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Come on in and have a seat.
Relax! Put your feet up and meet the family.

Our family moved from the country to the city 2 years ago.
We now live near Toronto, Ontario.
It was a big move for us from our quite little village but
we've survived the move, and a near fatal car crash, and we're still here!! I'm so proud of the kids. They're growing up so quickly.
There are four of us, my three wonderful children and me, Bernadette.
Most of the time we get along great but, what can I say, we're a family!:o}

Meet Erin-Lee .
She is my oldest and is 15 years old. She has long blond hair and hazel eyes.
She loves animals especially manatees.
For years she wanted to be a Marine Mammal Scientist when she grew up but now she just doesn't know anymore but that's okay. She's a very bright girl and I know she'll find something she loves!
Please click on her name to see her homepage! She's done a great job!

Next we have Meaghan.
She is my middle child. She is 13 years old and has
long blond hair and blue eyes.
She's my quiet one. She loves to read. Right now she says she wants to be a teacher when she grows up... she loves working with little children! Please click on her name to see her homepage. She's just getting started but she's doing great!

Finally we have Kevin.
He is my youngest. Kevin is 10 years old, has brown hair and brown eyes.
He loves to work with tools and fix things! Please click on his name to see his homepage. He wanted to share his trip to Disneyworld with everyone!

Mom is here, too.
That's me! I'm as old as the hills (or so they think).
I love to make web pages and if you know anyone who needs one.... let me know! Well, I completed my second year at school! I would have liked to been able to say I got all A's but I didn't. I knew it wouldn't be easy and I was right! But it's two years down and 1 to go before I'm finished. I only need 1 more credit to go to finish my Psychology degree and 1 to finish my linguistics minor. I'm applying to Teachers College in September... I hope I get in! I have a good feeling about it though... :o)

Come visit Elise, my Crater Creature

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