I don't know about you, but my mother always had lots of sayings and I thought it would be a good idea to make a page with a collection of things that Mothers say! I would really like you to fill in the form below if you have any sayings that you would like me to post. (NO OBSCENITIES, PLEASE!) If you have a homepage, I will link to your page with your saying. Here are a few to get you started:
*Make sure you have clean underwear on in case you get in an accident !
*Wait til you have kids of your own!
*Don't put new shoes on the table, you will bring us bad luck!
*Don't open that umbrella in the house, that is bad luck!
*Don't break that mirror, that is 7 years bad luck!
*Oh, you spilled the salt, throw some over your left shoulder.

There is nothing you can do after midnight that you cannot do before midnight, so you will be home at 12 midnight!
Submitted by: TDD/VAN
April 3, 1997

You never MISS what you've NEVER had!!
Submitted by:MARTIE April 16, 1997

You get what you pay for!!
You are known by the company you keep!!
Submitted by: CAROL April 26, 1997

If your friends jump off the bridge....would you? !
Submitted by: PAULA June 1, 1997

If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all! (which I try to do to this day) !
Submitted by: DONNAFAY/CYGNET June 5, 1997

Just wait til YOU are a mother someday !
Just Because !
I have eyes in the back of my head !
Submitted by: JOANNE June 14, 1997

I am the mother and I say:
There are 3 times to leave, When they start to get naked; When they bring out the guns
When they bring out the drugs!
Submitted by: DEBORAH July 2, 1997

Water in Water out ! (when travelling)
Submitted by: DANA July 14, 1997

Don't swim in the river - there always crocodiles in there !
Don't whistle in house - you invite snakes in !
Don't smoke in pulic - you are a girl !
Girls don't ride motorbikes !
If you want to do - just do it - stop mumbling!! Otherwise don't do !
Submitted by: YATI July 27, 1997

Don't do as I do, do as I say do !!
Submitted by: JUNE-RAE August 1, 1997

If you fall and break your leg, don't come running to me to help you !!
Submitted by: TOBYJ August 7, 1997

You'll be sorry, my girl, when I am dead and gone !!
Submitted by:
FLICKA August 31, 1997

Grandmother said: Your eyes are bigger than your belly!!!
and: I am all in but my shoelaces !!
Submitted by: CYGNETSeptember 13, 1997, 1997

AAARRGGHH !! I hope you have a daughter JUST LIKE YOU !! (and I DID, too! lol)
Submitted by: JEN October 14, 1997

Mom used to stand on the doorstep when my sister had "told" on me and say: "Come here while I hit you" !! (As if I would !!)
Submitted by: MAUREEN November 5, 1997

If relatives didn't visit as often as she would have liked, she would say "Oh well, if they don't come, it will save them going back" !!
Submitted by: MAUREEN November 5, 1997

The Golden Rule : Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
Personal remarks are never in good taste !
If you lie down with the dogs, you'll come up with the flea's !!
Submitted by: WENDY December 30, 1997

Don't buy hay for a horse that's not yours !
Never watch someone til they are out of sight, they won't come back !
If I'd wanted backtalk I would have gotten a parrot instead of you !
Submitted by: REE December 11, 1997

What don't kill you, makes you stronger !
Submitted by: MaryAnn April 1, 1998
If it is not broke, don't fix it !
Submitted by: Valerie December 6, 1999

My Mamma says "I will ask when u will become parents" ...(hmmmm...why mothers says this ???)
Submitted by: MilleNium GaL July 28, 2002

Don't eat the yellow snow !!!!!!
Submitted by: Robb July 27, 2002

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