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CEA S-100(1996):
Standard for Assuring Accuracy of Educational Activities

NOTE: During the development of CEA S-100 we are soliciting comments from anyone who is interested. Please send your specific suggestions for changes, additions or deletions to the text of the standard to CEAS100@AOL.COM. You must also give your rationale for each suggestion, even for grammatical improvements. Each suggestion will be considered separately, and each suggestion may be adopted, adopted in modified form or rejected by the ad hocCouncil.

I am looking for qualified and interested people to help get this project running. Qualified people must be Bible-believing Christians of good repute, and have a background such as the following (note this list is not exhaustive):
1. Professors or teachers in Christian educational institutions.
2. Quality professionals, preferably with ISO9000, QS9000 or similar experience.
3. Educational administrators.
4. Pastors, ministers and other Christian leaders.
5. People with a strong interest in accountability, such as members of watchdog groups.

If you know someone with an interest in this area, or have a strong desire to assist in the CEA project please contact CEAS100@AOL.COM even if you lack specific experience. All interested volunteers should be able to provide two (2) Christian character references whom I will contact before acceptance to the Council. (The long-term method for appointment to the Council, among other items, will need to be hashed out once it forms.)

View CEANotes describing the CEA mission & purpose here.

More notes, from Barnhart. (See CEANotes for bibliographic info.) (Warning! Disturbing Reading!)

"The Protestant Church is in the midst of its greatest crisis since the Reformation of the sixteenth century, though few seem to realize it. Fundamental doctrines of the historic Christian faith are being challenged and discarded one after another in most major denominations, and in some of the smaller ones as well.... People are literally being starved to death spiritually in their own centers of worship." (Barnhart, p. 3.)

"If history has any lesson to teach, it is that defection from inerrancy generally takes place in the educational institutions and then spreads from there. In the case of the Missouri Lutherans it appears to have resulted from postgraduate studies pursued by men trained in Missouri schools who then secured doctorates in secular or liberal institutions. They were enamored of the historical-critical method, and numbers of them left their old moorings with respect to biblical infallibility. More frequently than not, men with this kind of training did not go into parish ministry, but headed for institutions where the possibility existed to disseminate this newfound learning among younger minds that could easily be influenced away from historic Missouri viewpoints... they became editors and writers for church school materials." (Lindsell, p. 83.)

In the last daze - the final haze
There was a strong delusion to believe a lie
In the last daze before the blaze
They couldn't see beyond their misty trance
... Cold chills when the Spirit speaks that some shall depart from the faith"

Petra, "Last Daze," Beyond Belief © 1990 Word, Inc.

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