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South Carolina Coded Lines

from KIRK. NL, v.V, #2 & 3

Dorothy K. Stoneburner contributed the information for the SC-8 & SC-9 families (also the uncoded families on page 59) from her research at the SC Archives, Columbia, SC.


WRK has this line headed with William Hawthorne Kirkpatrick, however, the, "Past History of Texas," gives Thomas K. as the father of W. H. His grandson Addison Y. K. says, "My grandfather, Thos. Kirkpatrick, came to the United States from Scotland before the War of 1812, and participated with conspicuous valor in same." After leaving SC in 1846 and stopping in AR for three years they resumed the trip and, "In 1849 we resumed our journey to Texas and landed in what is now Hill Co. territory that same year; our family being as follows: W. H. Kirkpatrick, my father; two brothers -- W. P. and J. R. Kirkpatrick -- both older than I, and three sisters, namely: Mary, Antoinette and Alleen. There were seven of us in the family with six negroes." WRK believed that Antoinette married her cousin, William Adam K. which means that Wm. H., b 1797, and Andrew, b 1793, are brothers. Much progress has been made on this line, also see SC-7. See AFN & Bib. for SC-7 below.


James Kirkpatrick was born, it is believed, circa 1700 to 1715, place unknown, but possibly North Ireland, Maryland or Pennsylvannia. He is believed to be the immigrant. he died on the 8th or 9th of May 1786 in York Co., SC. Not much has been established about his life or person. He was awarded land grants in the name of Kilpatrick, totaling 1350 acres, by the then acting Governor of North Carolina in Raleigh, Matthew Rowan, on 24 Sept. 1754. This large grant was likely based upon the size of his family and a location on the then southern frontier of North Carolina. The lands all lay in what is now, not North Carolina, but rather South Carolina. The lands were on the north side of the Broad River on a fork of Turkey Creek, adjacent to the western end of the line between the present York and Chester Cos., SC.

James Kirkpatrick's wife was named Mary and the children named in his will of 1886 were: (1) Francis, m 1) ?, m 2) Margaret; (2) William, unknown; (3) Thomas, m 1) ?, m 2) Margaret (Craig) Watson; (4) Agnes, unknown; (5) James, b ca 1743, d 1781, m Susannah Gillham; (6) John, b ca 1744, d 13AU1785, m Elizabeth Craig; (7) Jane, ; (8) Robert, b ca 1748, d 13AP1803, m Rebecca ?.

AFN Craig, Watson, Gillham


Alexander, James & Thomas Kirkpatrick arrived in Charleston, SC in the years 1816, 1817 & 1818, respectively. Alexander K. was b 1780, Co. Antrim, IRE and became a Presbyterian minister in the Laurens District, SC, d 30DE1832. He m Susan Ligon and children were: 1) Martha, b 1820, 2) Barbara H., 3) John A., 4) William L. (MD), 5) Alexander, b 1829, d ca 1839, & 6) Susan. James K. was b 09AU1788, Co. Antrim, IRE and lived in Laurens District, SC, d 20SE1851, SC. He m Elizabeth McKnight, 23MY1824, and children were (with birth dates from a bible): 1) Barbara, 14JE1825; 2) Mona, 19NO1826; 3) Andrew, 18MR1828; 4) Adaline (Sarah), 18OC1829; 5) John, 07JAI832; 6) Elizabeth Ann, 10AP1837; 7) James Henry Harrison, 04NO1840; & 8) Thomas Newton, 18FE1842. Thomas K. was b ca 1796, Co. Antrim, IRE and lived in Laurens Dist., SC, d 22NO1848. He m Jane Maddox and children were (with birth years): 1) Mary, 1837; 2) Margaret, 1839; 3) Barbary, 1840; 4) Richard, 1843, 5) Jane, 1845; 6) Elizabeth, 1846; & Hannah, ca 1848. AFN Ligon, McKnight, Maddox


Robert Kirkpatrick was b 26OC1763 about 50 miles from Camden, SC, d 02AP1841, Cooper Co., MO. His wife was Martha, b IOMR1765 and they m ION01785 in Lancaster, SC. He was a pensioned soldier of the Revolutionary War and is known to have lived in SC; NC; Jackson Co., TN; and then Cooper Co., MO. He received a NC Land Grant in Greene Co., TN in 1789 for his Revolutionary War service. His wife, Martha, d in Cooper Co., MO after 1841. Children were (birth dates from bible/pension papers): 1) Nancy, 06SE1786; 2) Betsy, 22NO1787; 3) Polly, 02AU1789; Jean, 07JLI791; Jean 25SE1793; Patsy, 23FE1796; Peggu, 23FE1799; Sally, 02MR1801; Robert, 11SE1802; David M., 15JAI803; & Finis E., 06JLJBO7, TN. While Robert K. received a pension starting in 1831, the application of his widow was rejected, #R5993, in 20JE1843.

AFN Gott, Neal, Jackson


Robert Kirkpatrick was b ca 1760, Co. Antrim, IRE, d ca 1825, SC. In IRE he m, 1786, Isabelle McClurkin, b ca 1770, d after 1839. They came to America in 1820 and arrived in SC after a three month voyage by sailing ship. Isabelle, together with their son, James, and his wife and daughter were received into the Bethel Congregation at Eden, Randolph, IL, after satisfying the membership requirements on 8 and 20 of MR1832. Isabelle and some of her family were charter members of the Oakdale, Washington Co., IL, Presbyterian church in 1833. Children were (b IRE with year): 1) James, 1787; 2) William, 1792; 3) Margaret, 1796, m George Cherry; 4) Samuel, 1798, d 1829, SC; 5) Jane, 1798 (twins ?), d 1845, KY, m John Kelso; 6) Elizabeth, 1801, d 1876, m 3 times; Mary, 1803, d 1852, m Archibald Hood; 7) Martha, 1809, d 1889, m Thomas McClurkin; 8) Hugh, 1810, d 1879, IL; 9) Robert, 1812, d 1837, IL; 10) John (?); 11) Rebecca, 1820.

AFN McClurken, Tinley, Cherry, Burns, Kelso, McNabney, Gillespie, Hood, Brown, McCracken


William Kirkpatrick was b 01SE1788, Charleston, SC, d OIMY1861, Shelby Co., IN. He m Elizabeth Huffman, 1809, Culpeper Co., VA, she b 1789, VA, d 1865, IN. Children include: 1) Joseph G., b 15JL1815, Adams Co., OH, d 13DE1893, Hancock Co., IN, m Martha Steele, 02AP1844; (the following b dates from the 1850 census) 2) Margaret, b 1814, OH; 3) Mary, b 1825, OH; & 4) Nancy, b 1832, OH. Family records show there was also Jane, who m a Pendergrast (sp ?) and brothers who stayed in OH. William, b 1788 is listed in the 1850 census, age 61, as a chairmaker.

AFN -- Huffman, Steele, Pendergrast (sp ?)


Pending clarification of the SC-1 & SC-7 relationship, two code numbers will be used for these families. Andrew Kirkpatrick was b ca 1745, location unknown. Because of close association with a Hawthorne family on Long Cane Creek, it is believed that he first m Ann Gordon, daughter of William and Margaret (Hawthorne) Gordon. Andrew Kilpatrick of Long Cane Creek, Abbeville District, sold land in 1768 and bought land which was certified in 1784. Andrew Kirkpatrick, d ca 1810, admin. was Margaret K. et cet., and was she a second wife as she lived until ca 1837 ? A possible line for this family is shown on pedigree charts, pp 36-37.

AFN Hawthorne, Gordon, Ross, Martin, Buchanan, McAdams, Jones


John Kirkpatrick was born in Galloway during 1779. Apparently he came to the United States just before 1800 as in, "Historic Camden,' page 388, it is reported that James Kennedy Douglas (1780-1860) was born in Minnegaff, Co. Galloway, Scotland. He came to America in 1800, on the inducement of a family friend, also a native of Scotland, JOHN KIRKPATRICK, then a successful merchant in Charleston, SC, with whom at first he accepted employment. He was naturalized 8 Aug. 1805 in Charleston, SC. He is listed in the 1810 SC census, both as John K. and as Kirkpatrick and Douglas. In the 1820 census is John K. with 1 M under 10; I M 16 to 26; 1 M 26-45 (probably John) and 1 F, 26 to 45 (wife). He is missing from the 1830 census but there is a John K. in the 1840 and 1850 censuses (likely his son). In the 1880 SC census there is a J. Douglas Kirkpatrick, a 54, b SC, and with wife Serena, a 47, b SC, and children, all b SC, John E. a 20, J. Douglas, jr., a 18, Sally, a 15, George, a 9 and a-cousin, C. S. Mathinson, a 20, b SC. By 1900, J. Douglas, a 40, b SC, is in AL with a wife and three children.

AFN Mathinson


David Killpatrick, surgeon, signed his will on 16DE1721 and died the same day. He was residing in Charlestown, Berkeley Co., SC at the time of his death. The only named family member in the will is a son, James, who received one shilling. Friends John Perry and Joseph Heap received the remainder of David's estate. From names in the, "Register of the St. Phillips Parish," the son, James K. m Elizabeth Hepworth on 4 May 1727. Children were: William, b 25NO1727; Anne, b 05JAI729, d 14MY1730; Thomas, a child, d 08JL1738; Mary, d 23SE1746; there may have been other children not listed in the parish register and William has not been traced. They lived in in Charleston, SC where James owned and traded property. By 1753, Dr. Kilpatrick was living in London, England (he was also referred to as Kirkpatrick) and had made arrangements to sell his SC property. It appears that his wife and children may have died before 1753 and this may have been a factor in his move to London.

AFN -- Hepworth


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