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Uruguay: The Country
Find out why this diverse country represents the best of all worlds. Endless white-sand beaches, lonely stretches of scenic highway, breathtaking water views, wildlife preserves, and dazzling resorts...(Read More...)

With Love, Recipes from Uruguay
Uruguay is more than just Asado and Mate! Learn about the popular and national food and drinks in Uruguay, and find out how to make these great recipes...(Read More...)

Uruguay Public Holidays 2008

  • January 1 Ano Nuevo (New Year's Day)
  • January 6 Die de los Ninos (epiphany)
  • February 4 Carnival
  • February 5 Carnival
  • March 20 Semana Santa (Maundy Thursday)
  • March 21 Semana Santa (Good Friday)
  • March 23 Easter
  • April 19 Landing of the 33 Patriots Day
  • May 1 Dia de los Trabajadores (Labor Day)
  • May 18 Battle of Las Piedras Day
  • June 19 Dia del Nunca Mas (Jose Artigas Birthday)
  • July 18 Constitution Day
  • August 25 Dia de la Independencia (Independence Day)
  • October 12 Dia de la Raza - Sarandi Battle Day
  • November 2 Dia de los Muertos (All Soul's Day)
  • December 25 Navidad (Christmas Day)
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    Uruguay's Culture...
    Uruguay has an impressive legacy of artistic and literary traditions, especially for its small size.... learn about the main aspects of Uruguay's culture and traditions - food, family, and other fascinating factors that influence this country's strong unity. (Read More...)

    Uruguay: The birthplace of Tango
    Uruguay lays considerable claim to being the birthplace of tango; the most famous tango of all, La Cumparsita was written here in 1916 by Gerardo Matos Rodriguez and The King of Tango, Carlos Gardel, was born in the northern town of Tacuarembó....(Read More...)

    Uruguay Futbol...
    Soccer is the most important sport in Uruguay. Uruguay won an Olympic gold medal in 1924 and another one in 1928, The first World Cup, which Uruguay won, was held in 1930 in Montevideo. The Estadio Centenario was built for the World Cup, and serves to this day as the country's main football stadium.... (Read More...)

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