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[mom wearing baby in sling]Where to Buy Slings, Nursing Shirts, Books that Support AP, Etc. . .

Little Koala --A home-based business dedicated to the breastfeeding experience; send electronic postcards. Available items include

  • breastfeeding supplies,
  • BRAVADO! DESIGNSŪ Nursing Bras,
  • toys,
  • lambskins,
  • carriers.

Sparrow's Nest Mom-owned, home-based business featuring:

  • NestMom Nursingwear (Nursing Tees for $20!)
  • Nursing Camisoles
  • Cozy Loungewear
  • Milk Diapers nursing pads, Bravado bras
  • Baby Nest Baby Slings ($28 or $18 if you send your own fabric)
  • Sling Rings (to use if you want to make your own sling)
    *** Shipping is already included in all of their prices ***

Little Angels Designs Featuring affordable family-friendly products handmade by WAHMs and small family-owned businesses. Dedicated to promoting family values, creativity, and earth-friendly attitudes. They offer

  • Nursing Clothing (including shirts for little girls to breastfeed their dolls)
  • Cloth diapers
  • Slings (called a "Fragglesak"; $28)
  • Mommy-pillows (c-shaped and nursing wedge)
  • Nursing beads
  • All-natural children's skin care products
  • Handmade toys

Breastfeeding Essentials They sell breastpumps and breastfeeding accessories. Also, take a look at Becky's breastfeeding information library.

Mother's Milk Soap Several wonderful scents made by loving hands. . . . Treat yourself to the luxury.


I ordered a few items from this company and received my order very quickly. The Mother Nurture Breastfeeding Doll is really great!
A home-based business. The Attachments catalog: images, words, and wisdom; among other items, Attachments sells
  • mother-made breastfeeding dolls,
  • beautiful notecards,
  • jewelry,
  • wonderful books for children.

Elizabeth Lee Breastfeeding Designs Among other things, they sell the following items:

  • patterns for nursing clothes
  • patterns for children's clothes
  • patterns to sew your own diapers, diaper covers, a nursing pillow, and more
  • sling pattern: for $9.95 you can get patterns to make a sling for both mom and older child, a fanny pack for mom, as well as a basic shoulder bag (I wish I could sew!)
  • nursing bras
  • breastpumps
  • natural nursing necessities
This site also has nursing tips.

Kate's Natural Baby They sell several different types of slings. . .

  • The Maya Wrap Adjustable Sling
  • Maya Wrap Pouch
  • Over the Shoulder Baby Holder
  • New Native Baby Carrier
  • Mesh slings

The Rebozo Way Project "An International project dedicated to the encouragement of in-arms parenting. The simplest, softest, most light weight, easiest to carry with you, and most versatile baby carrier available on the market today."

Parenting Concepts They sell the following items (and more):

  • Sling-Ezee baby slings ($38.95)
  • Arm's Reach Bedside Co-Sleeper
  • breast pumps

Motherwear Catalog Order their free catalog! They sell the following items (and more):

  • Breastfeeding clothing (I bought a tee-shirt dress that I wore a lot, and it lasted a long time)
  • Boppy Pillows
  • My Breast Friend nursing pillows
  • nursing stools
  • breast pumps
  • diapers

Baby Becoming Clothing For The Big, The Beautiful, Pregnant and Nursing (My friend bought a nursing shirt from them, and she told me it's really comfortable.)

Diana Designs

  • Tee shirts,
  • infant rompers,
  • magnets,
  • and more items that promote breastfeeding.

BFLRC sells great products that promote breastfeeding . . .

  • notepads,
  • buttons,
  • magnets,
  • sweatshirts,
  • fact pacts,
  • and more.

Cyber Green Sheet Local LLL groups selling their products. Although some items would be of more interest to members and leaders of LLL, they sell a lot of neat stuff that would be great for anyone who supports mothering through breastfeeding. Many items available including

  • tee-shirts,
  • buttons,
  • and notecards that support mothering through breastfeeding.

Suggle Baby Slings Angie sells "Over The Shoulder Baby Holder"(OTSBH) slings. She says, "I'm definitely not the salesperson type, and I really didn't get into this for the money. I decided to do it because I absolutely love my slings and wanted to help other people discover how great they are." ***This site has great pictures of her wearing her baby in a variety of positions. Also includes toddler sling pictures.***

Parent's Pal sells the

  • Over The Shoulder Baby Holder ($36) (they provide follow-up support to help you enjoy your sling),
  • kidslings,
  • contemporary nursing clothes,
  • and breastfeeding supplies.

Prematurely Yours A baby book designed exclusively for the premature infant.

Mama Shark's Swimwear, Inc. Swimsuits for breastfeeding mothers and their babies

The Baby Lane

I feel that this is an excellent company to order from. I ordered something from this company and received my order very quickly. Thanks, Lisa!!
A mother owned business featuring quality products for mom & baby. We offer:
  • cloth diapers & accessories--Kushies, Aristocrats, and another great name brand
  • The Original Baby Sling by NoJo ($35.95),
  • Weleda products,
  • Lansinoh for breastfeeding moms,
  • toys--wooden, soft, puzzles, & more,
  • gifts,
  • and more.
Interested in a gift registry?? Please contact us.

Stillworks Pregnancy, nursing, & baby items. Handmade items for parents and their families. Makers of...

  • The Pregnancy~Plus Pillow
  • The Tiny Tots Towel
  • Naturally Nursing Products (washable nursing pads, nursing apron)
  • The Best Baby Bib
  • My Favorite Ball
  • Plus more products are coming soon! A home-business, dedicated to bringing you children's products with that little something special. A variety of items available including

  • baby slings (OTSBH) (buy one or take advantage of the Baby Sling Loaner Program--try a sling for one month);
  • Baby-Wearing Instructional Video--rent it for free;
  • books for children and parents;
  • a wide selection of music, from instrumentals to story-telling;
  • unique, beautiful toys;
  • and baby shoes.

Lilies of the Field Manufacturer of modest feminine apparel dresses, jumpers, skirts, blouses, sleepwear, modest swimwear, aprons, pinafores, maternity and nursing dresses

[Ellen and Mother Nurture Doll]
Mother Nurture Doll
from Attachments

"The simple act of breastfeeding in public will also go a long way towards making it more "normal" in our society. The path you clear will be used by more timid women." ~ Jane Martin in The Politics of Breastfeeding

Wearing Your Baby Attachment Parenting


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