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The Kirkpatrick Genealogy web page is free, but relies on researchers for the information. I ask that you please support the Kirkpatrick Newsletter by joining, ordering back issues, and most importantly, submitting information to keep it alive. With little new information being sent in, it's in danger of shutting down, and is the best resource us Kil/Kirkpatrick's have!

This form is being offered as a free service to the Kirkpatrick Association, a not-for-profit group.

(Print the following form and send it with payment to the Kirkpatrick Association)

Kirkpatrick Association Membership form (via Kirkpatrick Geneology Web Page)


Name_________________________________________________ Date_______________


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Phone#/E-Mail add.(optional)______________________________________________

current 2002 MEMBER renewal, vol X. (1999-2002+) 1-2 issues of KA News$5
new MEMBER, vol X. (1999-2002+) & 1-2 issues of KA News$17
Additional contribution
BACK ISSUES (PBA= plastic binding, all-name index, soft cover)
Note: price increases to cover costs to reprint stock of back issues.
Vols. I & II, 89/90/91, 8 issues, PBA$20
Vol. III, 91/92, 4 issues, PBA$15
Vol. IV, 92/93, 4 issues, PBA$15
Vol. V, 93/94, 4 issues, PBA$15
Vol. VI, 94/95, 4 issues, PBA$15
Vol. VII, 95/96, 4 issues, PBA$15
Vol. VIII, 97, 3 issues with 104 pages, PBA$15
Vol. IX, 98, 140 pages, PBA$15
PA-7, Family File (James Kirkpatrick, b. 1746) 49 pages,
PBA with all-name & place index

Please return this sheet and payment
(make checks out to KIRKPATRICK ASSOCIATION) and send to:
KIRKPATRICK ASSOCIATION: P.O. Box 322; North Syracyse, NY 13212-0322


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