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Critical Thinking and Logical Fallacies

Cults and Other Religions




Philosophy of Science



EXCELLENT READING:A Guide to Critical Thinking - Please study this first, it is most helpful as a primer!


10 Dangers of Theistic Evolution
By Dr. Werner Gitt. There is a reason theistic evolutionists who claim to be Christians are so weak on doctrine. This is your soul;.... This is your soul on theistic evolution. Any questions?

143 "Bible Contradictions" and Their Solutions
By a trio of non-"professional" but knowledgeable apologists.

Christianity and the Birth of Science
Explores the relationship between Christianity and science; good reading, along with articles on the same topic below.

Christianity as the Causal Factor for Science
Recommended starter reading on the relationship between science and religious/philosophical worldviews.

Christianity and Technological Advance
From Impact #245, by Dr. T.V. Varughese. If you like technology, appreciate the fact that without Jesus Christ we'd likely be no farther advanced technologically than ancient Rome.

Creation, Evolution and the Church
Why is Genesis so important? What makes it foundational to Christianity?

Daniel - Written When?
EJB. Brief summary of reasons arguing against the assumption of a late date for the book of Daniel.

False Teachers - How to Recognize and Confront Them
From the Apologetics Press web site, July 96 issue of Reason and Revelation. (Disclaimer: AP's journal and my web section of the same name are unrelated.)

God: Does He Exist?
By Doug Sharp.

The Mere Consistency of Signs and Creation
Impact #287, by linguist Dr. John Oller.

Modern Scientific Discoveries and Scriptural Teaching
Impact #219, by Dr. Duane Gish. Did you know many of the foundational discoveries upon which modern science is built, such as the principle of entropy and the laws of conservation, are described in Scripture?

Naming the Animals
By Russell Grigg. Could Adam have named all the animals in one day?

Old Testament Apocrypha: Why Not in the Bible?

Reliability of Scripture Fact Sheet
Summit Ministries fact sheet. One-pager.

Scientific Accuracies in the Bible
From Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry. Think the Bible teaches a flat earth? Read on...

Critical Thinking and Logical Fallacies

Biblical Christian Worldview Fact Sheet
From Summit Ministries, good starter reading.

Is Compromise a Route to Truth?
Compromise is great for business negotiations and diplomacy. But it's a terrible way to seek truth or go about developing a belief system for it relies on an inconsistent mix of arguments; or no rational argument at all.

Did God Need Practice in Designing Life?
Theistic evolutionists and progressive creationists often imply that God created humans and other modern life little by little over vast spans of time. Why? This view is simply a compromise attempt that takes atheistic evolutionary interpretations of data and forces them into a weakly theistic mold, without biblical warrant.

Eric's Rules of Evidence
Some guidelines for sifting through competing claims and contradictory information. A future paper will offer advice on sifting through material on the web - how do you know what is probably accurate and what is bogus? The web is an excellent way to spread information, but it can spread disinformation or misinformation just as fast (faster if it is sensationalistic). So be on your guard, and don't contribute to the problem (and may God guide me in that same advice!)

Logical Positivism and Scientism - More Self-Referential Fallacies.
Scientism is common today. But is such a brash view of "science" helpful?

Nothing is Absolute?
Or is it? This commonly accepted statement is logically untrue.

Omnipotence - What Can't God Do?.
Disposes of a common class of objections against God based on a subtle, careless misconception.

A Practical Model for Integrating Science and Faith
Impact #255, by Dr. Stephen Deckard. Explains the foundational role of faith, from which scientific data is interpreted.

Stephen's Guide to Logical Fallacies
A little more rigorous than the primer on logic at the top of this page, good companion reading.

"That's Wrong!"
When someone says what you've done or said is morally wrong, is that their opinion or God's opinion? How to respond to attacks of moral judgment, even when you've been caught in the wrong.

Why Believe in Truth?
According to polls, 66% of Americans today say they don't believe in absolute truth. What's wrong here? Why do so many people claim to disbelieve in truth?

Worldviews Compared
From Summit Ministries. Do you have a consistent worldview, or is it a hodgepodge you've passively picked up from various sources through your life?

Cults & Other Religions

Answering Islam
Providing answers to challenges by Muslims against Christianity. See also Questioning Islam below.

Apparent Contradictions in the Koran

The Christ of the New Age Movement
By Dr. Ron Rhodes. Part 1 of 2.

Errors Found Within the Koran

Evolution in Action
This is your brain on evolution. Any questions?

The Jesus of the New Age Movement
By Dr. Ron Rhodes, Part 2 of 2.

Questioning Islam
Complements the Answering Islam website above, a debate site.

The Qu'ran and the Bible in the Light of History and Science
By Dr. Joseph Campbell. Several chapters on-line, and ordering information.

A Response to a Muslim's Attacks on Christianity

What is Islam?
ChristianAnswers.Net Q&A page.

What is Secular Humanism?
From Summit Ministries, at ChristianAnswers.Net.


The Bible and Evolution
Comments by biologist/geologist John Woodmorappe (an ex-Catholic) on the Pope's recent public statements regarding evolution and the Christian faith.

Compromises and Consequences: The Genesis Account
Impact #247, by Fred Willson, M.S. Gives some historical examples of how compromise on Genesis has been the beginning of the road to apostasy.

Is Evolution Compatible With The Bible?
FAQ by Dr. Walt Brown.

The Inspiration of Scripture
By Dr. Ron Rhodes.

Liberation Theology
By Dr. Ron Rhodes. Several other articles on related facets of humanistic theology also at this site.

Is it Possible to Be a Christian and an Evolutionist?
By Dr. Duane Gish, from Creation Ex Nihilo, 11(4): 21-23.

Unlimited Atonement
By Dr. Ron Rhodes, a Calvinist scholar who accepts unlimited atonement.


The Compromise Road
From Impact #177, by ICR President Dr. Henry Morris. Is compromising on Genesis going to impress the intelligent pagan?

Creation Evangelism
From Impact #163, by AIG President Ken Ham. Explains the foundational importance of creation in the Gospel message. Without it, much evangelism is like trying to explain the plot of a movie by starting in the middle. People won't understand what is going on or why!

Cross-Cultural Creation Evangelism
Impact #240, by missionary Dale Taylor. An example of the application of creation evangelism in Mexico.

The Importance of Creationism in Foreign Missions
Impact #158, by Dr. Henry Morris.

The Power of the Creation Message
Impact #284 by Bob and Cecilia Brown, missionaries in Indonesia.

Strategies for Dialoguing with Atheists
By Dr. Ron Rhodes.

Witnessing to Jews
By Dr. Ron Rhodes.

Witnessing to Liberals
By Dr. Ron Rhodes.

Hermeneutics - The Science of Bible Interpretation

Adam and the Animals
Impact #212, by Dr. Henry Morris. Does Genesis 1 and 2 contain two contradictory accounts of creation? When translating purely human works we don't try to translate so as to deliberately make contradictions appear where they weren't at the beginning; we grant the assumption of basic intelligence to the original author. Isn't it interesting how some anti-creationists won't do the same when reading Genesis?

Church Leadership
From ChristianAnswers.Net. When the Bible speaks of Elders being the husband of "one wife," what does it mean?

Creation and the Church Fathers
What did the early Church believe about Genesis? From Impact #160, by Louis Lavallee, M.S., M.Div. See also Taylor & van Bebber's rebuttal to Hugh Ross for further information on the early Church teachings on Genesis.

Creation and the Curse
Impact #272 by James Stambaugh, M.S., M.Div. What happened when Adam and Eve sinned? Is God the source of evil and suffering in the universe (Satanism) or is Satan and mankind to blame (Christianity)?

Creation and Jehovah's Witnesses
By Robert Doolan, editor of Creation Ex Nihilo; suggestions on how to communicate with JW's on the subject of creation.

Creeds and the Six Creation Days
See "Days of Genesis" articles below. From Impact #235, by Louis Lavallee, M.S., M.Div.

The Days of Creation: A Semantic Approach
By James Stambaugh, from Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal, 5(1): 70-74.

The Days of Genesis
How long were they? This gives some biblical reasons why they must have been approximately the same as regular days. Also see the quikfact sheet on days of creation.

The Days of Genesis #2

The Days of Genesis #3
Is it beginning to sink in yet? :-)

A Day is Like a Thousand Years?
This is one of the most quoted-out-of-context verses in the Bible. What does it really say?

Does the New Testament Support Genesis 1-11?
FAQ by Dr. Walt Brown.

Esotericism and Biblical Interpretation
By Dr. Ron Rhodes.

The Events of Creation: Could it All Happen in Six Days?

The First Cause Argument and Self-Existence
Christians and other theists argue that there must be a First Cause for the universe; atheists respond by asking "What caused God (the First Cause)?" Is this a valid question?

A Flat Earth - Does the Bible Teach It?
Web version of "Who Invented the Flat Earth?," by Ian Taylor, in Creation Ex Nihilo, 16(2): 48-49. See here as well.

The Gap Theory
What is the Gap Theory? Why is this compromise between atheistic/humanistic uniformitarianism and the Bible unworkable and wrong? A very brief treatment. (For MUCH greater detail, see Weston Fields' book Unformed and Unfilled, listed in the bibliographies in the Creation Science section.)

The Gap Theory - An Idea With Holes
By Dr. Henry Morris, in Creation Ex Nihilo.

Genesis Contradictions?
By Don Batten, M.Sc. Is there a contradiction in the order of creation of animals and man?

Is There a Large Gap of Time Between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2?
FAQ by Dr. Walt Brown.

Noah's Flood: Was it Global or Not?
Increasingly, people are claiming the Bible doesn't really teach that the Cataclysm (the Greek NT term for the Flood) covered the whole planet. But is this true?

Progressive Creation?
Progressive Creation is the idea that God created, but very slowly over billions of years. This new teaching is being agressively promoted, like the local flood belief, by the Rossite cult.

Quikfact: Days of Creation
More data regarding the correct interpretation of the word yom in Genesis 1.

Rightly Interpreting the Bible
By Dr. Ron Rhodes.

Star Formation and Genesis 1
From Impact #251, by James Stambaugh, M.L.S., M.Div. Did God create the stars on Day 1 of Creation and "reveal" them on Day 4, as Rossites teach?

Philosophy of Science

The 2Q Test
By EJB. Short essay describing a simple two-point set of criteria I keep in mind when evaluating historical claims.

Darwin Meets Socrates: A Study in Question Begging
By Dr. Gary Colwell, originally published in the Creation Research Society Quarterly, Sept. 1996 (33:2, p. 127).

Data, Theory and Evolutionary Phenomena
By James Hofmann of California State University. Published in Origins & Design. Is evolution a fact, a theory, or what?

The End of Materialist Science
By David Berlinski, published in the December 2, 1996 issue of Forbes magazine. Reproduced at this linked site by permission.

How Do We Know What We Know?
By Dr. Lane Lester; epistemology intro written for the average person.

The Nature of Science and Theories of Origins
Impact #262, by Dr. Duane Gish.

Parable of the Candle
By Garth Wiebe. Is God deceitful if some geologists insist on interpreting the earth as being billions of years old but it really isn't?

The Rules of the Game
Defining science and the concept of creation. By Dr. Carl Wieland, in Creation Ex Nihilo, 11(1): 47-50.

Scientific Blinders
From Breakpoint by Chuck Colson. More on self-serving misdefinitions of science to create a bogus "science-religion" dichotomy.


Apologetics Press
Focuses on creation science, reasoning, and Biblical teaching.

Christian Literature
A collection of essays on famous Christian literature, good, enjoyable, stimulating reading.

Reasoning from the Scriptures
Excellent articles by Dr. Ron Rhodes.

Summit Ministries
This organization specializes in helping people develop a consistent Christian worldview. Check out their Worldview Fact Sheets and social issues Fact Sheets.


Topics to come(eventually....): Science and religion: a false dichotomy and their real relationship (the pyramid of knowledge; religion>philosophy>facts "science"); why "anti-religious" people are absolutely right!; Sagan's "pale blue dot" - true of humanistic theism AND atheism; why you need to argue from your opponents presuppositions rather than your own to convince them; why the human mind (including "science," "reason," etc.) is epistemologically incompetent to judge the Bible one way or the other; a brief introduction to "Biblical naturalism"; equivocation fallacies; the "monolithic" fallacy; "anti-intellectualism" and "anti-science" ("Luddites") exposed as unworthy charges that tell more about the person making the charge than the target thereof; Dawkin's "virus of the mind" (religion: Dawkins & evolution a good example), and Lenin's "opiate of the people" (tie in with "anti-religious" essay above); the "progressive" fallacy ("outdated"); Quotations (needs work, I know); etc.

"The secular world may mock Christians as anti-intellectual know-nothings. But if current trends hold, Christians may one day be the only ones standing for real education." (Colson, Charles, A Dance With Deception (Dallas: Word Publishing, 1993), p. 30.)

"Consider the book LEAVING THE FOLD: TESTIMONIES OF FORMER FUNDAMENTALISTS. In reading these testimonies, all, or almost all, of the writers describe their earlier "faith" in Christ as a strictly emotional experience (such as feeling a rush of excitement when "going forward" at an evangelist's altar call). For this reason, I cannot help but doubt if these apostates were ever saved in the first place. (I am trying to be discerning, not judging)." (J.W. on CRSnet)

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