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This page is dedicated to all internet friends across the globe. No matter whether they are mine or yours, we share a special bond with those who have touched our lives over this little screen you are looking at. They have brightened our day, made us smile when we didn't think we could smile. Because of our friends on the internet....our days are a little brighter.
You have touched my life with your kind ways and laughter more than you could ever know. I have never seen your face but I have an image of you in my mind. I see your smile in your words which are kind and sweet, I see your inner beauty like no one else can. For you see I don't have the limitations of site before me, I feel your friendship like that of a gentle summer breeze, I hear your laughter as that of song birds singing sonnets in the trees. You my friend have touched the inner most part of me. You have reached the depths of my soul. You have become a true friend, which is quite rare and hard to find in these days in which we live. No matter the miles or contintents which separate us, you are with me every moment of each day. You share my very existance, because you are my friend.
If you like this page please pass it on. Tell your friends how special they are. Sharing feelings is the best present we can give. May you all be richly blessed.