Common DOS 6.0+ commands

For more information on commands, type the command with a "/?" following it.

Ignore the quotation marks "" in my examples...just to help recognize the command.

Reserved symbols: ? / * & ; \ : % @ . ( ) < ># ! = |

Remember DOS works like this: "command_from_to" ("_" is a space)


"copy tom.doc c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc"

( ^--command ^--from ^--to )

"ren tom.doc oldscollege.doc"

*.* - wild card...means include all files

..?.. - wild card for one letter

attrib + or - - shows and sets the attributes of a file (read, write, system, etc)

cd\ - change (go) to the root directory (C:\)

cd.. - change (go) up one level of directory

copy - copy files from-to

xcopy - same as copy but has more options, such as sub-directory copying.

date or time - sets the date or time on the computer

del - delete a file

deltree - delete the directory and everything inside it

dir - shows files and directories where you are at

edit - edit a file command

fdisk /mbr - fix master boot record

format a: or c: - format a floppy or hard drive (dangerous!)

help "..." - help command "..."- name of file same as "/?"

mem - shows the amount of memory on a computer

move - move a file command

md - make a directory

rd - remove a directory (only if empty) else use deltree

ren - rename a file

tree - shows directory in a tree format

"\" - back slash

"/" - forward slash

ipconfig - checking a computers configuration

arp - shows physical address translation

nbtstat - NETbios over TCP/IP protocol statistics

Viewing Directory examples:

dir /o = view directory in alphabetical order

dir /p = view directory by one page at a time

dir /w = view directory in wide format

To stop the screen from flying by, use the "|more" command after your command.

(The "|" is actually two lines straight up and down, usually with the "\" key)

Example: "dir |more"

If you have pkzip utility, here is are the commands to compress and uncompress:

pkzip = compress a file

pkunzip = uncompress a file

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