Basic Christianity

Purpose: To provide basic information and documents on God's Word and the faith He gives us by his grace.

The GOSPEL: Core of Christian Faith
You may want to study this if you are new to or curious about the Christian faith.

The Great Exchange
Did you know that God exchanged the life of His only son for you - He loves you THAT much!

Talk With God - Prayer Page
Daily personal and children's prayers.

The Bible

(Online Bible available at top of page.)

Download the Bible!
Choose from the King James Version or several other versions available for free at this site. Just download the text files to your computer!

Download the Online Bible
Online Bible, Site #2
Everything at these sites are free, although donations to creation science organizations are suggested. The person who informed me of these sites wrote the following:
You get complete KJV, Greek/Hebrew lexicons, original Greek/Hebrew manuscripts, Bible dictionary, Strong's numbers, chain references, topics, devotionals, miscellaneous books, Matthew Henry commentary, Gill expositor, and as many foreign languages Bibles as you care to download. I've been going through the topics, and was pleased to note that it contains a large section on Creationism, including most of The Lie, The Young Earth, and others. The two sites carry different modules, so be sure to visit both of them.

Study the Bible Online (6 translations)

World Wide Study Bible
A unique resource with commentaries just a click away.

Church Writings & Resources

The Apostles, Athanasian and Nicene Creeds
The three great creeds of Christendom.

Archive of Reference Material
A wealth of famous and historical Christian writing is available free at this site. This includes dozens of volumes from the times of the Church Fathers (before the fall of Rome), as well as books like John Foxes' Book of Martyrs, Paul Bunyon's Pilgrims Progress and more!

ChristianAnswers.Net Religion Questions

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Housed at Wheaton College, another archive of classic Christian writings, arranged in alphabetical order by author.

Days of Praise
Daily devotional reading from the Institute for Creation Research.

Does Christianity Work?
Josh McDowell's personal testimony.

God, My Eternal Guardian
A poem, by Laura Joy Leach.

Internet Guide to Christian Literature
A large index of Christian material, literature, news sources and other resources available on the Web. I won't try to replicate it here!

Interactive Passion History
Imagine being in Jerusalem observing the events of Jesus' arrest, trial, crucifixion and ressurection. Follow the storyline online at this site.

Project Wittenberg
An archive of famous documents of the Reformation by Martin Luther and others, including the Augsburg Confession, Luther's Small Catechism, Luther's Large Catechism, and The Smalcald Articles.

Reversing Direction on the Reprobate Road
By Douglas Sharp.

Sermons Available Online
Made available each week in English and in German courtesy of St. Matthews Evangelical Lutheran Church of Benton Harbor, MI.

Web Devotions

WELS Bible Study Online

Questions & Advice

Advice from a Christian Employee
Advice on Christian conduct in the workplace. By a friend and co-worker here at Ford.

Is Annihilationism Biblical?
Are people's souls eternal, or may some be obliterated and cease to exist?

Close Encounters of the Celestial Kind: Evaluating Today's Angel Craze
By Dr. Ron Rhodes, author of Angels Among Us: Separating Truth from Fiction.

The Eye of Faith
By Dr. Ron Rhodes.

The Inspiration of Scripture
By Dr. Ron Rhodes.

Is Purgatory Biblical?

Questions About Cults?
Link to a large Christian site with a good deal of research and information on cults and the spiritual threat they represent.

Is Reincarnation Biblical?

Is Universalism Biblical?
Also covered below - is everyone going to heaven?

Will Everyone Go to Heaven?

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