Welcome to "My Old Radios"!  Most the sets you will see at My Old Radios are currently scattered throughout my home. Fortunately for me, my wife likes the wood sets and a few consoles sitting around. But my heavy collecting days are coming to an end because of lack of space, not because I don't like to look for the old treasures!

        I began collecting the tube type radios in 1990. It was always a "wish" of mine to have a hobby like other people I knew, but until I discovered radios, there was never anything I was really interested in collecting or learning about. Though I had no previous education in electrical repairs, I was able to teach myself how the radio works and how to repair one. I also began experimenting with refinishing some of the really dilapidated cabinets. I began with the wood table models, especially drawn to the Cathedral and Tombstones, and gradually acquired many consoles and then the early 20ís sets. I believe the Cathedrals rather intrigued me with their design and name having somewhat to do with faith.  Since I am a Christian, I think I liked the Cathedralís shape and the "cross-like" designs on some of the grills. The earliest sets are fast becoming my favorites because they were the very beginnings of radio technology. In retrospect, their designs were simple, but state-of-the-art products of brilliant inventors and craftsmen. I really enjoy "lighting up" an old tube set!

The workmanship on the wood sets is beautiful and really quite remarkable. Radios are so mass produced today that there is no individual workmanship to appreciate.

I think America may miss that. This is one of the reasons that I enjoy restoring and repairing sets that have been long forgotten or neglected.


        Hopefully, I will be able to offer radios for sale or trade soon.  Keep checking this web page for updates.

I hope you enjoy your tour around "My Old Radios" and please feel free to send an email if you have any questions or comments about what you see here. Also, check out my "WANTED" list.

Phil Boydston
Old Radio Collector
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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