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I'm USMC Retired. For all those Marines out there, I personally love the Semper Fi Lost Buddies Web Site. It's a great way to find those you've lost contact with. I'm third generation Marine and I loved the Corps. Of course, I am very active in the American Legion so that I can help my fellow Veterans get what we deserve. I'm very emotional about the Flag Amendment that has failed last year. We Veterans know that our flag stands for freedom, we'd lay down our lives for Old Glory and it saddens me to think the children of tomorrow will abuse that symbol of our freedom and part of our American heritage. "....and the flag still stands for freedom....God bless the USA..." Lee Greenwood. Semper Fi. Check out these other links for good information on Veterans and the causes we support. Also, help yourself, vets and check out the VA web and join the American Legion nearest you to help support and keep our benefits alive in the US.

Here's another great way to find lost friends and buddies!

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SmartName (Bob = Robert)

Check out these America Made websites:

Women in Military
LZ Memories Website (POW/MIA Information)
Captain Critical - Women's Military History
Semper Fi Lost Buddies
Veterans Affairs Homepage
Vets Flag Organizations
American Legion Website

American Made Military Might Links




Air Force

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American Heros are NOT forgotten!

Learn what you can do to help our POW/MIA's

LZ Memories

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