My favorite places to find software.

Download Netscape Now! or if you prefer Microsoft Internet Explorer.

For more information than you ever dreamed of about irc (Internet Relay Chat), including availability of clients, go to here, or go straight to the MIRC home page ( MIRC is a popular irc client for Windows. I use mirc. WARNING: It's addictive.

Check out SHAREWARE.COM. It's a very powerful search engine for SHAREWARE, and my favorite.

or check out OAK.OAKLAND.EDU. It's my friend Nathan's favorite SHAREWARE respository.

My Mom's favorite location to find Windows95 SHAREWARE is at TUCOWS. It is very well-organized site with a lot of good SHAREWARE organized by category, so that you don't need to think of a search keyword.

To nominate a shareware site, email me at

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