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Birth Stories

If you would like me to include your birth experience on this page, please mail me at Let me know if you want your name and/or e-mail address included!

Stories on This Website

"After the next contraction and round of pushing, Melanie said I could feel the head...and I did. Precious fuzzy little thing. Then, to complete the circle, birthed my son--all 9# 5oz. of him." ~ Allison in The Birth Story of Andrew Stephen

Are you considering having your older child at the birth of your baby? Read this beautiful homebirth story to see one child's experience.
Advice About Having Children at the Birth of Siblings Submit your advice or story!!!
Birth Story of Karl Andreas Homebirth with midwife; cord wrapped around baby's neck; happy ending!!
The Birth Story of Kiersten Mae Denny Hospital birth, unpleasant experience with epidural.
Corbin's Birth Hospital birth with a midwife, no drugs.
Katia's Birth Quick hospital birth, nubain.
The Birth Story of Cassie! Even quicker hospital birth, natural.
The Birth Story of Grant Pitocin, demerol.
The Birth Story of Dagan C-section.
It All Began With a Broken Ankle The birth story of Kevin Gilmore--c-section.
The birth story of Ellen Grace, my sweet nursling Quick hospital birth--3 hours after doctor broke water, no drugs, labored in hot tub.
The birth story of me! by my mom--very quick birth in hospital, preemie.
The Birth Story of John Nathan Non-hospital birthing center, natural.
The Birth Story of Andrew Stephen Castor oil induction; homebirth.
The Birth of Bethany Camille Home waterbirth.
The Birth Stories of Uriel and Mykael Two great homebirths.
The Birth Story of Aleksandr Gene Hospital birth, natural.
The Birth of Allison Marie Hospital birth, induced, epidural.
Levi's Birth Homebirth, natural.
The Birth Story Brianna Joan Hospital birth, demerol, nitrous oxide.
The Birth Story of Matthew James Hospital birth, no episiotomy or tearing! :)
The Birth Story of Seamus Emmanuel Hospital birth with midwife, induced.
The Birth Story of Murron Rose Hospital birth, induced, very quick!
Eddie's Birth Story C-section
Calvin's Birth Story Home waterbirth
The Birth Story of Michelle Nicole Hospital birth; induced with Cervidil insert; Stadol
Joshua Thomas: Josh's Entry Hospital birth; pitocin; pain medication
Plan B Still Works: Mary’s Birth Story Hospital birth, midwife, PIH, induced, Stadol
Ian's Birth Hospital birth, epidural
My Baby's Birth by Lisanne; hospital birth, no drugs, long labor, vacuum, 4th degree episiotomy
Roy's Birth by Joy; unassisted HBAC NEW!
Abishai David Juday's Birth by Jocelyn; waterbirth at a birth center, pushed for three hours NEW!
Two Birth Stories Hospital birth, induced, epidural NEW!

". . . my birth experience is very precious to me--more so every day. . . . It is my unique experience, a treasure no one can take away." --Jennie, from The Birth Story of John Nathan

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Unassisted Birth Stories from The Unassisted Childbirth Page; these stories are amazing--you never would have thought childbirth could be so pleasurable.
Six unassisted births The husband caught all six; one is a waterbirth. Also, there are more Unassisted Birth Stories on this website.
Shane's Birth Story PROM (Premature Rupture of Membranes) at 22 weeks; Shane proves that against all odds, babies can be born completely healthy.
A Wisdom of Our Own by Valerie J. Malott, CCE; the beautiful story of two very different births. Birth Stories
Natural Birth Stories WebRing

"Finally the incredible moment came when the doctor told me I could reach down and feel my son’s head. I reached and could see his head in a mirror positioned there. Oh, he was so soft and sweet and grey, a wonderful contrast to my near-bursting, hot, red bottom. All I could say was, "Oh baby, …oh, oh, baby," over and over. I couldn’t think of anything more specific to express the intense joy of meeting at least a little part of my son." ~ excerpt from The Birth Story of Aleksandr Gene

Childbirth Index Advice Birth Stories Siblings at Birth Homebirth Waterbirth Unasissted
Birth Links

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