Hello my name is Eric, I'm 30 and live in Kitimat.
For those of you who do not know who I am here's a picture which you can click on to read about me.

About Eric

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Now I have a word(s) of the day you can listen to "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome"
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I live in Campbell River, I grew up in Kitimat and also lived in Terrace, Cold Lake and Lloydminster.

While you are here you might want to look at my new animation I call "LOVE".
Live in love always and do not lose heart; Love

If you want to see something extreme you may want to check out My "extreme" computer mods

Here are some of my favorite quotes that I wrote:

The words of the wise are heard by those with patient hearts, therefore the patient shall become wise.

Love isn't something you do for someone cause you have to. It's something you do for someone because you want to.

When a friend is gone and lost, there is always the hope for a new friend to shine their light upon the horizon.

Truth is full and complete, it's not just what you make of it.

Love for one another is what makes us charish one another as friends and family, without love
there would be nothing to live for but chaos and hatred; life would be game and nothing more.

Practice does not make perfect, it makes better.

My interests/hobbies are:

Getting to know people(do I know you?)
Taking Photos(I go digital)
Making home pages(wussup?)
Working with computers(so you don't have to)
Learning more about nature(Where are all the little birdes?)
Playing guitar(until my strings break)
Acting(like a nut)
Playing soccer(wanna race?)
Down hill skiing(fast is good)
Hiking(I better take a hike and end this page)

Here are some of my other pages I made:

My family and other nice pictures

housing sales page I made for your entertainment

Poems and really dumb stories I wrote

a bunch of small animations I made in 1996 and now new movies

Links to events photos and more in the vault

Tech review: Sapphire Threatrix TV tuner card

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