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There are two versions of the early history of the Thomas Kirkpatrick, to America in 1738, family. The first version is by Thomas Kerr Kirkpatrick and was published as a letter to the editor in TAR (The American Register) in March 1930, V.IV, #46, pp 13-14.

"I gather some light from "Chalkley's Court Records of Augusta County. Virginia." and from "The History of Rockbridge County." This Benjamin and Samuel were sons of Thomas Kirkpatrick of Kerr's Creek, Rockbridge County, but at that time a part of Augusta County. He owned a large plantation and was a large grower of hemp. He died about 1782, and part of his plantation went to a son John. who left his share of the estate to his son, Thomas. Jr. This Thomas, Jr., sold the land to his Uncle Benjamin. From other records I've learned Thomas, Sr., had other children, i. e., James, Thomas, Elijah, Elisha, Samuel, and several daughters. These sons drifted to Ohio. Kentucky. Tennessee. Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas. - Pennsylvania as they reached maturity. or when they married."

The second version is the compilation of Glen E. Kirkpatrick, youngest son of James Taylor Kirkpatrick, who resided at Lamar, CO. According to this tradition, Thomas Kirkpatrick and four brothers travelled from Scotland to Ireland. It continues that in 1738, Thomas and one of his brothers came to America and settled in Virginia. Thomas apparently married in Ireland for his wife gave birth to a son, Samuel, in the same year, 1738, that they arrived in Virginia. Another researcher has identified a second son, Thomas. Only one son, of Samuel, Adam, b ca 1770 and in 1840 living with son Thomas, and one possible daughter, Mary, have been identified for Samuel and his unknown wife. Adam and his first wife, Rosanna Patton, had 14 children and 4 by his second wife, Sally Findley Reed.

The 1858 map (a small section of the full VMI map) on page 30, shows Kerr's Creek, Whistle Creek and the New Monmouth Church, all located northwest of the town of Lexington. The 612 acre plot of Robert K. is a few miles further north of Lexington and close to the land of Andrew K., VA-3, according to Thomas Kerr K., page 29. However, the Robert K. land, 612 acres, is not on Whistle Creek, as stated by Thomas Kerr K., but is on Cedar Grove Creek. There is still some confusion among the three sources, two maps and Thomas Kerr K.

The presence of Charles K., VA-7, on Whistle Creek, and Thomas K., VA-5, on nearby Kerr's Creek I as well as Andrew K., VA-3, and Robert K. (612 acres) not far away suggests a close family relationship. The presence of the AFN (allied family name), Wiley, in both VA-3 & VA-7 also implies close ties.

AFN -- Mc Neil, Patton, Reid, Mitchell


Charles, b ca 1785 and m 1806 to Mary (Polly) Patton; John, b 20JA1785 in Rockbridge Co., VA, m Margaret (Peggy) Campbell.Charles was a private and died in the War of 1812. His friend, William Evans, then married his widow, Mary (Patton) Kirkpatrick. The families of John and William Evans lived in Brown Co., OH. It is not clear where this Charles and John "fit" into the other K. families in the Rockbridge/Augusta Cos. area of VA but may show that not all K. families have been identified.

AFN -- Campbell, Patton, Evans


This is the family line of Thomas Kerr Kirkpatrick, age 76 in 1927, of Richmond, MO. His research indicated that Andrew Kirkpatrick was born ca 1725 in Ireland and died ca 1772 in VA. Andrew married Sophia (?) Wiley, also b in Ireland. Thomas Kerr K. estimates that they came to America in 1750 and settled in what is now Rockbridge Co., VA (then Augusta Co.). Children were Andrew, jr., b ca 1759; Charles, b 1762; Robert, b 31DE1764; Benjamin, b ca 1766; and James, b ca 1769. This Charles, b ca 1762, married Nancy Boyd and d ca 1828 in Blount Co., TN. Thomas Kerr K. was in the line of Robert, m Ann Davidson, 1799. They remained in Rockbridge Co., VA.

AFN -- Boyd, Davidson, Thompson, Mc Kemy (also sp Mc Kemie)


Charles Kirkpatrick was born in 1788 in Staunton, Augusta Co., VA and moved to TN by 1808. In 1816 he married Harriet L. Churchwell and they migrated to Pike Co., MO by 1821 and to Fulton Co., IL by 1830, where he farmed until his death in 1863. He had a brother Arthur, who ran a store in Clinton, Anderson Co., TN and then moved to St. Clair Co., MO. There was a John K. who served in the same military unit in the War of 1812 as Charles and Arthur and may have been a brother. Children of Charles and Harriet (Churchwell) K. were 1) Elizabeth, b 1817; 2) Martha, b 1818; 3) Jane R., b 1821; 4) Charles Alexander, b 23JL1823; 5) Robert, b 1825; 6) Desdamona, b 1828; 7) Mildred, b 1830; 8) Washington A., 1833; 9) Mary, b 1834; & 10) Laura, b 1839/40. The VA-6 family originated in the same area of VA as the this VA-4 family and some also moved to Anderson Co., TN. It is likely there is a close relationship between the VA-4 and VA-6 families, presently undefined.

AFN -- Churchwell


According to TAR, John Kirkpatrick located on Buffalo Creek, in Rockbridge Co., VA. He is listed as an immigrant from Ulster, Ireland, but he must have been located elsewhere for some years as there were no immigrants from 1776 to 1781. His wife is unknown. Known children were (sons): James; Thomas, b 1790, VA; Louis; Samuel; William, b 23AP1789, VA, m Elizabeth Cline, ca 1815, he d 16DE1844, two sons went to Preble Co., OH, another descendant went to Cainsville, MO; Andrew.

AFN -- Cline


Charles Kilpatrick made a will, dated 11MY1767, and proven at Staunton, Augusta Co., VA on 18AU1767. He left his estate to his wife, Elizabeth; sons, Roger and Alexander; daughter, Elizabeth; and sons-in-law, John Hogshead and Robert Cunningham. Their daughters were Elizabeth; Sarah, m Rev Samuel Davis, she d 15SE1757; Ann m John Hogshead; Martha, m Robert Cunningham; and Jean, m William Cunningham.

There is also a will for son, Roger Kilpatrick, b ca 1735. His will was signed 15JE1797 and proved at Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co., (W)VA in OC1797. He left his estate to his wife, Jean; daughters, Nancy (Morris), Lettiss (Paul), Margaret (Bartin), & Jean. Sons were James and Thomas. Friends, Thomas Kilpatrick and John Hutchinson, served as executors. The line of son, Thomas, has been worked out in considerable detail by a descendant, Rev. Cyrus Orion Kirkpatrick, and published in TAR in 1931. The surname is spelled Kil and Killpatrick on many early documents but seems to be consistently Kirkpatrick after approximately 1800. During the Revolutionary War, there was a Roger Kilpatrick listed for Augusta Co., VA in Capt. Trimbles Company. Many in this branch moved from (W)VA to the northwest, OH and beyond.

While no will has been found for the other son of Charles, Alexander, also b ca 1735, he can be traced by various documents. Alexander is recorded in Augusta Co., VA as early as 1763 when he served as a witness, with Charles (his father ?) Kirkpatrick, to a Cunningham land transaction. Both surnames were recorded as Kirkpatrick at this early date. Alexander married, possibly for the second time, ca 1772, as Alexander and Mary Kilpatrick deeded land to George Moffet in 1776. It seems likely that Alexander lived on the "home place" until he moved over to Greenbrier Co., (W)VA, ca 1787, with his brother Roger. After Roger died in 1797 Alexander and family left Greenbrier Co, (W)VA, moved south to Anderson Co., TN, and bought land from Andrew Jackson. Deed records in Anderson Co., TN suggest that Alexander d ca 1806 and that Mary, possibly a second wife, lived until ca 1825. Military service in the Revolutionary War is possible since there is both an Alexander Kilpatrick and Kirkpatrick in Capt. Thomas Smith's Company of Augusta Co.,VA.

The family listing, for the branch of Roger Kilpatrick, as prepared by Cyrus Orion K. and published in TAR, contains over 400 names; and a listing for the branch of Alexander Kilpatrick, as prepared by the editor (GMK), contains more than 300 names.


Charles Kirkpatrick Sr., who located in Rockbridge Co., VA, in 1750, in that part of the county which still bears the distinguishing name of "The Pastures." In 1767 he purchased a farm on Whistle Creek, see map p 30, adjoining the tract owned by a Robert Kirkpatrick, and here he moved. His will, made and probated in 1795, mentions his wife, Agnes; sons John and Charles Jr., and a daughter Elizabeth. John married prior to 1795 and had a daughter, Elinor Wiley; Charles Jr. was b 1764, m Sarah Edington in 1791, d 1833 in Adams Co., IL. Elizabeth m Alexander Wiley in 1806. Children of Charles Jr. and Sarah were: Mary, b ca 1793; Charles, b ca 1796,; David, b 1799; John, b 1802; Nellie, b ca 1804; James E., b ca 1809; Nancy, b ca 1806; Jesse Milton, b 1812; Lee Ann, b ca 1814. Charles Jr. moved from VA to TN and then to IL.

AFN -- Wiley, Edington


The brothers, Thomas, d 1784-85, and John, d 1771, Kirkpatrick, were buyers, for export, of wheat and worked out of Alexandria, VA. Children were John, m Priscilla _ , and William, m Mary Feagan, who are placed in the line of John, d 1771, though the record is incomplete. Children of John and Priscilla K. were: Thomas, b 1780-85, m Mary Rookard in 1816; and William, b ca 1790, d ca 1826, m Serepta Crupper in 1816. Children of William and Mary K. were: William; Jailey, m Ben Peake; and Mary Ann, m Daniel Bruin. Many from this family lived in Fauquier and nearby counties of VA, while others migrated to IL, IA and states further north and west.

AFN -- Feagan, Rookard, Crupper, Peake, Bruin.


Thomas Kirkpatrick, map on page 30 --Thomas Kerr K. initially decided the Thomas K. at the western edge of Beverley Manor, map on page 30, and the Thomas K. of Kerr's Creek were the same, see last paragraph in first column on page 29. However, after some further study he concluded these were two separate families, TAR, vol. 4, MR1930, p 13-14. Thomas Kerr says, "He (Thomas K.) also had a son John, and other sons, but we find no Benjamin among them. This indicates that this Thomas was not the one who settled at Kerr's Creek in 1750."

AFN -- unknown


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