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Unassisted Childbirth

An unassisted birth is a birth that occurs without the help/intervention of a doctor, midwife, or other medical professional. Usually medical personnel are not present, but they may be present as a friend, or perhaps the baby's father is a doctor, or the mother is one herself, etc.

It can occur at home or anywhere the mother is! Some mothers choose to have an unassisted birth; some have one "on accident." Some of the most beautiful and joyful birthstories I've read have been unassisted births.

Some Resons People Have Unassisted Births

  • Sometimes it happens accidently; for instance, the midwife might not arrive before the birth.
  • The parents don't have medical insurance.
  • They may have medical insurance, but it doesn't cover homebirth.
  • They live in a state where midwife-assisted births are illegal.
  • They might not be able to find a good doctor or midwife who shares their philosophy of birth as a normal, natural, beautiful process that was designed to *work* and is best often with no medical intervention. Parents may not wish to spend time during labor and birth defending and fighting for their beliefs and may find it easier to just do it themselves.
  • Perhaps they believe that God wants them to have their baby alone, together as a couple.
  • Some mothers who completely trust their body's ability to birth their baby may not feel the need or desire for anyone but family, and perhaps friends, to be present at the birth.
  • A mother may feel she needs and desires to be alone during birth thus freeing her from distractions and giving her the chance to freely relax and open up and birth her baby herself.
  • Some mothers plan to have an unassisted birth because they had a horrible hospital experience. Many mothers have found that one unnecessary medical intervention often leads to another in a huge snowball effect sometimes leading to an unnecessary c-section or a baby who has medical problems from the interventions. Unnecessary interventions can occur even when a midwife attends the birth.
  • Some couples wish to have a birth in which they are free to express their love and may wish to be intimate with kisses, hugs, and even sex during labor and don't want to be inhibited, distracted, or disturbed by having anyone else present.

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Bornfree—The Unassisted Childbirth Page Even if you don't think you would ever want to have an unassisted birth (without a doctor or midwife present), this site will give you an appreciation for the wonder and naturalness of the birth process. If you are fearful of birth, this site will help put you at ease. Learn about the fear/tension/pain cycle and help prepare yourself to have a beautiful--even pleasurable--birth experience. Read inspiring stories of moms who gave birth unassisted.

The Unassisted Childbirth Mailing List Go here to find out about this mailing list and how to join.

Mango Mama's Home page—Unassisted Birth and Attachment Parenting; check out her page on How to Prepare for an Unassisted Birth.

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Laurie's Humble Home on the Web Her site provides "fresh, thought provoking insights about avoiding unnecessary pain and complications in childbirth, plus gentle parenting resources." Be sure to check out Laurie's Thoughts on Childbirth and her excellent article Could unassisted childbirth be right for you? Yes, YOU! NEW!!

Unassisted Childbirth The birth stories on this site were written by a mom (Charity) who had five unassisted births. . . Her husband caught all five; one is a waterbirth. There is also an unassisted childbirth forum and a uc/homebirth-related bookstore offering excellent books.

Unassisted Childbirth Forum (on Charity's website)

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