from KIRK. NL, v.VI, #1 & 2

Introduction: Various sources have been used to enlarge the number of families with connections to IRE/SCO. Unfortunately these sources provide little documentation to confirm the indicated connections.


The history of this family is not known prior to the marriage of John Kil/Kirkpatrick to Mary Parker on 06JA1785 in Stoneykirk, Wigtonshire, Scotland (see map). Their children (all Kilpatrick and b in SCO) were:
1) Alexander, b 11DE1786, d before 1855, SCO, m Jane Oughterson on 30DE1828,
2) Mary, b 05JL1789, 3) John, b 13NO1790, 4) William, b 1795. Alexander and Jane K. had one son, Hugh Kirkpatrick, b ca 1845, SCO, d 11FE1898, NY.

AFN -- Parker, Oughterson


As related by Alexander de Lapere Kirkpatrick in his, "Chronicles," "George K. (1671-1738) of Knock, eldest son of William (d 1686), last Lord of Kirkmichael, was an officer in King William's army during the earlier years of his life - ---------- However, to return to George K. of Knock, he first came to Ireland in 1690 - ------------- then being nineteen years of age, an officer, several of his kinsfolk, the K,'s of Larne and the Wilson's had settled in this country (IRE) at the time." George of Knock had four sons and three daughters: 1) George, d 1798, his grandson was at school in Dumfries in 1784, 2) William, 3) Alexander, b 1714, d 1791 at Drumcronda, 4) Robert, d 1746, 5) Anne, m - Jordan, 6) Grizzel, m - Kehoe, & 7) Joane, m _ Holland. Alexander K. of Drumcondra who was 24 years old when his father died in 1738, had been started in the linen trade, probably with a portion of the money that came from the sale of the lands of Kirkmichael. (from pp 21-22 of Chronicles) Alexander of Drumcondra was married twice, first to Mary Mitchell, nee Ireland, secondly to Esther Henderson. The names and birth dates of their seventeen children, as given in a bible record, are listed in the Chronicles. The third son, Alexander, b 01AP1749, d 17NO1817, m Marianne Sutton, 16MY1792, and they had thirteen children with names, birth, and death dates as taken from a bible record. Of the thirteen children, three are noted as coming to America: 1) Elizabeth, b 29AP1793, d 10AU1828 at Quebec, m Col. Colley Foster, 2) Thomas, b 25DE1805, d MR1870 in Canada, 3) Stafford Frederick, b 12DE1809, d 1858 in Canada.

Another son, of the thirteen children, was known as Alexander of Coolmine, b IOAP1796, d 21NO1878, m Mary Anne Rutherfoord, 12MY1825 and remained always in Ireland. A son of Alex. & Mary Anne K., George Sutton, b 13SE1835, also settled in Canada in the Province of Ontario, m Mary Francis Morris, 1865. Their children were: 1) Alexander M. M., b 1866, m Caroline Denison, 2) George R. F., 1868, m May Rowell, 1891, 3) William R., 1870, m Emily Hooey, 4) Goodwin S., b 1872, m Maud F. White, 1894, 5) Arthur J. E., b 1876, m Ethel Mulock, 1899, & 6) Mabel Theodora, b 1880, m Gerald Strathy.

Returning to the children, of Alexander (1749-1817) and Marianne (Sutton) K., who came to Canada: First, Thomas (1805-1870) a lawyer who settled at Kingston, Ontario, m in 1829 Helen Fisher and they had the following children: 1) Mariane E., b 1831, 2) Henrietta, b 1833, 3) Alex Sutton, b 1835, 4) Thomas F. S., b 1837, 5) Frank, b 1839, 6) George Airey, b 1841, 7) Emily, 8) Helen Lydia, b 1845, & 9) James Stafford, b 1848.

Second, Stafford F. (1809-1858) also a lawyer who settled at Peterboro, Ontario and m Henrietta Fisher (sister of Helen who m Thomas) and had children: 1) Annie E., b 1835, 2) Helen M., b 1837, 3) William A. W., b 1839, 4) Catherine A., b 1841, 5) Mary M., b 1844, & 6) Frederic F., bl848.

IRE-3 (PA-21)

This Alexander Kirkpatrick was said to be a native of IRE, where he remained until his death. He married a Miss Johnston and they had 6 children: Margaret, Richard, William, Johnston, Christena and Thomas B.. Only Thomas B. is traced and he was born MY1773 and emigrated from IRE in an early day and settled in the state of PA. In 1800 he m Mary Henthorn and by 1806 they had moved to Guernsey Co., OH where he d AU1852. Thomas B. and Mary (Henthorn) K. had 13 children: Richard, Henry, James, Alexander, John, William M., Lucinda, Nancy, Margaret, Mary A., Thomas, Eliza and Fletcher W. There is additional information on the line of William M. K. who moved to Grant Co., IN in 1841. Apparently others in the family moved to IA as Mary (Henthorn) K. d in IA. The 1850 US Census confirms Thomas B. in Guernsey Co., OH and that he was b IRE. In 1810, Thomas B. is reported to have said, "Use Oxford, because my ancestors come from Oxford, a little town in Ireland.." (Guernsey Co., OH has an Oxford Twp.) Thomas B. is also listed in the 1820, 1830 & 1840 US Censuses for Oxford Twp., Guernsey Co., OH. With the reference to Oxford, IRE and 13 children in the family it appears that an extensive family history can be prepared.

There is another Thomas K., 17 years younger than Thomas B. K., in the 1850 US Census for Guernsey Co., OH and from the family names he is likely related to Thomas B. K.. This second Thomas may be listed in the 1820 census but not 1830 & 1840.

AFN -- Henthorn, Johnston, Carothers


In Egle on PA families we see that Samuel Kirkpatrick lived in Armagh (town &/or Co. ?), IRE. His son, William K., emigrated from IRE in 1738 and owned two tracts of land in Middletown, PA (now in Dauphin Co., PA near the south end of the county where the Swatara Creek joins the Susquehanna River). William K. married Margaret Waugh and they had four children: John, William, Ann & Sarah. Egle indicates that William K. ( the immigrant) d at the age of 41, in 1760 and therefore he was born in 1719 and emigrated from IRE at the age of 19 (in 1738). The son, John, d before his mother (see her will) and is buried in the same sandstone enclosure, on the bluffs, at the junction of the Swatara Creek and the Susquehanna River. (Paul Arnot pointed out that this John K. cannot be the John K. in the PA-8 family, m Jane Wilkins (per Egle, ref. 2, p 218), see KNL, vol. III, #I, pp 10-14.) The son, William K., inherited both tracts of land in 1780 at the death of his mother, Margaret (Waugh) K., and apparently the son has not been traced further. Ann, b 1750, m Josiah Espy, 1769, and they initially lived in Hanover Twp. near Indiantown Gap but soon purchased an estate in (now) Susquehanna Twp., Dauphin Co. Ann d 30MY1842 in Dauphin Co. The account prepared by Egle includes a description of Ann and mention of her considerable memory. The lengthy account of Ann and her family does not include the names of the Espy children. However, in another entry, p 218, ref. #2, the Espy children are given as: Margaret, b 08NO1771, d 04SE1851, m Samuel Elder; Priscilla (twin), b 08NO1771, m Robert McClure; Josiah, b 1774, d 18AP1811, PA; William, b 02JE 1776, m Susanna Gray; James Snodgrass, b 18JL 1788, m lst Mary Huling, 2nd Mary H. Pollard.

Under Notes and Queries, p 509, Egle has the following: "The Kirkpatrick Farm on the Swatara, near Middletown, in 1780 passed from William Kirkpatrick to Blair McClenachan, and in 1797 to George Frey." Apparently when the estate was settled after the death of Margaret (Waugh) K., the land was sold by the son and heir, William K.

AFN -- Waugh, Espy


According to family tradition, Daniel Kirkpatrick came to America from Belfast/Ulster, IRE and he m Sarah McLean. In the 1790 US Census there is a Daniel Killpatrick (1-1-3) in So. Huntington Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA. The records at Washington, Washington Co., PA (near Westmoreland and Beaver Cos., PA) show that on OIAP1799 Samuel Riddle sold to Daniel Kirkpatrick for 54# 15 s, "The west end of a tract of land called 'Command See', situate on the waters of Chartiers Creek in Straban Twp., Washington Co., PA containing 54 acres and 35 perches. On 10OC1804, Daniel and Sarah sold a part of this 54 acres to Benj. Means for $320." There is a Daniel Kirkpatrick in Big Beaver Twp., Beaver Co., PA in the 1810 US Census. No will was located by Earle researchers though their search seemed to be of limited geographic extent and did not include Kil/Killpatrick surnames.

From family tradition, Daniel and Sarah (McLean) K. had three children: 1) John was 14-16 years old when both parents died and he went south, possibly with relatives and is untraced, 2) Mary m a Methodist minister, John C. Ashley, & 3) Jean Douglas, b N01808, d IOMY1888, m 22AU1830 to Henry Earle of Pittsburgh, PA.

AFN -- McLean, Ashley, Earle


According to family tradition, George Kirkpatrick, Sr. was born in IRE and m Margaret Patterson, b 1786, and they remained in IRE. Their children, b in IRE, emigrated to Canada. Children were: 1) Barney, b 1807; 2) George, b 1808; 3) William, b 1809; 4) James (Capt.), b 1810; 5) John, b 1816; 6) David, b 1816 or 1818; 7) Walter, b 1820; & 8) Fitzmaurice, b 1822.

Roland's line from Capt. James K. is as follows: descendant b father mother George K. OIJL1833 James (Capt.) Susannah (Patterson) Annesley 09MY1870 George Mary E. (Hoyt) Roland C. 28MY1918 Annesley Minnie Maie (Cheyne)

Recall that Roland sent us a copy of the 1906 form letter, for the formation of the Kirkpatrick Family Association, from Weyman Edward K., Baptist minister, to his cousin (above) Annesley K. (see KNL, v. V, #1, p 4).

AFN -- Patterson, Hoyt

IRE-7 (NJ-6)

John Kirkpatrick was born 1780 in Ballyshannon, Co. Donnegal, IRE. He was m ca 1811 to Letita Patterson. Sometime between 1819 and 1822 John and family and several other Scottish Presbyterian families hired a sailing vessel and emigrated from Northern IRE, possibly from Belfast, to Nova Scotia, CAN where John K. had a general store. The Indians made seasonal trips to purchase cloth, food, etc. He had friendly relations with the Indians and was well known for his honesty and fairnessin trading with them. When they came to the store he permitted them to camp on his property. Children of John and Letita (Patterson) K. were:l) James, b 1817, IRE, went to CA as a 49er; 2) Susanna, b 1819, IRE, m John VanNuys; 3) William N., b 1822, CAN, m Elizabeth Vanderipe; 4) Margaret Ann, b 02MR1825, CAN, m William N. Smith; 5) Oliva, b 02FE1827, CAN, m A. Arnold; 6) John, b 1828, CAN; 7) David, b 1830, CAN, m Mary Paxton; 8) Elisha, b 1832, CAN, m Mary Fordham; & 9) Catherine, b 1841, NY, m Stephen Teas.

However, in 1833 they moved to the United States by embarking from St. Johns, New Brunswick, CAN, on a schooner, Spray, with about 225 people. They arrived in New York City, 21MY1833, where they lived in Brooklyn. After several years they moved to a farm between New Brunswick and Metuchen, NJ at a place now called Lindenau, formerly Piscataway, on the Raritan River.

AFN -- Patterson


Benjamin Kilpatrick was b Desertcreat, Co. Tyrone, IRE, ca 1775 and he was a farmer. His wife is unknown but two children were: 1) Benjamin; & 2) William, b ca 1808, Garlondarrah, Co. Tyrone, IRE, d 080CIS92, at age 84, IRE. He m Ist Margaret Gailey and children were: 1) Mattheu, b 15FE1835; 2) Margaret, b 1839; 3) Prudence, b 12MY1845; 4) Hannah, b 20AU1846; & 5) Benjamin, b 1850, all baptised at Raphae Presbyterian Church. He m 2nd Sara Miller and children were: 6) Andrew Charles, b 19DE1861-64, Pomeroy, Co. Tyrone, IRE, d 23OC1935, IN; 7) Sarah Jane, b 19MY1860-63, Pomeroy, OC1952; 8) John, b 19JAI965, Pomeroy, d 02FE1952, Pomeroy; 9) Hester, b 14JA1867,

Samuel Caldwell; 10) Joseph, b 28AP1869, Pomeroy, d 07DE1965, PA; & 11) Mary, b 14NO1870, Pomeroy, d 19MR1957. Bette Jeanne's line from William Kilpatrick: descendant b father mother Andrew Charles 19DE1861-64 William Sara (Miller) Maurice McDougall 15MR1903 Andrew C. Flora (Beaton) Bette Jeanne 20MY1923 Maurice M. Imo ene G. Stone

AFN -- Gailey, Miller


Family tradition is that John Kirkpatrick was born in Scotland, ca 1782, however, he married Anabel Dunbar in IRE, Dublin ?, and some of their children were b in IRE. They came to the U.S. after 1811 and settled at Harborcreek, near Erie, PA. In Hackett's passenger lists there is a John Kirkpatrick who arrived in Philadelphia in 1811 (just before the War of 1812 ?). John K. d 14JAI842 at Erie, PA. Children were: 1) Catherine, b JLI803, IRE; 2) John, b 1811, IRE; 3) Jane, b N01815, d 18NO1878, m John H. Riblet; Anabel, d 12NO1898, m Josiah Nece; 4) Sarah, d 22JE1887, m Joseph Sterret; 5) George, twin of Sarah; 6) James, lived and d Australia; 7) Archie; 8) Robert, b 1821, d 15FE1847. From: Carolyn K. Perry, OH. Carolyn visited Scotland in 1992 to obtain Dunbar/K. information.


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