The Lion's Cross - rest for the weary web wanderer at a virtual Bed & Breakfast

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The virtual Bed and Breakfast of Mark & Terri Jordan

Terri and I love to travel and stay at nice romantic places, particularly in the mountains of Virginia. We've often talked about opening a bed and breakfast, but alas, that seems to be a dream that has thus far alluded us. We love having guests and entertaining in our home and assisting young couples in planning their weddings, honeymoons and getaways, so I came up with this web page as an outlet until we can have the "real" thing.

tree on hill

I tried to fashion this page along the lines of a well rounded country inn, with info on places to go, things to read, local history, personal insights, tips on places to stay and reviews of restaurants, usually based on personal experiences. Another feature of this page is the library where there are links to reference materials and written works as well as some un-published material of my own.

We will try to have helpful information and advice, plenty of advice (I hate to see people learn the hard way !) We are open to taking request for information on any topic covered in the page, along with requests for prayer and advice. So come on in, feel free to browse through the inn, check out the restaurant reviews and visit the sights, ask questions, bend an ear or just relax in the library and read a book.