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Comments From Other Moms

Two great activities that a baby sling is VERY useful in doing are SEWING and answering/sending e-mail. I wear my sling with my 2 1/2 month old baby girl for just about everything. But other moms can't believe I sew in it. It's easy... I put it on my right shoulder (I'm right handed) and put my daughter in it in a cradle hold that puts her in real close to me. She loves it... I think the sound of the sewing machine lulls her to sleep. And this same hold works great for use at the computer, too. Since she is in close to me, I can sit at the keyboard easier. Good Luck to all, and WEAR YOUR BABY! ~ Angie

I'm home by myself all day, and I carry Jake around in the Baby Bjorn. We do laundry, vacuum, clean the house, etc. He'll fall asleep in there, and, sometimes when he is in deep sleep, I'll take the front part off and lay him down on his Boppy pillow on the couch. He really won't sleep in the bassinet at all unless he is exhausted. I think he sleeps better with light and noise and it's too quiet back in our bedroom. Plus with the Bjorn, I can type with two hands!!!! I think it's great, and my husband wears Jake all evening. It doesn't hurt our backs at all (however Jake is only about 9 pounds). And I can nurse with the Bjorn on too if I'm out in public. ~ Michele

I have carried a friend's baby in a sling, and I really liked it. Her baby was born in November and it was nice, in winter, to be able to carry the baby next to your body. This neighbor and I used to walk our dogs in the afternoons and the sling was great for that. My friend did notice, however, that when her daughter got bigger and wanted to sit up and see out more, they both preferred the backpack. But the sling was great for when she was little. ~ Helen

Sophie would not go in the stroller for almost a year. She screamed and screamed every time we put her in it. We spent a ton of money on an Emmalunja stroller which was a waste because she hated it. We were able to get her used to a $15 umbrella stroller when she was about a year old.

Sophie loved to be carried, and we used several different types of carriers -- snuggly, sling, and backpack.

Now she just says, "Mummy, I walk." ~ Edie

[On our trip to NY] The sling was a great salvation! I used it to hold Cassie almost all the time on the plane and in the airports, at Niagra Falls, and everywhere we went, as well as a great blanket to cover her in her carseat and to lay on the floor so she could play at the airport. She likes her sling and will often go to sleep in it. (This last week it has helped since she has started teething. She has been fussy and sometimes all that helps is putting her into the sling. Holding her doesn't work the same way for her.) ~ Carol

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