This site is in desperate need of an update. We are in limbo again since the hubster graduates college next month and is interviewing state wide for a job. We are gearing up to sell our home and move to just about anywhere he gets employment, and with a teen and a first grader, not to mention a plethora of pets, life could get interesting. More soon!

Welcome to my Home Sweet Home. In case you're new here, this is an interactive cyberhome. You click on the picture wherever you want to go and it'll take you there. For instance, on this page, you can click the newspaper to read up on my family adventures and play some games, the garage to go into the garage, or the rest of the house to enter my humble abode. You're quite welcome to click anywhere else on the picture, too. It won't take you anywhere, but I hear it's great for relieving stress. Now that you know how the place works, go on one's watching! Oh, and don't forget to email and tell me about your adventures in my house.

Want to know more about me without the hassle of breaking into my house? Skip ahead. Or read my poetry without hunting for it? Suit yourself!

voyeuristic people have traipsed through my homepage

This site most recently updated the last time I felt like doing it. All opinions contained herein are my own and in no way reflect upon the idiots who disagree. And while I'm ranting, why is it that no one ever reads the fine print?

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