"And do not fear intimidation, and do not be troubled, but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence." (I Peter 3:14b-15)(NASB)

Name: Eric J. Blievernicht

Home: Westland, Michigan

Birthdate: 17 July 1970

Family Status: Single

National Merit Scholar, Southfield Senior High School (1988).
Aerospace Engineering student, Engineering College, University of Michigan (1988-89).
B.Sc., Engineering Arts (Industrial Engineering/Business), Engineering College, Michigan State University (1990-92).

Occupation: Contract engineer, serving as a Quality analyst/ISO9000 guru/Web author/All-around "help desk" for Restraints & Seating Engineering, Advanced Vehicle Technology, Ford Motor Company.

Soon to be a quality engineer (QS-9000, Ford Q1, Chrysler Pentastar) for TRW Automotive Electronics Group! - 6/24/97

Deacon, church councilman, Lola Park Evangelical Lutheran Church, Redford, Michigan (Dec. 1994-present).
Member, Lutheran Science Institute.
Member (whoops, gotta rejoin), Associates for Biblical Research.
Member (non-voting), Creation Research Society.
Member, National Rifle Association

Web Sites I Administrate:
Eric's InfoCenter (Where you are now, see the purpose page for more info.)
Eric's Vehicle Safety Page (The InfoCenter could help save your soul, and a visit here could help save your life. :-)
Lola Park Lutheran Church Home Page
Restraints & Seating Engineering Department Website (Don't waste your time clicking here unless you are within the Ford security firewall.)

Stuff I read:
American Survival Guide
Bible and Spade
Bible-Science News
Creation Ex Nihilo
Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal
Creation Research Society Quarterly
Journal of the Lutheran Science Institute
Northwestern Lutheran

I also regularly read Kiplingers, Money, Worth, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Mutual Fund Magazine, Ward's Auto World, Automotive News, Soldier of Fortune, and various other PC, Mac, financial, scientific, Christian and automotive periodicals.

Not to mention memberships in Library of Science [dropped due to bad service and poor quality of material, 10/96], Conservative Book Club, and Word Book Club and Music Club. Former Republican party delegate. (Best definition of Republicans I've heard yet, from a retired Canadian pastor feigning senility: "Republicans? Oh yes, they're the more conservative socialists.")

Stuff I shouldn't admit:

Number of televisions in my apartment: Zilch, zero, nada, none (0).

Number of VCR's in my apartment: One.

Number of dates I've been on in my life: Same as the number of televisions I own. Learn more about courtship!

Who I voted for in the 1996 election for president: Howard Phillips and Herb Titus, of the U.S. Taxpayers Party!

Thing I can't do to save my life: cook; If I try to make anything tougher than spaghetti, I get everyone from Greenpeace to the FDA on my case. [4/97: And the last time I made spaghetti, I blew the range!]

What I do for fun: computing/web surfing, strategy games, invertebrate paleontology (i.e., fossil collecting), reading (apologetics, philosophy, social issues, history, science & technology, military science).

My Testimony, My Life
(WARNING: Heavy-duty reading, uncut and uncensored. Don't say I didn't warn you if you go into shock!)

The REAL Eric's InfoCenter

Camouflage netting makes the T. Rex head appear to float in space, bursting through the wall!

Helping with the Tyrannosaurus Rex head at the Answers in Genesis seminar last fall in Lansing, MI. Good thing they didn't bring the rest of the fiberglass body...

Kids love dinosaurs, but the T. Rex is especially awesome. That's professional dinosaur builder Buddy Davis in the picture.

If you need to reach me one of my ten or so addresses is Temporarily Unavailable... as of 4/29, plan on dropping my AOL account where some of my e-mail ID's reside. My other ID's are all work variants for business use only, so I will be essentially unavailable at least until August - Sorry! [Update 6/24 - since I'm leaving Ford, and will then move and then get a new ISP, I'll be incommunicado except for my old ebliever@aol.com account which I may occasionally access, so try it if nothing else.. If you believe I have made an objective error please simply give me bibliographic info for your sources so I can research it further.

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Created: 30 August 1996 - Last Updated: 9 July 1997