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What is Chitas?

Briefly, ChiTaS is an acronym which stands for Chumash, Tehillim, and Tanya.

  • Chumash is the Five Books of Moses aka the Pentateuch, namely Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.
  • Tehillim is the Book of Psalms
  • Tanya is a Kabbalistic (mystical) work.
  • Doing Chitas means that I complete these 3 works on a yearly cycle (Psalms on a monthly cycle), in synch with many others the world over.

    ? Why am I telling you about this? Because if you are interested in doing Chitas yourself, almost everything you need is available online.

    UPDATES - July 23, 1998: If you would like to receive via US Mail free Sefer Tehilim (Book of Psalms) e-mail your name and mailing address to Put *TEHILLIM* in the subject line of your request.

    If you would like to receive Tanya via email on a daily basis, check out or e-mail to for instructions on how to subscribe.

    If you wish to receive a free Chumash via postal mail, it may be possible. Email and ask him if he knows of an offer to receive a Chumash. I know he publicized such an offer over a year ago. (His home page is at

    For a very good, detailed explanation of the weekly parasha (no substitute for the real thing, but it is excellent and detailed), email and tell him that you want to subscribe to his torah tidbits. Or check out their (very high quality) home page at

    Email me for more information

    This page is significantly revised as of July 23, 1998, with Chabad contact information updated January 16, 2000. If you find any errors on this page, please contact me at

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