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One of my hobby is genealogy. One thing I learned from my grandfather, Bill Goad,from Mangum,Oklahoma, was concern for others and treating everyone equally. Several of his former employees were life long friends.Some are even friends of the family down the generations. It is great to hear stories from them about my grandparents. 

 Soon I would like to do some traveling and do some genealogy. . I have already visited White Co AR where my Goad ancestors lived. There is even a Goad Cemetary there that has a large number of graves of known relatives. Would like to see Itawamba Co,MS,Brown Co.,KS and Madison Co.,KY where my ancestors once lived. Some new Coleman and Thrower genealogist have contacted me. Welcome to the family!!

I have found that lot of my ancestors had family friends that  last several generations. Hopefully I will get to do that with some of the friends in my life. 

Linda Grennan
This last year I have found a lot of new things on the net. Able to locate long lost friends ,cousins and make several new friends. Also, found some distant relatives who are researching the same family surnames I am. For me personally,a very fulfilling year. Never know what you will be able to find on the net. Friends are so precious and I have found some rather special people. . Just want to tell them that their friendship means alot to me and I cherish each one. You know who you are so I will not name you..I also got to see my cousin that I had not seen in many years. Visit was short but very fulfilling for me. It was great to see her after so many years.

We lost a dear friend that we will always remember,Steve Patterson. For some who have followed my page for couple of years, this was the heart transplant patient I had a page for 2 years ago in October. He passed away Feb 1999 due to rejection. Steve was in our wedding and had been friends with my husband and his family since birth. Just want to let his family know that we will always remember him and cherish those memories.

I have also met some really great people thru #ÖkLãhômã and other channels on IRC ( You know who you are. Some are like family to me. I just want to say thank you for the friendship and kindness I found there. Hopefully our friendships will last a lifetime.Friends are more precious than gold in my book. Make sure you tell or show them that you appreciate them.This last year I found the best friend I have wanted to have all my life--I feel very greatful for this friendship.  All my friends are very special to me and you know who you are and my thanks goes out to each one of you.

Please have patience with me,I will update my page soon. My husband is a Gold server support person for Dell, based in Oklahoma City but I want to learn how to do web pages on my own. My husband, Mark, and I were high school sweethearts at Putnam City West High School (1975 and 1976), who later married in 1978. We have two kids - one son,Nathan, who is 26 and a daughter, Traci, who now is 15 yrs old. During this last year we have gotten involved in ham radio. I will be adding a ham page link in the near future and information on what repeaters we frequent. I got my callsign in Feb. 1998. Mine is KD5DJE. I am a no code technican.

This slideshow is some of the pictures taken over the last month. I will change the pictures on it from time to time.

Here is a list of interesting sites I have found while surfing the net. Please visit these sites and let me know if you like them or dislike them. If you have found an interesting site, just leave me email at the address below or click on my name under my picture. I love getting email. .Also please me email if you find any of these links not working.
Thanks to a fellow Patriot another reunion site has been found.World Alumni . There are already a few us registered there already. Check it out.Thanks Tami Hudspeth-Silva.

One of my favorite song is Colour My World!!! Found this official Chicago band site A Sweepstakes page
A site that has a large list of virtual email sites. Most are free. Includes flowers,cards,postcards and gifts.

Found this site that has good list of information sites and useful links. Also make sure to check out her mom's site too. Both here at geocities!

If you are building a web page, this is an excellent site for information. Good for either the novice or a webmaster. Has icons, graphics, web tools, backgrounds for PC's and or Mac's. This site is updated often and I'm always finding something new and interesting. Glad to see someone gathering needed information.

Have found this site here at Geocities that have graphics and icons including some for holiday decorating of your web site.

If you are looking for backgrounds and or wallpaper, check Robert Brooks site out. He is one of the new found friends that I met thru the Sunnyd contest. Very helpful.

This site has lot of information. It has free stuff, contests, sweepstakes, coupons, etc. If you are also a genealogy buff, like I am, this is one of many pages you need to visit.She has a large list of genealogy sites and resources to check out. So I won't duplicate them here.

Looking for a new car. Check out Saturn. We bought one and love it. Looked at several cars and were impressed with the way we were treated. My grandfather was a small town Pontiac dealer for many years and this is the only dealer that I feel comfortable and welcome. Very reasonable prices. Not high pressure.Any questions please email me. No, I don't work for them, just like their product. We've had ours for 3 years.If you live on Oklahoma City area here is the local Saturn dealership. My Mom bought hers last year and is loving it.

Interested in our Heartland Community? Visit the Heartland Community Leader's page. Has some interesting information.Graphics that can be used on Geocities,links to official newspaper,cool sites,etc.

Found a site that contains hot air ballooning pictures. This is one of my family's hobbies.

Got to check Hansen Design. I won a gemstone from them. It is a jewelry site but has lots of links to rockhounds,collectors and related subjects. They normal have a monthly contest but currently is has been canceled. Visit their site for the explaination.. Make sure to stop by and send them email..

One of our family's favorite music artist's is John Tesh. He has written some really wonderful scores. Visit his site for information on his tour,news and even contests to win free merchandise and other things.I got to attend one of his concerts in Oklahoma City and really enjoyed it. Hope to be able to see another one in the future.

Found a site  by a fellow oklahoman. It has some good links on it.Gayla's Garden.

The Widows Web Award is from Mary Broussard. Click on the award below to check her award page for other winners of this award. She gives these to site that set a good example to other webbers on the net. This is my first award and I am proud of it!

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I am proud to be a member of Web Prestige.
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