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The Kidz are People Too Parenting Award

Who can win this award?

To be considered for this award your website must have useful information for parents. I am especially looking for attachment parenting, natural parenting, etc., websites that encourage parents to parent in a high-touch and instinctive style of parenting. Here are some examples of topics I am interested in seeing: vaccine awareness, gentle discipline, stay at home mothering, breastfeeding, the family bed, circumcision (why not to), natural family planning, pro-life, natural pregnancy and childbirth.

Your site must be "family-friendly," should be updated at least once a month, be easy to read, and be pleasing to the eye. There *must* be original material. Sites which are mainly links will very likely not receive this award.

Nominate a Site

If your site meets these qualifications (or if you know of someone's that does) please nominate it. If your site does not receive the award, it does not mean I do not like your website. Perhaps it was just not what I am looking for at this time. If you make some great updates to your site, feel free to submit it again. E-mail me at mykidzmommy@hotmail.com to apply. Please include the website's url and tell why it should receive this award. Thanks!

Recipients of This Award

Cornerstone Heidi, a great Christian mom and strong breastfeeding advocate, has written several in-depth parenting articles including A Review and Commentary of Preparation for Parenting. Also be sure to check out The Militant Breastfeeding Cult. (Awarded on July 30, 1999)

Suite 101: Raising Boys by Amy B. Rawson; Amy encourages us to raise gentle boys by her excellent weekly articles and helpful links. (Awarded on August 23, 1999)

Gayesy's Attachment Parenting Pages Gayesy is a mom from Australia who is writing a book about attachment parenting. On her site she shares her experiences, helpful informaton, and favorite links about subjects such as the family bed and wearing your baby, plus you can contribute to her book. She also has an ap forum where you can post questions and comments.(Awarded on September 6, 1999)

Get Attached Today! Every Parent's Guide to Attachment Parenting Website - They just moved to their domain name (getattached.com), and their site has an all new design and new features. It's an all around excellent attachment parenting resource where, among other things, you can get information on ap, order Tammy's book and other ap products, get support and advice, and sign up for a free online newsletter. (Awarded on September 9, 1999)

Abecedarian Academy Visit this encouraging and informative family homepreschool page to learn just what homepreschool is all about and for ideas on how to get started. This site's emphasis is on two year olds, but I feel that parents of little children of various ages can find useful information here. It has a page with resources especially for twos which contains information about lesson plans, skill checklists, and naming your homepreschool, and a page where moms share ideas about stuff you can do with your two year old children. There are articles about the "unpreschooling" concept, links, and helpful parenting tips. (Awarded on November 8, 1999)

Brea's Pro-Life Page Description coming soon!!! (Awarded on February 3, 2000)

Carol's Corner Carol has created a site that provides a beautiful introduction to attachment parenting. She shares her thoughts on attachment parenting and breastfeeding, and she has written an excellent article on reacting to a baby's cries. There is a helpful list of suggested books and an ap message board.(Awarded on February 13, 2000)

Past recipients of the "Kidz are People Too" award may be found on this page here.

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