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Making final updates before I head off to my new job at TRW. I have NO idea at this point how well I'm going to be able to maintain this site. Hopefully I'll get an ISP lined up in August after I move, and by that time have an overhaul plan in place to make this a more targeted, information-specific site.

One last addition: until I find a proper place for it, here is my Isle Royale Trip Report - enjoy!


NEWS: I just accepted an offer to come work as a quality engineer for TRW!! I've been busy of late due to all the interviewing, etc., and will only be busier for the next 1-2 months since I have to move, etc. So my plans to overhaul the site will have to go to the back burner for the time being. I'll also need to locate a new ISP once I move and get a new mail ID and net access so please bear with me in the interim....


Got a bit more done on the entropy FAQ in C.S./Biology.


Wrote sections of the entropy paper in C.S./Biology (more to come). Also added more to definition of evolution commentary in C.S./What is Creation Science? (and changed name). I now expect to finish the entropy paper, write a large paper on radioisotopes and radiometric dating, and one on the Green river shales as an example of rapid regional catastrophism before doing the website overhaul. Hope to get my e-mail situation straightened out within the next few weeks.


Edited courtship papers, slightly changed Social Issues page in process.

NOTE: I am currently considering a major overhaul to the InfoCenter, so stay tuned. I will likely completely revamp the main pages and shift to a more interactive experience. I'd like to streamline things and improve the focus while maintaining links to all the important material I index here. Some sorts of quizzes or even mini-curricula may be added using the contents and site links for "course" material. Also, I've got to standardize my pages and manner of presentation! The Creation Science Quikfacts, Social Issues Database, Reason & Revelation Quotes, and so on each perform the same purpose for the respective sections, for example, but are totally different in presentation and format. I will remedy this.


Fixed links to Buchanan Brigade Library resources in Social Issues/American Gov't.


Added Dr. Bergman's paper on the evolutionary doctrine of female inferiority in Social Issues/Feminism.


Back from Isle Royale! Will create a trip report as speedily as may be. Added On Eagles' Wings link in social issues/organizations.


Removed dead link in Web Resources. New banner code on main page. Added links to Chuck Colson's breakpoint articles and info from them in Social Issues and Database, and Philosophy of Science in R&R.


Added to and edited Liberty or License paper in Social Issues/Government.


New resources (HTML guides, etc.) in Web Tools, new material and reorganization to the Database in Social Issues. Added Political Parable and Tangled Web in Social Issues/American Gov't and Education, respectively.


Added quote to Militia page heading and revised the Purpose page slightly to reflect home page changes.


Added Kidogo's World to Social Issues/Organizations. Revised table of contents of social issues and added Welfare section. Added number of U.S.T.P. articles in Social Issues.

Revised main page as first step of website overhaul.


Announced loss of my e-mail in About Me page... any other mention of my e-mail (any address) elsewhere in the website is now erroneous and I will not get it. Advice from a Christian Employee in Basic Christianity/Questions & Advice. Many links to the new official WELS site in Basic Christianity.

Adding yet more from Dr. Walt Brown's book in C.S./Geo and History sections. Added Back to Genesis index in C.S./Creation resources. Added Impact #287 in R&R/Apologetics. Days of Praise devotionals in Basic Christianity. Eye for Creation article in C.S./Bio. Can You Marry Your Relation in C.S./Issues.

Link to FOCUS articles in C.S./Quikfacts.


Added quotes section to Social Issues/Miscellaneous. Added more from Dr. Walt Brown's book In the Beginning, in C.S./Astro, Bio, Chrono and Paleo sections.


Fixing and adding link to quotes and references on life science topics from Dr. Walt Brown's book In the Beginning, in C.S./Bio and Paleontology sections.


Added Geodynamo info in C.S./Chronometry. What is Islam?, and What is Secular Humanism?, added in R&R/Cults & Other Religions.


Added references to Haldane's Dilemma in Human Evolution: Faster Than Lightspeed?, in C.S./Bio. The Biotic Message link added in C.S./Books. 2Q Test in R&R/Philosophy of Science.


Added Liberty and License essay in Social Issues/Government. Arguments against late date for book of Daniel in R&R/Apologetics.


Added fossil and computer console photos in "About Me" links.


Added Communications Gear, Digital Pager Encryption, Emergency Response, Gas Mask Info, 1st Aid Kit, Militia suppliers list, Combat Patrol advice, articles in Militia. Red Cross disaster planning link in Militia. Added links to more militia unit sites.

Added standard U.S. Military combat texts (FM series) in Militia section.


Added LIBRA page to History & Bible.


Added more links to latest anti-creationism item. New Mexico legislation defeat in C.S./quikfacts. Dr. Baumgardner's TERRA project, etc. in C.S./geology. Add link to 3/27/97 quikfact on human/dinosaur coexistence, to a non-creationist site citing evidence and photos in support.


Update with new survey info in Are There Really Creationist Scientists in C.S./Issues. Hayek quote in Free Speech in Social Issues. CRSnet advertisement added in C.S./Resources. Yet more on Ian Plimer in the Hall of Shame (anti-creationism) in C.S. Evolution in Action in R&R/Cults.

Parrot joke in Humor.


Directory of creationist organizations in Creation Science/Resources. Link to CRSQ and indexes added in same. Stone Mountain article on C.S./geology. 1993 Midwest floods article in same. History of Life in C.S./Biology. Dougherty Gap articles in C.S./geology. Scientific evidences for a young earth in C.S./Chronometrics. How do we know what we know? in R&R. Same for Scientific Accuracies in the Bible.


Are There Really Creationist Scientists added in Creation Science/Issues page.


Gun and crime facts added in social issues database. More quotations from McDowell added in quotes section of R&R. Josh McDowell's personal testimony in Basic Christianity. Comments on Apocrypha in R&R.


Adding more of Dr. Brown's FAQ's in Creation Science sections, History, and R&R. Fixing old links to his book sections. New quotes in R&R quote page.


Reorganized Reason & Revelation section with table of contents. Added Answering Islam and Questioning Islam links in R&R. Updated "About Me" page. Early New Testament Manuscripts FAQ added to History and the Bible page. Temple Mount link added in History (General) as well. Link to Dr. Wilson's testimony in History & the Bible, OT. Christian Humor & stuff, and Bible Contradictions in the Humor page.


New social issues subsection - Slavery - added, with link to CASDAS in it.


Magnetic field - once on Mars - implications for young solar system - Creation science/chronometrics. Impacts #280-286 added in appropriate creation science sections, reason & revelation, history sections. Human evolution dating mess in creation science quikfacts. Fixed link to Dr. Brown's book in creation science/on-line books.

Convergent marsupial evolution examples, rapid fish fossilization and C-14 dating example in quikfacts. Have started adding Dr. Brown's FAQ's in creation science sections.


Koala fingerprints in creation science/quikfacts. Quote on paleontology page about fossil "feathers" added. Link to study of Romans 1 added in Basic Christianity. Update on Kuiper belt in comets item in quikfacts. Fresh Jurassic "fossils" in quikfacts. New quote in antibiotics article in creation science/biology.

Dinosaur and mammoth art by native Americans in creation science quikfacts. Blood/sea-water similarity myth refuted in quikfacts.


Persecution at Kisangani by Serb mercs in social issues database.


Created biographical overview of creationist scientist Dr. Jerry Bergman in Creation Science/Reviews, and added Hall of Shame material refuting evolutionists' accusations that he is a racist neo-Nazi. Added NSP World description in Creation Science/Astronomy (Herrmann).


Added link to Dr. Hovind's page offering $10,000 for evidence for evolution in Creation Science sites page. Rossite fact sheet added in Creation Science reviews. Dead Sea Scrolls article in History. Can Homosexuals Go to Heaven, and Is Masturbation Sinful, in Social Issues/sexuality. High school dating %'s in Social Issues Database. When Does Human Life Begin?, and Abortion: Question & Answer book, in Social Issues/Abortion.


Added link to Michigan Militia brochure/essay, A Well Regulated Militia, Today?, in Citizen Militia. Added Special Ops link to militia page. Added Larry Gates story to militia news. Updated my Militia Q&A with new questions, a little editing.


Added Jerry Bergman's articles on the creation movement, mass censorship practices, discrimination and unfairness regarding creation/evolution in Creation Science/Issues.


Decided to kill the "Special Features" on the main page to improve my lunch hour efficiency in adding material, not rearranging it. Ludwig von Mises Institute added in Social Issues/Economics (new topic area). Pro-life link added to index page. Conservative Internet Forum added in Social Issues/Organizations. Articles on the decline of America from Exegesis added in Social Issues/American Gov't.


Link to ACLJ in social issues/American gov't. Government is the Rebel posted in same. "Make Courts Accountable" link in same. Added link to Michigan Militia U.N. page to anti-U.N. graphic at top of Militia page.


Home schooling list linked in Social Issues/Education. Home School Legal Defense Association added in same.


Finished evolutionary chronology page. Killed the public diary page. Unnamed site on American government in social issues.


Added watery births note to quikfacts in creation science. Jessica hoax mention added in Web Resources. Kent Hovind's site added in Creation Science sites. Created a page showing a standard evolutionary chronology for the earth in Creation Science/Chronometrics. Marijuana study in social issues database. Links on plight of Karen refugees in social issues.


Added links to articles at Dave Ihms' site in social issues, humor, on home schooling and related topics.


Added new references and quotes in Quikfacts on early human artifacts. Added items in the social issues database on Madalyn Murray O'Hair and on exposed lies about partial-birth abortions. More details added to the Courtship Process page.


Added another creation science Quikfact story on discovery of ice age tools in Siberia. Database in Social Issues updated with info from 2/97 Journal of the American Family Association.


Wrote article on claims of planets around other stars, in Creation Science/Astronomy. Added story on discovery of spears in a coal mine in Quikfacts in Creation Science.


Added "Exposing the Global Surveillance System" in Militia News.


Fixing links to John Woodmorappe's pages, with the temporary "Mars" link. Added some material to the courtship process page in social issues.


Living fossil quote page added in paleontology. Poem by Laura Joy Leach added to Basic Christianity. New domain name for the Revolution Against Evolution - fixing links. Added Kurt Streutkers article on Creation Science page (#3). Added link to Doug's apologetic for God and the accuracy of the Bible in R&R. Added links to new articles found at the Revolution Against Evolution downloads site in R&R and C.S. subsections.

New item in Creation Science/Hall of Shame (Anti-Creationists) on mishandling of the Danny Phillips story by CBS and more propaganda from Eugenie Scott. Copied up the bibliography for the radioisotope article I'm working on, Creation Science/Chronometry.


Fixing bad links to the Christian Answers Net complex in the Creation Science pages. Have already fixed them in the social issues and reason & revelation pages. Am dropping dead links if I can't find where the page has moved to.

Added a bit more to the entropy essay in Creation Science/Biology. Slowly coming together.

Added link to Dr. Austin's paper on radiometric dating of Mt. Saint Helens strata in Creation Science/Chronometry.


Killed the javascript "what's new" box because it was preventing the Netmind form from working. You can use Netmind, a service that will notify you when I update a given page on the website.

Adding links to more of Ron Rhodes articles in Reason & Revelation, Basic Christianity and Social Issues, on cults and biblical interpretation, witnessing tips and common questions about angels, reincarnation, etc.

Fixed a bad link for the Gospel presentation in Basic Christianity.

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(Created: 19 February 1997)