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October 2008

Uruguay Soccer
Soccer and Uruguayan culture.

Estadio Centenario en Montevideo Uruguay

Futbol (Soccer) is the most important sport in Uruguay. Uruguay won an Olympic gold medal in 1924 and another one in 1928, which were considered the most important tournaments in soccer before the World Cup began in 1930, hence the four stars on the Uruguayan jersey. The first World Cup, which Uruguay won, was held in 1930 in Montevideo. The Estadio Centenario was built for the World Cup, and serves to this day as the country's main football stadium.

Uruguay were the first South American masters of the game. First they came to Europe and beat the Europeans at the Olympics, then they invited the Europeans to South America and beat them there as well - but this time it was for the first World Cup.

Then they re-emerged and won again, winning the World Cup in 1950, beating Brazil in Rio de Janeiro at MaracanĂ£ Stadium. The event has had astounding impacts on the history of the sport, and is known as the Maracanazo. The upset is a fact of which many Uruguayan soccer fans still boast. However, Uruguay still produces remarkable players, such as Alvaro "El Chino" Recoba, who currently plays for the Italian club team Inter Milan, and Diego Forlan who plays for Spanish League team Atletico Madrid.

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