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Tired of wondering what's new at this website? Don't you wish there were a way to keep up to date with the latest happenings without having to search through the entire house for them? Then a Home Sweet Home Subscription is for you! You will not be plagued with mail. Your name will never be sold to those big annoying companies to spam you with obnoxious email. You will only receive notification when an entirely new section or page is added, or an overhaul to a section has been completed. You may unsubscribe at any time. Now I'll bet you're wondering what a fabulous offer like this will cost you. $99.95? Nope. $29.95? Nope. $9.99? Of course not. For an unlimited amount of time, this subscription rate is absolutely free. Prices are never subject to change, and you can cancel at any time. To subscribe, simpley send and email to: with the subject title "Subscribe". That's it!

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: This has got to be the best web site I have ever seen!!!! Seriously, how do you find the time and the imagination to make something so uniquely fabulous??? Are you available to help other struggling web page designers with a bit of help or a suggestion or two???? I just can't tell you enough how much i really enjoyed this site!!!! I even subscribed to your newspaper!!!! Thanks!!!

Editor: Gosh, thanks, Karen. :-) In answer to your questions: I find the time by a most wondrous mixture of intense insomnia, a disdain for mindless TV dribble, and a complete disinterest in just about everything else there is "to do". (In other words, I never sleep and I'm really really bored.) I find the imagination in this really dark, damp spot of that large percentage of my brain that never gets used. I'd tell you the exact location, but frankly, I never was good with directions. If you'd like some help with your page, just drop me some mail and ask away. It's not like I'm not always awake anyway. ;-) Enjoy your subscription and thanks for writing.

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