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Welcome, here is my collection of softdrink cans (okay, and some beer ones too). You might know them as Soda or Pop cans, depending on where you are. Most of my collection comprises softdrink cans, but I also collect any other cans like beer or juice cans, if they come my way.

I am proud to say that this page was the FIRST to exist that is dedicated to softdrink cans in general, started way back in 1995. Sure, there were plenty of web pages specifically for Coke and beer cans, but not for softdrink cans in general, so I decided to put my page up. Of course, now there are a number of other pages dedicated to softdrink cans in general, most of which have surpassed the quality of this page (see other links below).

I began collecting because I discovered they looked interesting when they are all stacked up on a shelf. Some of the cans in the collection are not circulated anymore, while most are current cans. My collection used to mostly comprise cans from AUSTRALIA, seeing that this is where I live, but I have since amassed a lot more cans from other countries due to trades conducted through this page. The collection currently numbers around 1000. A lot are from countries foreign to Australia.

End of an Era:

I am no longer trading. I have reached a personal milestone of 1000 cans and have run out of room. So, I am pursuing other interests. This web page will remain here for posterity though.

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Pictures from my collection

A listing of the cans in my collection (not for trade)

Cans from Australia
Cans from Canada
Cans from the USA
Cans from Other Countries


Links to other can collecting pages


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The following people have traded with me:

USA: Keith Kulpa, Art Hansen, Reed Andrew, Tim Smock, Dennis Kustin, Judy Weekes, Dale Miller, Troy Wedel, Rich Simmons, Brian Yagoda. CANADA: Benoit Clairoux, Steve Lam, Bill Vandeweghe, Pierre Patenaude. FRANCE: Anne Emmanuelle Queau. NETHERLANDS: Vincent Molenaar, Richard Sangster. BELGIUM: Jean Dolmans, Michael Van Laere. BRAZIL: Bernardo Toledo, Ricardo Silva. ISRAEL: Asaf Shani, Avidor Hershkovitz. MEXICO: Ruben Reynaud. NORWAY: Andre Hope. VENEZUELA: Marcello Gagliardi. PORTUGAL: Antonio Macedo, Paulo Melo. GERMANY: Andreas Mild. ITALY: Davide Andreani. CHILE: Roberto Back.

Acknowledgements: With thanks to Steve Lam and Benoit Clairoux for providing some pictures of my collection before I obtained a digital camera.

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Dated: 13 July 2002
Author: Jerome Chik
Created 1995

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