A Tribute
To A
My mother raised 10 children with the help of my father.
They have been married for 32 years.
With lots of love and understanding and with the presents of the Lord in our family atmosphere managed to raise us with a respect for others, a sense of where we came from, to take care of each other and most of all that GOD is above all things.

The Person of Honor
And these are a "few" of  her children.
Mom, Daughter No. 1 (It's me, Kay) Daughter No. 2 and an Aunt sitting.
Some of the children when they were younger at the St. Louis Zoo, St. Louis,  Missouri
Daughter No. 7
Youngest girl, caught  under the Christmas Tree when she was old enough to know better!
Daughter No. 4
Daughter No. 5
Son No. 1 4th in line
Daughter No. 3 with her daughter.
Son No. 3 10th in line Youngest child, He's all cleaned up for the prom.
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