Welcome to Amir's Page

Hi and welcome to my page! Here you can find information about myself and my hobbies. Feel free to look around. Hey if your really board send me some e-mail. 

Who is this? Well leme tell you, this is my good buddy Groo. I have been reading Groo comics ever since I was just a wee little lad. Any time I need a little cheering up, reading Groo the Wanderer always puts a smile on my face. 

I drive a 1988 Daihatsu Charade. It only has a 3 cylender, 1.0 liter engine but it really flies thanks to my driving expertise and the 5 speed manual transmission. I have spent countless hours maintaining and fixing it. I always make sure my car is running in tip top condition. It even has a high quality 4 speaker stereo with a CD player which I installed myself.

A Daihatsu Charade! 

One of my favorite pastimes is driving Radio Controlled Cars. Despite their small size 1/10 scale electric off road cars can reach insane speeds of up to +35mph. I can spend many hours working on a car. The most time consuming part of the hobby is preparing the car to be driven. I drive my car at a makeshift off road track in Foster City. 

My favorite band is Gravity Kills. Although I didn't get to see them at Kamp Kome they are still my favorite band by far.

Dwnload Guilty. Guilty.wav 890kb 

I am a part of a youth group called BBYO.  To go to the MAchar homepage (which I also made) click on the AZA logo. From there you can follow liks to other region and chapter pages

Thanks for visiting my page. You can e-mail me at: