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Welcome to grandson Jakob Leonard
March 21, 2003

Hello everyone and welcome to one of my *homes* on the Web.  I am a mother of three adult children step mother to two and grandmother of six grandchildren and grandma to five step-grandchildren.  My interests vary as you will find out when you visit all my pages.  I have been drawing and interested in art since I was a child and still enjoy it now and with the aid of a computer and a Wacom Art Pad and pen, I can now create graphics for my web pages as well.

I teach in-home computer and internet to new computer owners and *newbies* on the net, along with the sales and service of these wonderful gadgets.  I also have taught ceramics and decorative painting.

I have decided to display my art, animated graphics, buttons & bars, bordered backgrounds graphic bears, fairies and critters.  In the past I have downloaded many graphics from all over the*Web* and thanks to a lot of talented people, I decided to apply what I have learned to designing my own.  These appear in  "My Graphic Library" and "Misty Caves" where I am in the process of designing my own Cyber-Pets. 

Background, dividers, buttons on this page were created by me, please do not take them.  I will be making background sets in the future that people can download for their web pages.

I hope you enjoy your visit and drop by again whenever you are in the neighbourhood.


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I have removed by guest book due to inappropriate entries.
You may view my old guestbooks below.

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Remember the Innocent
April 20th, 1999
Columbine High School in Littleton CO

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