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from KIRK. NL, v. VI, #3

Introduction to TN-1 thru TN-12 -- We have no records for the entry of Gil/Kil/Kill/Kirkpatricks directly into Tennessee prior to 1800. Therefore the entries for TN are for families (of 3 gen.) who moved from other states, such as VA. All families found in TN will be assigned a TN code, and followed by the code for the state where the family was first located (documented).


John Hugh Kirkpatrick, b 1741, m Jane Wilkins of Donegal Twp., Lancaster Co., PA,ca 1760. John Hugh and Jane K. settled first in Augusta Co., VA (later Rockingham Co., VA) where they remained until 1778 when they moved to Bulls Gap, Jefferson Co., TN. Ch were David, b 1760; Marriah, b 1762; Hugh, b 1763; Rachel, b 1765; John, b 1766; Jacob, b 1771; James, b 1773; Wilkins, b 1775; & Hannah, b 1779. These names and dates were taken from a list prepared by E. Spears McCullough, dated March 25, 1958. Records to substantiate these dates have not been located and Paul Arnot (dec.) pointed out certain inconsistencies in the early history (see KNL, V.III, #3, pp 10-14). More recently, Michael Hendrix has located data (this issue, pp 52-58) which suggests that the John Kirkpatrick, m Martha Buchanan, is not in the PA-8 line, as indicated on previous charts (see KNL, V.III, #3, pp 14-15).

AFN -- Wilkins, White, Smith, Weaver, Samples, Stevenson, Hill, Hoskins, McDonald


Robert Kirkpatrick was b 26OC1763, about 50 miles from Camden, SC, He d 02AP1841 in Cooper Co., MO and is buried in the New Lebanon Cemetery, Cooper Co., MO. His wife was Martha b 10MR1765 and they m 10NO1785. He was a pensioned soldier of the Revolutionary War and is known to have lived in SC, NC, Jackson Co., TN and then Cooper Co., MO. He received a land grant in Greene Co., TN for his Rev. War service. We have been unable to find the names or origin of his parents, though some researchers have attached him to the NC-4 line in Mecklinberg Co., NC. There is no known documentation for the proposed NC-4 connection. There were 11 children born between 1786 and 1807 (8 girls & 3 boys) though the only one traced is Finis Ewing, b 06JL1807, TN. Finis Ewing married three times and had four children. Sarah Elizabeth, b 22JAI841, was a daughter by his second wife, Eleanor Neal. Recall that Olson Gray Twidwell m first Elizabeth Heath, dau of Levi and Mary (Wilson) Heath. Elizabeth d 1894 in Wayne Co., MO and Twidwell m second Sarah Elizabeth Kirkpatrick (from PA-18, KNL, v. III, #3, p 64).

AFN -- Gott, Neal, Jackson


At this time we are unable to place, in family groups, all of the various Kirkpatricks with the given name of John who lived in the Nashville, TN area ca 1790 (see the notes at the bottom of page 58). In particular, there is the John K. charged with the development of the salt licks (H-2), a Salt Commissioner, and one who drowned in crossing a stream while on a salt inspection mission (and other items such as H-1, H-3 & H-4). Often, in a complex situation such as with the Nashville area, we find upon closer inspection that there are more K. families than are suggested by initial research (for example, the NC-4 and PA-8 families, see KNL, v.V, #1,2) A John K. married Martha Buchanan on 06SE1789 and they are considered as the progenitors of the TN-3 family. Children (from H-42): Henry, b ca 1790; Samuel J., b ca 1792; Elizabeth (Betsey), b ca 1795; Cynthia, b ca 1796; Jennie, b ca 1800; John, 14MR1802; & Thomas Jefferson, b ca 1804. The father, John K., d AU1806 and the children, all minors, and Williamson Rice were named in a suit over certain property, H-42 & H-43. Williamson Rice was from Caswell Co., NC (adjacent to Orange Co., NC) which suggests the remote possibility that John K. is connected to the NC-5 family.

AFN -- Buchanan, the relationship with other families, such as Shannon, (or PA-8) is not clear at this time.


This is a small file which WRK initiated and which he believed would connect to an earlier K. family. The file is presented as a query to see if someone can find a connection for Robert F. or Nolan Burger K. Robert F. Kirkpatrick was b SE1851 in TN and he m Nancy _ , who was b FE1859 in MO. In 1880 they were living in Cooper Co., MO and by 1900 they were in Leesville Twp., Henry Co., MO. Children were: Noland Burger, b 24AU1878; Laura, b AP1882; Beulah, b AP1884; Claud, b SE1888; Frank, b JE1891; & Lee, b OC 1899.

AFN -- Morris


Alexander Kilpatrick was a taxpayer in 1779 in Orange Co., NC (Orange Co. was created in 1752, however, other counties were subsequently created from Orange Co. such as Alamance, Guilford & Caswell). He is listed as Alexander Kirkpatrick in the 1790 substitute census (the census for Orange Co., NC was lost) and the family has subsequently used the Kirkpatrick spelling. He received a 640 acre grant in NC, TN since 1796, for NC Militia service as a private in the Revolutionary War. Before 1800, Alexander and most of his family had moved to Sumner Co., TN, though the part of Sumner south of the Cumberland River (where Belle Isle was located) became Wilson Co. in 1799. Alexander m Jane Stewart and children (all b NC) were: Samuel, b ca 1765,-m Hannah Woods (and remained in NC); James, b 1768, m Mary Stewart; John, b 1770, m Ann Clendening; Hugh, b 1774, m Isabella Stewart; David, b 1780, m Rebecca Stewart; Elizabeth, m Richard Anderson; Margaret, b 1784, m Robert Taylor; Joseph, b 1786, m 1) Jane Motheral & 2) m Charity Hodge. Joseph, who built the Belle Isle mansion, served in the War of 1812 as a Sgt. under Andrew Jackson (though Joseph was referred to as Col.).

AFN -- Stewart, Woods, Clendening, Anderson, Taylor, Motheral & Hodge


Alexander Kirkpatrick, b cal735, is the progenitor of the Kirkpatrick family in Anderson Co., TN. He was living in VA (now WV) at the time his brother, Roger, died, 1797, and then moved south to the present Anderson Co., TN (Anderson Co. was formed from Knox Co. in 1801). Alexander and Mary K. bought land from Andrew Jackson, the land was located on the north side of the Clinch River in Anderson Co., TN. Deed records in Anderson Co., TN suggest that Alexander d ca 1806 and that Mary lived until ca 1825. Military service in the Revolutionary War is likely since there was both an Alexander Kilpatrick and Alexander Kirkpatrick in Capt. Thomas Smith's Company of Augusta Co., VA. Children were: Robert S., b 1792, VA, m Sarah R. King; James, b 1793, VA, m Susannah Lewellyn; John, d 1838, McMinn Co., TN, m Peggy - ; Ann (or Anne) m William Hogshead, 09JA1798. Alexander's father, Charles Kilpatrick, made a will, dated IIMY1767, and proven at Staunton, Augusta Co., VA on 18AU1767. He left his estate to his wife, Elizabeth; sons, Roger and Alexander; daughter, Elizabeth; and sons-inlaw, John Hogshead and Robert Cunningham. Their daughters were: Elizabeth; Sarah, m Rev. Samuel Davis, she d 15SE1757; Ann m John Hogshead; Martha, m Robert Cunningham; & Jean, m William Cunningham. There is a will for one son, Roger Kilpatrick, b ca 1735. His will was signed 15JE1797 and proved at Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co., VA (now WV) in OC1797.

AFN -- Henderson, Smith, Lewllyn, King, Hogshead


Charles Kirkpatrick married Nancy Boyd in Rock- bridge Co., VA in OC1791. William Boyd's permission for his daughter, Nancy, to marry Charles is dated 17OC1791 and witnessed by James Skeen and Robert Boyd. Charles and Nancy (Boyd) K. were established in Blount Co., TN between 1794 and 1800, as their son Thomas was b in VA in DE1793 and Charles is listed in the 1800 tax list of Blount Co., VA. Using information from the will of Charles, dated 01MR1826; material from the The Knoxville Sentinel; Blount Co., TN court records; Rockbridge Co., VA marriage records; Bible records; & Federal Census Records; the children were: Thomas, b 22DE1793, d 22JA1862, m 1) Winiver Brown, 03MR1825 & 2) Nancy Kirkpatrick, 18SE1845; Sarah, b 07JAI797, d 09JAI845, m Benjamin Cunningham, 14JA1818; James, b 03NO1798, d 12FE1845, m Elizabeth Sheddon, 24SE1844; Andrew, b 17FE1801, d JE1862; Elizabeth, b ca 1808, d 1885, m John Hafley, OIDE1837; Nancy, m Joseph Brown, 13DE1832; & Polly, m Robert Donalson, 1514Rl827.

Very little is known about the early Kirkpatrick family in VA. Thomas Kerr K., a descendant, supplied certain items of family tradition but no supporting documentation. He said that Andrew K., the father of Charles, was born in IRE, ca 1725, that he came to America ca 1750 and settled in what is now Rockbridge Co., VA. Further, he said that Andrew may have married Sophia Wiley who was also b in IRE. Children were: Andrew, jr., b ca 1759; Charles, b 1762, see above paragraph; Robert, b 31DE1764, m Ann Davidson, 1799 (this line traced); Benjamin, b ca 1766; & James, b ca 1769. Andrew, sr. d in 1772 and left a will which makes no mention of daughters.

AFN -- Boyd, Davidson, McKemy (or McKemie), Brown, Cunningham, Sheddon, Hafley (various spellings), Donalson


Charles Kirkpatrick was born in 1788 in/near Staunton Augusta Co., VA and moved to TN by 1808. In 1816 he married Harriet L. Churchwell & they migrated to Pike Co., MO by 1821 and then to Fulton Co., IL by 1830, where he farmed until his death in 1863. He had a brother Arthur, who ran a store in Clinton, Anderson Co., TN and then moved to St. Clair Co., MO. Both Charles, 2nd Lt., and Arthur, private, enlisted IOJAI814 in Capt. Andrew Braden's Company, under Col. Samuel Bunch, of East Tennessee Militia. Children of Charles and Harriet (Churchwell) K. were: Elizabeth, b 1817; Martha, b 1818; Jane R., b 1821; Charles Alexander, b 23JLI823; Robert, b 1825; Desdamona, b 1828; Mildred, b 1830; Washington A., b 1833; Mary, b 1834; & Laura, b 1839/40. Arthur K., b 1796, TN had a wife, Permelia Galbraith ?, and they lived in Clinton, Anderson Co., TN until 1843 when they moved to 140. Children from the 1860 census were: James, b 1841; William, bl842; Mary A., b 1845; A. T. (m), b 1846; John B., b 1849; Isabella, b 1851; M. E. (f), b 1853. Another son is identified in a deed as Alexander A. The TN-6/VA-6 family originated in the same area of VA as this TN-8/VA-4 family and both moved to Anderson Co., TN. It is likely there is a close relationship between these two families (cousins ?) presently undefined. Since Arthur K. was b in TN in 1796, the VA-4 family must have moved to TN and this family has not been identified. Perhaps the VA-4 family was close to the Churchwells, who were located about two miles from Knoxville.

AFN -- Churchwell, Galbraith, Ross


Charles Kirkpatrick, jr., b 1764, m Sarah Edington, 1791. According to a letter written by Dr. J. E. Kirkpatrick, M.D., in 1899, Charles, jr. and family first moved to the Hiwassee Purchase in northern GA and then to East Tennessee, county of Monroe, by 1826 (not in the 1820 census of TN). In the year 1827 they moved into KY but immediately, 1828, moved over to Morgan Co., IL and in the spring on to nearby Ursa in Adams Co., IL. Charles d at Ursa, IL in 1833. Children of Charles, jr. and Sarah (all b VA so move to GA was after 1814) were: Mary, b ca 1793; Charles, b ca 1796; David, b 1799; John, b 1802; Nellie, b ca 1804; James E., b ca 1809 (the letter writer); Nancy, b ca 1806; Jessie Milton, b 1812; & Lee Ann, b ca 1814. Charles K., sr. located in Rockbridge Co., VA in ca 1750 where in 1767 he purchased a farm on Whistle Creek. His will, made and probated in 1795 in VA, mentions his wife, Agnes; sons John and Charles, jr. and a dau, Elizabeth.

AFN -- Wiley, Edington, Cox


About 1844 ELIJAH, son of HUGH & MARTHA (NELSON) KIRKPATRICK of Guilford Co, NC moved his family of 3 sons and 2 daughters to McNairy CO,TN. He was born in 1800, was married 16 Jun 1822 in Guilford Co. to PATSEY HARRIS who died there before the 1840 census In the 1850 census of McNairy CO,TN he was living with a ROWN family and by the 1860 census he was not there, having died or living elsewhere, so far not discovered. ELIJAH & PATSEY's first child was 'JAMES MOSES b.8 Apr 1824 NC, d.12 Aug 1909 TN, m. #1 11 Mar 1851 MARGARET YOUNG,.TN & #2 15 Mar 1857 MARY F. SMITH, TN. Before the 1830 census, ca 1826 & 1828, 2 daughters were born. Their 2nd son was CHARLES HUGH b.8 Aug 1830 NC, d.6 Feb 1907 TN, m MARY A. ELIZ. YOUNG, 6 children, TN. Their 3rd son was WILLIAM ELIJAH b.7 Aug 1832 NC, d.4 Jan 1913 TN, m.8 Jan 1874 MARTHA L.BARHAM, TN. ELIJA,H's father, HUGH, was the son of WILLIAM & SARAH (RUTH) KIRKPATRICK, 1765 MD, d.1832 Guilford CO,NC, 1790 MD MARTHA NELSON. Both parents died in NC. In 1805/6 HUGH bought a farm on Reedy Fork Creek of the Haw River in Guilford Co. where he & MARTHA Faised their children. MD-PC-3 is the code designation of the family of WILLIAM & SARAH (R TH) KIRKPATRICK. Mary S. Martin & Grace Webster supplied the data about the TN branch.

AFN -- Ruth, Nelson, Harris


Samuel, John and Edward Morehead Kirkpatrick, sons of Francis & - K., were b in SC but migrated to Jackson Co., TN. The date of the move(s) to TN is not known. Edward Morehead K. m Clarissa Ferris in Jackson Co., TN on 18OC1812. John & K. had a son, Edward Singleton, b 22FE1810 in Jack-son Co., TN. The reader is referred to item #1 of the Bib. for the names etc. of the children. The number of children were: Samuel & Jane (Steele) K., 5; John & _ , 1, & John & Sarah (Tinsley) K., 11; & Edward M. & Clarissa (Ferris) K., 7 & Edward M. & Amy (Silkwood, Stroud) K., 3.

John & Jane (Hope) Kirkpatrick were m ca 1791 and lived in SC until ca 1798. Before 1800, John & Jane & family accompanied John's stepmother and husband, Francis Dodds, to the Suggs Creek area, just east of Nashville, TN. Limited information indicates they travelled south to GA, where other SC-2 family members lived, and then took the Hiwassee Indian trail across TN to the Nashville area. Enroute, Francis Dodds died at Spencer's Hill (near present day Spencer, TN). The Sugg's Creek Church record lists 11 children for John & Jane K. (see Bib. item #1).

Two other children of Francis Kirkpatrick, not listed in the last issue, also migrated to TN. These were Robert K. and William Thomas K. Robert K. was born in Camden District, SC, 19JAI754, and it is believed he is the son of Francis K. He married Mary Campbell. He died in Jackson Co., TN in 1835. His service in the American Revolution as a private soldier in the SC militia seems well documented. His account at the National Archives, File #Sl845, granting him a pension in 1832 gives considerable detail. Robert and Mary (Campbell) K. had eight children including Amos. The difficulties encountered in settling the estate of Amos K., d 09SE1861, are described on pages 68-73 of this issue.

William Thomas K. was born after 1784 and on 30JAI799, the Court of Chester Co., SC, appointed Charles Gillmore as his guardian. According to Jewel, William Thomas K. went to Sumner Co., TN after his father's estate was settled. Reviewing the available TN census records and tax lists there is no very positive trail to be found for William Thomas K. The 1805 Tax List for Davidson Co., TN, shows a a William K. for 1805 and the Sumner Co., TN, tax list for 1811 shows two by the name of William. Perhaps someone else has had more success in tracing William T. K. ?

AFN -- Ferris, Steele, Tinsley, Silkwood, Campbell


Robert and Elizabeth (Guiering) K. and family moved into Greene Co., NC (TN after 1796) in 1791. Robert K. was appointed a Constable for the County of Roane in 1801 (Roane Co. was formed in 1801 from Knox & Blount Cos. and Knox had been formed in 1792 from Greene & Hawkins Cos.). Robert d (age ca 55) shortly before MR1803 as evidenced by the appointment of his wife, Elizabeth, and Solomon Geron as administrators of his estate (it is likely that Solomon was Elizabeth's brother). The estate was not settled until 1817 as at that time money was paid to Elizabeth; four sons, Lewis, John, Edward and Daniel; & also to Thomas Sumpter. After much effort a partial listing of the children, with approximate birth dates, follows: Susannah, b 1770, m Joseph Geron; Lydia, 1773, m Thomas Sumpter; Mary, 1776; Lewis, 1780, d TX; John, b 1781, m Mary Hampton; Edward, b 1783, m Mary Jones; Daniel, b 1784, m Margaret Shadden; Martin, b 1790, m Ann Bayless; Robert, b 1792, m 1) Rachel Bayless, & 2) Ann (Bayless) Kirkpatrick.

AFN -- Guiering (var. sp.), Sumpter, Hampton, Jones, Shadden, & Bayless


In the 1790 Census Camden/Chester SC there is a Felex Kilpatrick with 1M>16, IM<16 and 3F and he does not appear again in SC Census Records. The census records are not available for 1800 & 1810 TN, however, the early tax lists show a Felix Kirkpatrick in Maury Co., TN 1811, (the listings for Kilpatrick were not copied). In the 1820 TN Census there is a Felix Kilpatrick in Williamson Co., TN with: 020001101001 (the oldest M is in the >45 bracket); in the 1830 Census record there is (the same) Felix Kirkpatrick in Williamson Co., TN with: 00101001/000000001 (the oldest M is in the 50-60 bracket and the oldest F is in the 60-70 bracket). Information from a member shows that Felix was b 07FE1770 (consistent with the above census data) and d 1838. His wife's name is given as Sarah Stephenson, b 28JAI776, d 1840. They had two sons and a daughter: 1) Thomas Elihu, 2) William Jehiel, & 3) Selina Polly. According to the U.S. Census records of Tallahachie Co., MS, for the year 1850, William Jehiel K. was born in SC, however, Felix K. is not shown in the 1800 census for SC.

AFN -- Stephenson


A. -- Thomas Kirkpatrick was a native of VA and in early life came to East TN. A son, James T. Kirkpatrick, b 1840, TN d 1916, m Ianna Foushee, they had 8 children: Thomas, Joseph, Walter, Albert Lafayette, J. Claude, Earl B., Harrell, & Alice. James T. was a veteran of the Civil War and then farmed in GA. There is a Thomas K. in the 1830 census for Blount Co., TN with children: 2F<5 and 1M<5, the parents are in the 20 to 30 age bracket. James T. K. is found in Crawfish Springs, Walker Co., GA in the 1880 census with a daughter, Claudia, age 1, b GA.

B. -- James Kirkpatrick was b 1808 in VA and moved to TN where he d at Granville, TN. He m Nancy Hamilton, b 1818 also VA and she d in TN. Children were Milton, b 1843; Sarahi, 1845; Amos, b 1849 @ Granville, TN and d 1930 @ Fort Worth, TX & he m Viola Pate; Martha, b 1853, @ Granville, TN & m james K. Polk; and Bradford. (from Jane K. Henshaw)

C. -- From information in the 1850 MO census, Thomas Kirkpatrick was b 1795 in TN and lived (1850) in Chariton Twp., Randolph Co., MO. He m Mary _____, b KY, in ca 1830 and they had children (all b MO & with ages in 1850): Romulus, 17; Remus, 16; Loucilla, 12; Lurilla, 10; Anna, 8; Mary B., 6; --- las, 4; & Thomas, 1112.

D. -- William Kirkpatrick was b 07JE1802 in TN and moved to Simpson Twp., Johnson Co., MO in ca 1850 where he d 26JAI862. In 1850 a water mill fell into the hands of William K. and he converted it to a steam mill and eventually his son, A. K. took over the mill. From History of Johnson Co., MO 1881, p 636 & includes a county map with the mill marked.

E. -- Alfred Kirkpatrick was b 1800, TN, and was in Sumner Co., TN in 1850. He m Elizabeth, b 1806, TN, and their children were: David S., b 1829, Lebanon Wilson Co., TN, d 1908; George Donald, b 08AP1834 Wilson Co., TN, d 25NO1901, OK (I.T.) & m Nancy A. Webb, b 1840, AR, m ca 1862, 9 children; Martha A., b 1857, TN ; William A., b 1845, TN, served in Union Army in Civil War. WRK could not find Alfred K. in the PA-8 file and the editor could not find him in the TN-5/NC-5 file. from William R. Kirkpatrick (dec.) files.

F. -- Memphis, TN area -- Viola says that her husbands Kirkpatricks come from the Memphis, Shelby Co., TN area. John K. is buried at the El Bethel Churchyard, near Barretville, TN which is 15-20 miles NE of Memphis. This from Viola Kirkpatrick. We need more information, ed.

G. -- John Gaston, b 19AP1779, Chester Co., SC, d 21OC1855, Wilcox Co., AL, m MARY KIRKPATRICK. Mary, b 03AU1789, Jackson Co., TN, d 26SE1841, Wilcox Co., AL. Both buried Old Shell Creek Cemetery, Wilcox Co., AL. Children: Hugh G. II; Martha, m lst to JAMES KIRKPATRICK, m 2nd to Wash Bell; Celine G.; Robert KIRKPATRICK G., b 23JLI812, Jackson Co., TN; John G. IV; Ebenezer G.; Elizabeth Jane G.; Thomas Alexander G.; & David Finis G.; from American Descendants of John "Jean" Gaston compiled by Max Perry, 1994, 405 pages incl. index, see pp 99-100.

H. -- TN-3 Note: Record of John KIRKPATRICK Mahon's maternal grandparents and their children. These dates appear to be more accurate than those listed under 1.5.7 of PA-8 file prepared by WRK. Thomas Jefferson Kirkpatrick, b 11JAI806, d 01MR1844; m Ann Dobbing (Dobbins b 12MR1809, d 03MR1899; children: John Alexander, b 22DE1826, d 11JLI868; Hugh Templeton, b 30NO1828, d 30NO1864, killed in battle at Franklin, TN; Mary (Polly) Ann, b 15MR1831, d 29DE1922; Martha Jane, b 15JAI833; Robert Baker, b 22DE1834, d 15DE1861, d in army camp 27JL1854; James Monroe, b 14JE1841, d 30JE1868; & Nancy Thomas, b 12JA1844, d 28JL1844, This information found in a file folder, 'KIRKPATRICK" from the Dallas Public Library -- downtown branch and forwarded to the KA by Bob Williams of Alexandria, VA.

I. -- From letters in TAR -- We have long been searching for the ancestors of David Kirkpatrick of Zanesville, OH who removed to Chattanooga, TN. His father was Thomas. Said to have been in the Mexican War, 1848. s/Dexter North - Also - My mother was Kate Hays Kirkpatrick, born in Zanesville, OH, but removed to Chattanooga, TN with her father, David, who married Nancy Saria Wells. My ggf was said to have married a woman named Adair and he was born in PA. s/ Mary Lou Kirkland -- from TAR, v.V & v.Vl, May-June 1931

J. -- Jane (Jinny) Kirkpatrick married John Willis in Sumner Co., TN, 26FE1806. Marie B. Thurston has a copy of of the marriage bond which is signed by John Willis & Wallace Kirkpatrick. A review of the TN-5/NC-5 file does not show a Jane (Jinny) or Wallace. This family went to IL and perhaps lived in Gallatin Co., IL, and later moved to Nauvoo where John is said to have died in 1834. They and their children became Mormons and some of his children are said to have taken the trek with Joseph Smith to Utah where Jane (K.) Willis supposedly died.

K. -- Another Sumner Co., TN marriage was that of Elizabeth Kirkpatrick as second wife of David Dement, 05NO1805. In 1817-18, David and Elizabeth, along with the children of both of his marriages moved to Franklin Co., IL where he died by 1820. This information from Betsy Keefe, editor of the "Bits of Dements" quarterly. From KNL, v.I, #4, p 66.


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