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Ye have entered thee "NoMaid" Vessel of Cinbad
~Lady Pirate~ Pic of me with a ship in the background

Smiley Greetings & Welcome

Thy Vessel the "NoMaid" is under permanent construction... Building a good vessel is hard work and...Ay' have been hardly working...Eh-hem, Excuse me....
Ay' have been working hard at dusting thy cobwebs and chasing out thee draft...
As ye can see, tis still alittle drafty and dusty.....

Still learning HTML and now there's Java! Going to try and learn what I can....
I have a bounty of ideas! Now, I have to devulge in a plan!
**CyberAches** I need more dubloons, schillings, sixpences! I be in need of the Grog, Ale, RUM! Arrrghhh!! Map making! Makes me head feel word-warped, and thy supplies they are bare! Money Bag


Do take note to also be careful while roaming the decks..You never know what you might stumble upon! *Teasing Winks*

And for those who believe they are so clever, I have a treasure chest hiding amongst thy pages...Think ye can find it?? Hehehe..

Oh and if'n ye decided this place ain't to yer can always jump back in the ocean and Swim back to the main road of "Heartland Neighborhoods" Whispers, "Do be careful of the Sharks and other Creatures ye might come across..*S*
Or ye can always take the Dingy to the neighborhood directory's not too bad a ride..*A pirate Grin*
Or ye can go back down the docks and into the Street I hear it can be dangerous walking the streets..*S* I wonder if it's as dangerous as the seas? Hahahahahaha.... Have fun Surfin' anyway ye decide to go..*S*

Pic of me and my friends at the Renaissance
~Set the sails...Man the tiller...Stand firm Gunner...As we shake the scurvy from our bones!~

Thy vessel has been sited times..*grinning* since Sept.96
You can send me

WBS..My favorite chatting place has free home pages also. I have a page there that has information on Zodiac Herbs.
Cinbad's information on ZodiacHerbs


Hear ye! Hear ye! The Lady Pirate is going to be Interviewed! By Shirley Bragg Of the Willow Hall What can you interview a pirate on? You ask...? Well, guess you'll be curious to find out then eh? hehehe..
Please, go check out this fantastic site. She has done other Interviews of people on the web as well! Also, the place does exsist in real time! Ah the Interview is up now.. Cinbad's Cyber Interview

Sword Bar

Thy Treasure sites... Me pirating skills are getting more sharper...*WG*:
Check out the incrediable Sites, I have dug up!!

I use this one alot in the chat

Tis hoping thy have not bored thee centsless......Ye are not really gonna check your pockets are YOU! *A Teasing Grin*
Ay' do enjoy playing.. Sword! And love it when I can find someone to amuse
meself with, and hopefully them too. It can be alot of laughs!! *silly grinning*
And if'n ye would like to chat with meself..well then ye can find thyself in the flirties...*wink* I mean of course the WBS, Thirty-Something's.
(I don't talk like this all the time either...What's that?... your glad??....Arrghhh..)...
Tis a great place to meet some fantastic people....Ay have had thee pleasure of meeting many fasanating people.
WBS has many different chat rooms. I be sure there tis somethin' fer ye...Check thee place out! Go on with ye..Ay' dare ye!!..
Ay' tis a pirate and ay' do know what tis good or bad..

*Wicked grin*Another fun one of me

~~Thee CyberMatey's~~

Here are a few people who go to flirties and some of them have there home pages here in the GeoCities!..*big smile*
Go take a are not afraid....are ye?..Hahaha
Here is the link to my cyberfriends

~~Thy Crew~~

Go ahead and enlighten yerself with a bit of info about thyself, and Crew!

Now don't be afraid, it's not all that bad! *Wicked Evil Laugh*

Prithee thee sign thy book of Seascrolls, I like to keep track of all thee people who view Me treasures...*suspicious look*..


Prithee do tell Ay' have made thee laugh at least..

Glamor Pic of me

Over here tis thee SeaChest of Precious Stones.....
Ay' tis a bragging Pirate-and likes to show off....Hmmmm well..Sometimes
Prithee do tell what tis thy favorite stone? Mine..tis thee Crystal and Bloodstone...
Does thy know what thy favorite stone means?.....
WHAT?? Never gave it a thought?..No? Never!?? Hmmmm...
Well read on and enlighten yerself fer a bit...Ye know, thy stone's true value
comes with how it makes thee wearer feel..*grin* Not thee price of it..

~~Thee Precious Stones~~

There are many different stones in here. And how they are known.
Go ahead and see what it says about a stone you like. *Grinning*

~~Zodiac Stones~~

*These are the Zodiac Birthstones, there's also the Month Birthstones..*

~~Thee Symbols~~

Have thee ever wondered what some Symbols meant? For instance a Ankh? Or the Skull and Crossbones? How about the arrowhead? Here, tis a list of the common ones,

Sign thy Book of Seascrolls? Leave a small treasure of thyself fer a bad ol shepirate like meself?

~~Thee Book of SeaScrolls~~

Here is thee Book of Seascrolls...I have managed to pillage a few signatures!! After all the trouble I had been having at keeping me signatures. I think this Book of Seascrolls will be staying around this time.
Which makes me a happy Pirate! And if'n ye would like to keep me that way! Then ye best get to signing me Book! I have much bragging to do!! And I need all I can get!

Sign thee SeaScrolls
View Thee SeaScrolls

Thank ye much....**SMILING**

I would also like to thank GeoCities for having pages like
these so people like myself can learn how to Build a web page
Great Place..Thanks **SMILE** And Thank *YOU* for taking the time to check me out... Well, Have fun surfin the CYBER SEAS..I know I do..**SMILE**

Created Sept. of "96"....Updated everytime I have learned something..*S*

Pic of me dressed like a Pirate

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