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Skittles the Basset Hound

This site is devoted to all our furry four legged friends, especially the Basset Hound. In that case, our four short legged friends! What does a Basset look like? Well, if you've seen one, you probably will never forget it! Bassets are typically about 15 inches in height, and weigh between 50 - 80 pounds as adults. They have very, very long ears and can be found in a wide variety of colors. They are basically big dogs on short legs!

Skittles (pictured above) was born on August 5, 1990 near Lodi, Ohio. She was the only female in a litter of 5. Since we wanted a female, she was the one we picked. Her brothers were all very handsome, though. Skittles is a considered a red and white Basset Hound. After six years, she is now sort or red, white and gray (around the face)! She is by far, the most interesting dog we have ever had...

UPDATE: I am sad to report that on November 18, 2001, my beloved Skittles died from bloat.I am grateful for the eleven years that I had with her...she will be dearly missed...

Traits Common Among Skittles and Other Bassets

    Skittles likes:
  • Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping...sometimes 18 or more hours a day!
  • Eating...pig ears, treats, chips, vegetables, fruit, meat, and just about everything!
  • Searching for food....chasing kids with any edible food!
  • Loving and being loved 24 hours a day...
  • Sun bathing, sleeping in the water-bed, under covers, or sleeping with her feet straight up in the air!

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