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The Badger Family at WDW

Disney Ramblings

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This page was our original Disney page. We've long since outgrown it. Our main page is the Countdown page. I've moved the jukebox and links sections of this page over there. Plus we have games, and more. Go on over and vist us there. This page is more personal with some of our family information and opinions. We've been to WDW since October of 1977. I remember standing in line for 4-6 hours for an attraction. A couple years later we stayed at Fort Wilderness. Hey they had a train to loop through the campground. I hate the busses they use now. If I wanted to camp in the city and smell busses, I would have. We have stopped using the campground, but did stay there for quit a few trips.
My favorite Disney Character is Figment. And my favorite ride is Star Tours. Of course, I love Journey into Imaginations! We like to people watch. It's fun to kick off your shoes, sit on the bench and watch. Or visit the campground and have a picnic lunch and watch the ducks. We like the simple things. Take a look at our trip report to see what turns us on.

Our future Plans

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As you can see from the banner, we're planning our next trip in Dec of 1997.
We've visited Disney about 14 times already. When we aren't at Disney, we love reading trip reports, if you have one, and would like it added to our trip report page, send us mail.
We're staying at the Polly for days, Contemporary Towers for 2 days, and Wilderness Lodge for 11, then on to Boardwalk Inn for 2 days. We love the Train and will take it round trip to Florida from New Hampshire.

Thanks for stopping by.
You can contact us by sending mail to The Badgers
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